Bullying is a problem in the United States. This is what it will equate to should a cease fire not be declared....
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In America, bullying has become a problem. This is not just limited to school yard games, but to adults which are targeted as a minority, as weird, outcast, or nerd.

In this film, we will be portraying what our nerd folk will succumb to should a cease-fire between bully and victim not be established. This will not be a film for the squeamish. We wish to portray the strong message of revenge, a dark malevolence which sparks inspiration to the harassed and somewhat disturbed.  

For this delightful and enchanting film, we will be needing to raise costs for filming and production crew, special effects, props, costumes and so on. For the most part, props and costumes are going to be acquired as cost-effectively as possible, and some of the costumes will be made by the director and crew. However, cost of materials is still applicable. There are some places which we need to rent to use for scenes, though most are outside and public. We have an extremely talented special effects artist, experienced set and film crew working on this film.

We have a message we want to show the world that could help millions. Please, help us help the weird.



We realize that Bullying is a serious problem. Please follow the information below if you, or some one you know is a victim of bullying.

http://ecnetwork.com/code-ed/anti-bullying-hotline.php or call 866-939-0911
Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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