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Android skeleton - open source scaffolding & layout generation for Android
Sven Kapuđija
1 Team Member

In Androton you can use your custom icons or choose any from predefined Androton icon pack. Icon pack consists of Android Stock icons and Font Awesome icons - some icons are enhanced, some removed and some renamed. In total pack consists of more than 240 icons.

All icons are available in white and grey as well as in LDPI, MDPI, HDPI & XHDPI resolutions (Androton populates all *DPI folders with used icons automatically).

To download the whole set (before Androton becomes available) go to Androton Action Bar Icons GitHub repository.

Designmodo just got involved in Androton allowing us to use their Square UI and The Bricks UI as two first and predefined (along the Android default) designs for free.

Really appreciate it. See an example app below.

Create a new 'User' model (with appropriate table/column creation, DAO and implemented Parcelable interface)

Create new layout with 4 components

Create new activity (and list view adapter) with action bar and list view (with each row as two text fields in two rows which uses model (class) Address to populate it with)

Androton (Android Skeleton) can be used to:

  • prototype/develop faster
    • generate models
    • generate DAOs
    • generate layouts
    • generate activities
    • seamlessly integrate libraries
  • integrate professional design
  • create skeleton apps in minutes
  • win a hackathon

Why 'Flexible Funding' over 'Fixed Funding'?

Because I want to bypass PayPal if I can and 'Flexible Funding' is the only option that allows it. If I had chosen 'Fixed Funding' (which was my first and the only option) there wouldn't have been 'Direct Credit Card' option.

To put it simply - I wouldn't like to get my PayPal account, campaign and your money frozen for 6 months. Note: here is the newest case (also on Indiegogo).

Is this another WYSIWYG editor?

No. It's CLI (command-line interface) based tool to create models (with Parcelable interface implementation), DAOs (Database Access Objects) or even complete custom layouts or components from simple building blocks (predefined or your custom ones). You can also use predefined models/layouts/activities from basic .json files.

Can I create a whole app with this?

Yes. It can create a new "blank project" (just like in Eclipse) but it can also integrate libraries (copy .jar file, put code into manifest, add permissions and add Java code to initialize it) if needed (for example Crittercism, Flurry, BugSense etc.) alongside with predefined activities, models etc.

Is this all generated online or offline?

Online. You download client-side library which sends the commands to the cloud, retrieves results and populates local files/folders with it. It's more error prone and updates (new code generation stuff, new components, bugfixes) are delivered automatically. 

However nothing prevents you to compile it from source and use offline.

Why this isn't Eclipse plugin?

First things first :)

You can use model scaffolding to quickly create basic models for your application. It can include even some more complex ones which could include lists (one to many relationships) or other objects.

In the configuration file you can define what you want to generate by default, and it includes POJO (Plain Old Java Object) with implemented Parcelable interface, JSON parser (toJson/fromJson) if you need to work at low level (otherwise use GSON), columns and table creation for SQLite Database and database access objects (DAO) to insert/update, delete/deleteAll, get/getAll or getCount on those objects so you can immediately get started...


UI is in progress - you will automatically get created activity with a list (read objects), update (click on list item to edit it), delete (long press to delete) or create (insert new object) - all connected to previous DAO so you'll have full CRUD across models, layouts and activities.

If you need to create a new layout (or activity which contains a layout) you'll use UI components which are basic building blocks to create layouts. Components are stacked one on top of the other (like a stack) or combined in a single row.

Layout code (UI stack) on the left (you can use predefined .json files instead of "console-way" if you like) will generate code and views for layouts on the right. (click on the image to enlarge)

Here is the list of some basic components (note: some are complete while others are in progress). Note: some components may seamlessly integrate other libraries (for example ListView and PullToRefresh).

Component highlights

  • ViewPager + ViewPagerIndicator
    • define tab names and their layouts
  • ListView + PullToRefresh/StickyHeaders
    • define PullToRefresh labels
    • use StickyHeaders
    • enable onItemSwipe
  • SlideMenu
    • define menu items
  • GoogleMaps
    • generate some Overlays (Points or Paths)
    • show my location (LittleFluffy location library)
  • Sign Up/Sign in with Facebook (button)
    • initialize with official Facebook library
  • Sign Up/Sign in with Twitter (button)
    • initialize with official Twitter library
  • Sign Up/Sign in with Google+ (button)
    • initialize with official Google+ library

You can define your custom components if you want - just create your XML layout like you normally would, save it as XML file and call

And it will create .json file which then you can use as every other Androton component (use it in layouts when needed

Some components like Buttons, ListView items and few others have "onClick", "onLongClick" and other listeners so you can define some actions on them - for example

  • open activity
  • open URL
  • open alert dialog
  • open context menu
  • show toast
  • show crouton
  • show notification
  • send SMS
  • send email
  • scan barcode

In the future there will probably be an action like "take a picture, resize it and save to SD card" etc.

The project should be mainly completed by late July 2013/start of August 2013 and ready for testing and feedback.

Notice: Backers will have early access to beta testing.

The amount I'm trying to raise will go towards at least 120 hours of work on the project + fees for the designer to design additional component(s)/design(s) + all kind of different taxes I need to pay in order to receive money from you.

raised in 26 days
1% funded
No time left
$4,800 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 8, 2013
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  • $4USD
    Thank you

    Thanks for supporting the project + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $8USD
    Double thank you

    Double thanks for supporting the project + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $16USD
    Quadruple thank you

    Quadruple thanks for supporting the project + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $32USD

    Octuple thanks and drink of choice for you when we meet + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $64USD
    Text credit

    I'll credit you (or your company) in a blog post about the release + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $128USD
    Text + logo credit

    I'll credit you (or your company) in a blog post about the release with a logo and link + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $256USD
    Text + logo - larger is better

    I'll credit you (or your company) in a blog post about the release with a logo and link at the TOP with 2x size of regular credits + credit in BACKERS.md file

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  • $768USD
    Name as 'lorem ipsum text'

    Your (company) name will appear as a 'lorem ipsum text' in layouts for 1 year + large text & logo credit and credit in BACKERS.md file

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $1,024USD
    Logo as 'placeholder image'

    Your (company) logo will appear as a 'placeholder image' whenever some layout contain ImageView component for 1 year + large text & logo credit and credit in BACKERS.md file

    0 out of 1 claimed
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