Androidly Smartwatch

First true Smartwatch running Android OS with in-built Phone, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 2MP Camera, USB port in the watch strap,and the entire Google Play store!



Androidly is a beautifully designed android smartwatch and phone. With full access to Google Play's hundreds of thousands of apps. Your world on your wrist!

Androidly completely changes how we think of, use, and integrate computers and smart technologies in our life. Right now, we integrate with technology in passive and primitive ways, and Androidly is here to change all that


Androidly runs our in-house developed, customized, full implementation of Android 2.2 OS, which makes it a smartwatch from the next generation. Androidly has access to over 500,000 applications on Google Play Store, most of which are free! So it remains infinitely customizable and adaptable as you grow, and as the Android ecosystem grows.


Androidly is a watch with an Android phone. It has a 2" display and 2 buttons each on both the sides. The 2 buttons on the left are for controlling the volume and on the right side, the top button is for Menu and the bottom button is the Back button and doubles up as the power button. The SIM and the MicroSD card go underneath the battery.

It looks and feels just like a regular wrist watch, until you turn it on! Once it’s on, it looks quite unlike anything else you have ever seen. It’s fascinating to see and do on your wrist, what one could only do on larger and cumbersome devices until now. It’s an experience which was just not available before Androidly.


Imagine if we combined a phone, camera, GPS, and an array of sensors into a smart device and miniaturized this device to the size of a conventional wristwatch with full Android running on top. This opens up a fascinating world of possible applications and usage scenarios. One would never need to pick any other device up, as the watch will always be strapped onto the wrist and available for use anytime, anywhere. The smartwatch integrates as an artificial limb of the users, providing all the benefits of a fully connected smart device, at all times!



  • Weight:                        160gm.
  • Dimensions:               6.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 cm
  • Operating System:    Android 2.2
  • Processor:                  416 MHz.
  • Memory:                      256 MB RAM.
  • Removable Storage: 8 GB SD included, Up to 16 GB SD.
  • Phone:                         2.5 GSM network, GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Wireless:                     Bluetooth 2.0, Wifi B/G.
  • Camera:                       2 Mega Pixel.
  • GPS:                             GPS with A-GPS.
  • Sensor:                        Accelerometer.
  • Screen:                        2", Capacitive Touch Screen, 320 x 240
  • Battery:                        800mAh, 2 day stand-by.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Variations of Colour available:


Multitask like a superhero. Reach out for that refreshing drink in the middle of an email, with full confidence. Read through your documents, with references on your wrist and a coffee in your hand! Cook with the recipe handy, or manage your stocks with a live ticker always at hand. Monitor your blog or server status on your wrist, as you create new content. Keep your hands free for the important things in life!



Androidly is the world's smallest full android device. We have customized Android to create a beautiful and functional user experience on the smaller watch screen. Feel at home with the regular Android experience. Carrying separate device for different things is a thing of the past now.

Phone:  With the power of Android, all your contacts are always available, and you can call them directly with a tap on your wrist. Use the inbuilt speakerphone and mic, or connect a Bluetooth headset and talk away! Threaded SMS are inbuilt. You can even connect your VoIP provider!

Camera: A camera on your wrist watch opens up many possibilities. It's always out there on your wrist, so you are always ready to click when memorable moments present themselves. Capture unique angles or use it to automatically capture images every minute, to create a photo-journal of your life!

GPS: Be an explorer. Know all the routes and destinations, without taking your hands off the wheel. Voice guided turn by turn navigation. Experience navigation from your wrist; travelling will never be the same again.

WiFiCarry the powers of the Internet, in the most stylish form factor available, in your watch. Connect over high speed WiFi to all your favourite sites and apps. Your emails, schedule, contacts and videos are always in sync and YouTube videos play smoothly.

Bluetooth: Connect and communicate with all your connected devices. Create a true Personal Area Network, with all your devices accessible from your wrist. Listen to music, make calls, sync, share and also control Bluetooth peripherals seamlessly.

USBPanic attacks caused by the draining battery, is a thing of past. The strap of the watch ends in a USB port. Making it possible for the smartwatch to be charged, anywhere and anytime. When plugged in to a computer the watch acts as a pen drive with 8GB external memory that can be expanded to 16GB.



Androidly uses a specialized keyboard for the smaller watch screen, called the FLIT Keyboard. It uses 4 big buttons with tap and slide typing approach. The biggest of fingers can type on the device with great ease. You can also use any other custom keyboard which you like!


The watch prototypes have been carefully put together and continually tested. This includes tests for physical durability of the watch and the software that is specifically built for Androidly to provide optimum functionality. 

  • Funding and Kicking off production.
  • Bulk component ordering.
  • Setting up delivery mechanisms. 
  • Customer support.





We are happy to offer step goals as additional rewards, which are designed to better the Androidly experience.


We'd bring you on-board and let you decide a whole new colour for Androidly when we hit $250,000! Three colours currently available are, Black, White and Gray. A feedback survey will be sent along with the welcoming email, asking you to pick a brand new colour. Once the voting ends, you will be given the choice to pick between your pre-chosen and the newly voted upon colour!


With your help and support, if we succeed in reaching the $550,000 landmark, then we will have the resources to completely re-design the Androidly Smartwatch!  We will provide all the backers with a choice of 3 NEW Androidly designs! We will send out a survey to pick out the most popular new design out of the three. Upon completion you will be provided with a choice of the new design or the pre-chosen device! 


We are proud to say that Androidly shines as a developer friendly device. There is full ADB support and custom apps can be installed via USB. The watch is compatible with the existing Android SDK, so you can put all your regular Android development experience to good use directly on the Androidly smartwatch.

Androidly comes with Super User privileges and the app developers can have a field day enjoying the endless possibilities of having an unrestricted android device on their wrists.

Forums on the internet are full of custom development for the chipset used in Androidly, which translates into an easier development platform for you!


The Androidly team comes together from different areas of expertise but is united in their love for technology, design and open source. The team always wanted to create smart devices which help people do things that were not possible before. We had seen many primitive accessories being sold as smartwatches and wanted to create something which does justice to the moniker. Androidly is a bootstrapped startup. 


Q.) How big is the battery, how long does it last?
A.) The battery is 800mAh. It will last over 2 days on standby. Besides that the watch strap has a USB port at the end which can be used for charging anywhere on the go. The watch charges to full battery in 45 minutes.

Q.) How sturdy is the watch?
A.) The watch is Scratch Resistant and Water Resistant. It comes with a 1 year warranty. The watch has gone under extensive real life testing to ensure the same.

Q.) What is the difference between Androidly and Z1 (other watches which look similar to it)?
A.) There are some watches which look similar to Androidly but that is where the similarities end. No other smartwatch comes with the complete Android experience. Only Androidly allow you to connect to your Google account to sync and use Gmail, Calendar and Contacts and other Google services. Only Androidly has and runs the complete Google Play Store which gives access to over 500,000 apps on the Play store! 

Q.) Can the strap be changed?
A.) Androidly comes with an innovative strapping system which includes the charging wires and a USB port at the end. This allows the charging of the watch anywhere without carrying a separate charger, but also means that the strap can't be changed.

Q.) When will the watches ship?
A.) Please see the timeline graphic above.

Q.) What does the T-shirt look like?
A.)  Please find below.

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