Any Other Friday

A heartfelt character study of a coach, once on top of his game, finding everything he holds dear slipping away...

We are very excited to start production on the original short film ANY OTHER FRIDAY in April 2013!  

Brief Synopsis

Any Other Friday is a dramatic short film about a football coach in a small town who’s seen as an institution.   He’s been coaching for years and years, but time has caught up with him and his memory is slipping.  The short film takes place over the course of one fateful day, as he faces the end of his career and the loss of his football family, he comes to realize that his family at home may need him more than he ever knew…

The Cast Thus Far

Gregory Itzin  - Emmy nominated actor for his role as President Charles Logan on 24.  He's also appeared in three STAR TREK series, as well as current recurring roles in THE MENTALIST and COVERT AFFAIRS.

Cristine Rose – best known as Angela Petrelli on the hit show HEROES and can also be seen in her recurring role on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and in shows like NCIS:LOS ANGELES and LONGMIRE.

Miracle Laurie – best known as Mellie/November on Joss Whedon’s cult hit DOLLHOUSE and currently co-starring in the feature film ANY DAY NOW with Alan Cumming.  Miracle also appeared in the popular web series GOODNIGHT BURBANK.

Ben Watkins –actor, writer and co-exeucitve producer of the USA Network show BURN NOTICE has also guest starred in CSI: MIAMI and had a recurring role on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

Why Join The Team?  Why Contribute?

Because we’re trying to capture lightening in a bottle.  

This is an experiment in filmmaking based on how the producers of Friday Night Lights shot their critically acclaimed drama series  Instead of the usual, rehearsal, camera blocking, then shooting what’s on the page, according to executive producer Jeffrey Reiner it was “no rehearsal, no blocking, just three cameras and we shoot."   While that is what most people think filmmaking is - 99% of the time, it’s not.  Not even close.

The upside: It give the cast the freedom to have a say in what they say and do on such a production: how they deliver their lines, how they move around in each scene. The actors are free to change anything provided they still hit the important story beats.  

The downside: The camera crew no longer has a game plan.  You employ three cameras instead of the usual two and they need to retrain themselves to follow the actors around as they move freely through the scene at will.  The hours will be longer, the show more expensive and frankly, unless you get amazing actors and the right crew, it can turn into a self-indulgent mess.  So, why are we doing it?

Because if we can do it with a crew that has never worked together before, you can too. 

In this experiment, instead of millions, we’re putting a tight limit on how much we’re spending, how much time we’re taking and using only practical locations.  As long as you purchase the smallest perk pack, you will have access to a running video blog so you can see what works, what doesn’t, why it doesn’t, and see filmmaking at it purest -without all the pretentiousness.

By deciding to purchase one of the great perks we have available and help get this short film made, you have chosen to become a partner in this creative process.  That means that you have chosen to help shape the outcome of this film. We expect great things!!

We're offering some really great perks for people who contribute. Check them out on the right side of the page!

Whether you want a little something, a DVD perhaps? a chance to rub shoulders with the cast as an honorary-on-set-PA, or a chance to golf with “President Logan”, there's a perk for everyone - fans, filmmakers, and writers alike!   Also, we're offering tons of good karma. Tons!!

The truth is that we can't do this without you.  Please.  Help make “Any Other Friday” a reality!

You get to know that you helped take something from just words on the page to images on the screen!  Something from “the idea” stage through to completion.  And in the end we will have a fantastic short film to share with the world.

You will have done that. You will have helped make that happen.

A Note from Peter

I wrote Any Other Friday for two reasons.  The first is because I wanted to work with a friend and great character actor Gregory Itzin (“President Logan” on 24) once again. 

I also wanted to create my own homage to Friday Night Lights which was one of the best show on television for five years!  Any Other Friday borrows the same backdrop - football in small-town America, but the story is wholly original!

Why We Need Your Help

We've got a fantastic script, an amazing cast and a dedicated and talented crew of filmmakers ready to shoot this April. 

But before we can start shooting, we're going to need to get together a relatively small budget for an ambitious project!

Making movies is expensive.  We need money for location rentals, gear, crew, food, cameras, food, editing, food, insurance…oh and did I mention food?

This budget will be maximized.  “Put it up on screen” is our motto and our pledge to you is that we will indeed keep to that.  It will go onscreen.

But we need your financial support to make this happen!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you like what we're doing, but can't contribute right now, you can still help us by getting the word out: share this page with friends!  Like us on Facebook.  Spread the word via facebook, twitter, tumblr, or any other site you can possibly think of. Or go old school and call people, email them and tell them about our goal to create a unique, entertaining film. Maybe even tell your rich uncle??  Spread the good word!

Thank You For Your Support!

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