Animus by Ocean Architecture

Help us pay our production team, who have helped shape this album from start to finish.

Who Are We?

Hello world, we're Ocean Architecture

We're a progressive metal band based out of Murfreesboro, TN formed in September 2010.

Kyle Standifer, Nic Giordano and Joe Dorsey met for the first time at MTSU. We quickly discovered each-other's talents and similar musical interests. After writing our first song Metatheory together, we were set on starting a band together.

Later that month we discovered Eric Hodge and asked him to join.

For several months, we worked with many different singers, but none seemed to fit our sound, until finally we found Parker Deal in March of 2011. He agreed at first to play only one show, as he was busy with school and other musical endeavors. After having a blast with us at our first show at the Warehouse in Chattanooga, TN, he agreed to join full time.

The Story of Animus

Animus is a concept album that reflects on our perceptions of fear, life, regret, and even perception itself.

When we formed the band, we immediately started writing.

With no real place to practice, we were forced to set up in the basement of the dorm; Metatheory, The Last Stand, Plato's Cave and Velvet were all written down there.

We were forced to move spaces a couple times, and writing became tough...especially as school became more and more demanding. 

Nic and Kyle went to Maryland and stayed with Joe over the summer. We teamed up with audio engineer Sam Hillman, and tracked guitar and drums in his house studio in Frederick, Maryland. 

During the first week of tracking, much of the second half of the album was written in Joe's basement: Columns of Time, Steel Ecstasy: Columns Collapse, Animus Part 1 and Animus Part 2

Parker and Eric tracked bass and vocals back in Tennessee after the end of the summer with Wyatt Lampley. Wyatt spent countless hours editing, mixing, and tracking and was a crucial member of our team.

Joe tracked keys on his own time, in Maryland, Delaware and Tennessee.

Animus is a product of imagination, technical prowess, friendship, hard work, long road trips, and every ounce of ourselves we could contribute.

Now that we're at the final stages of production (mixing, mastering, artwork, copyright, distribution) we are struggling to finish. We have put so much hard work into this album, that we really need YOUR help to bring us to the finish line.

What if...?

...we made our goal (or close to it)?

-we will be able to pay back our engineers, their just pay.

-we will be able to afford merch in the near future

-the album will be out sooner than later

-a US tour will be in the works

What if we didn't make our goal?

-we would have problems paying back our debts

-we would not be able to afford merch anytime soon

-release of the album would very possibly be delayed

-we wouldn't be touring any time soon

The Specifics: Our Needs, and What You Get in Return!

We have three specific needs:

1. Pay our production team
2. Pay for distribution/album materials
3. Pay for a tour that will support the album

We do not have another way of funding these things, besides shows (which pay very VERY little)

Basically folks, without your help, finishing this album could be a very sloppy process, and we would be very
in debt (we're poor college students, struggling to pay rent in addition. We're sure a lot of you know how that is). Reaching even half of our goal will help launch is forward into the spring with a debut album, no debt, some merch, and plans for a tour.

Here's a list of possible perks you can earn by helping us :)

1. A shout-out and a 'thank you' on our social network pages

2. A bumper sticker featuring album artwork, the album title, and our band logo

3. A pre-release digital version of the album
-When the album is done with mastering, we will send you a digital copy of the album, whether it's before OR          after the release date

4. A signed physical copy of the debut album "Animus"

5. A signed letter of the band.
-From us with love :)

6. A 'Special Thanks' credit in the booklet of our album
-$100 gets YOUR name in the booklet

7. A free ticket to one of our shows
-Message us for the details!

8. A personal show at your house or a friend's house
-As long you live in TN. If you live a reasonable distance away but not in TN (southern KY for example) message us and we'll talk about it!

Other Ways You Can Help

SPREAD THE WORD! SPAM THE LINK in the nicest least annoying way possible ;)

Do this with other people. If you know someone who would be interested in us, our music, and our cause, let them know, or let us know.

So that's it! Thanks to all of you! We would not have a reason to do this without you guys. 

Ocean Architecture

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