Annikken Andee-An Easy Link between Arduino and Android.

An Arduino-compatible shield that allows you to monitor and control your Arduino application from an Android device. ALL WITHOUT ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT.
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Annikken Andee - 

An Easy Link between Arduino and Android

Picture of Annikken Andee
Annikken Andee

What is Annikken Andee?

Annikken Andee is an Arduino Shield that lets you connect your Arduino to your Android phone via bluetooth easily. With the free Annikken Andee Library and Android App, you can create your very own monitor and control user interface on your Android Devices from the Arduino IDE. This simply means you are NOT required to develop any Android Apps at all. 

So how is it done?

Mount Annikken Andee on Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega or Arduino Leonardo.

Annikken Andee on Arduino platform
Annikken Andee mounted on Arduino Uno

Download the Annikken Andee library for Arduino here, unpack the content and copy the "Andee" folder into Arduino IDE library folder. This library contains all the necessary functions to create the user interface on your Android Device.

Code in Arduino to get Android UI
The code segment(left) creates the data display on the Annikken Andee Android App (right)


Download and install the Annikken Andee Android Application from the Google Play Store. Connect your phone to your Arduino via the installed App and Voila! You now have an user interface for your Arduino on your phone!

Button Inputs On Android
Button input
Text Inputs On Android to Arduino
Keyboard input
Scrollable rows
Scroll the row to see the hidden button
Button Inputs On Android to Arduino
Roller shutter control UI
Complex interface
Simple monitor and control user interface
Graph mode
Display readings in graphical form


How does my Arduino talk to my Android Smartphones and Tablets?

Bluetooth LogoUsing Bluetooth 2.1. Simply pair and connect Annikken Andee with your Android devices just like you would with any other bluetooth devices. However, Annikken Andee is a Special Bluetooth Arduino shield with additional hardware/ICs and firmware inside to create this wonderful magic! 

FCC CE LogoAnnikken Andee uses the FCC CE certified WT11i bluetooth module from Bluegiga. This module is capable of reaching distances of up to 350 meters line-of-sight module to module. For actual distance, it depends on the bluetooth chip of your Android device and also how/where Annikken Andee is being positioned.

Do I have to installed any App on my Android Devices?

Yes. You must first download the free Annikken Andee App from the Google Play. Your Android devices will be running this App in the foreground and the App will let you select which Annikken Andee/Arduino pair you want to work with... 

Andee LogoGoogle Play Store Logo

Screenshot of device selection
Select the Andee/Arduino pair to connect with
Bluetooth Connected
Connection established!

You mean I can connect to different Annikken Andee/Arduino Pairs?

Yes, all with the same Annikken Andee App on your Android Device. However, you can only connect to one Annikken Andee/Arduino Pair at a time. Your screen display/UI will change to whatever the particular Annikken Andee/Arduino Pair was programmed to. Below shows our Annikken Andee App on the same phone connected to two different Arduino/Andee at different instance.

Screenshot basketball game demo
Basketball game with the UI on the Android phone
Safe demo
Electronic safe with the UI on the Android phone

Is that an SD Card reader on your Annikken Andee?

sdcard picture

Great observation! Yes you are right, that's an SD card reader. With an SD card, you can use it as a data storage for your Arduino application. You can also read and write to the SD card using functions from our Andee library for Arduino. Most importantly, you can use it to update Annikken Andee's firmware to the latest versions.

What are the Arduino variants that I can use?

Currently, Annikken Andee, as a shield, is designed to fit and work properly with Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega and Arduino Leonardo. It can work with Arduino Nano as well, but you need to connect the Arduino Nano's ICSP header with Annikken Andee and wire both their pin 8 together. Support for other Arduino boards/variants are currently being tested.

Can Annikken Andee work with additional Arduino shields?

Yes. Annikken Andee connects to Arduino using the ICSP header (On Arduino) and pin 8. The rest of the pins are available for you to use with shields or other components. The corresponding SPI pins of each Arduino platform should not be used as well. You can refer to individual Arduino page for the SPI pins.

What about my Android Smartphone and Tablets?

Yes. Annikken Andee can work with any Android Smartphone or Tablets as long as it has a working bluetooth with Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich and above.

*Update 11 Jul 13:
We are extending our App support to Gingerbread (API 10). It will be ready by the shipping date in August. 

What about my iPhone, and iPad?

We are currently working on an iOS version based on Bluetooth 4.0. We are expecting Annikken Andee for iOS to be released by the end of the year. If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to and we will keep you updated on our development.

What about NFC?

The use of NFC tags simplify the pairing and connection process between Android device and Annikken Andee. Our Annikken Andee App is NFC ready. Simply tap you NFC-enabled phone or tablet to a preprogrammed tag and connection with Annikken Andee will be made. Simple as that! The tag is avaliable as a perk option. If you choose the option with NFC, we will preprogram a NFC tag for you.

Can I access the Smart phone Functions from Arduino?

Yes you can! Currently, you can access Smart phone functions such as sending SMS, create Notification and Text-to-Speech by calling the various functions from the Andee Library.

What is your Schedule like?

July 2013 – Indiegogo Campaign

August 2013 – Finalizing Hardware, Firmware and Apps

September 2013 – Production and Delivery to customers

How will we use the funds?

We NEED your help to get Anikken Andee into actual production! As we need to satisfy the minimum order quantities for production of Annikken Andee, the funds will be used to cover the production cost. A portion of the funds will also be used to the purchase Arduino Uno, SD cards and NFC Tags for the starter kits and accessory pack.

Our team needs your support to make Annikken Andee a reality. Every cent will be put into making Annikken Andee a better product, be it in the software or hardware department. Most importantly, we would like to make Annikken Andee avaliable to all Arduino users around the world.

I love your project! Can I share this on my Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/*wildcard*?

Of course you can! In fact we would love that you do exactly so. Share it with your friends, tell your co-worker about it. We believe that Annikken Andee will be beneficial not just to Arduino developers, but everyone else too. Now spread the words will ya? =D

How do I include the $20/$5 for International Shipping in my contribution?

In the contribution page, first select your perks. Then add $20/$5 to the stated amount below "How much would you like to contribute?"

sdcard picture

What is the different between the $20 and $5 shipping fee?

If you pay $20 for the shipping, we will ship Annikken Andee to you via Fedex and it will takes 3-4 working days to reach your doorstep.  As for the $5 shipping, we will ship via Singpost as a registered parcel and it will take 7-10 working days.

About our Team...

Singapore Logo

We are a team of Hardware, Software and Design Engineers with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the field. Our Engineers have experience in designing and building entire control systems for Industrial Laser Machines, as well as design and fabricate other MCU-based/Arduino controllers using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. We are proudly based in Singapore, the Southeast Asian Island city-state just slightly North of the Equator. 

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

User Manual Download

Annikken Andee - Created and Designed in Singapore.

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