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LET'S INSPIRE THE WORLD with an entrepreneurship world tour reporting the most inspiring stories! A blend of genius,guts and cultural influence!
André Leonardo
1 Team Member

Join me on this exciting expedition where I aim to travel around the world reporting inspiring stories of real life entrepreneur! I want to find out how people from all over the world overcame obstacles, reach success and how they keep pushing forward every single day of their life.
These stories will foster positive energy and are capable of inspiring people.
On this journey I will also act as a volunteer in India for a month!



Round the world tour reporting the most inspirational stories I can find to inspire entrepreneurs and other people to do more. Simultaneously I want to promote Portugal all over the world and dignify Magellan, one of the most visionary, fearless and entrepreneurs of all time.

I do it because I believe that people are tired of clichés and  pretty words but then nothing happens so I want to really travel the world and really show how entrepreneurs all over the world develop projects, how they go from point A to point B, how the face problems and always move on. Simultaneously, Magellan 500 years ago was one of the greatest entrepreneurs and of all time but the truth is that, today there’s a new generation of people, entrepreneurs and entities that are pushing Portugal forward at this difficult moment. I will meet hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world and I want to promote Portugal as a brand and Portuguese brands.

This tour will take 9 months and I will visit 18 countries – some of them include Tanzania, Israel, Mozambique, India, Thailand, Australia, Brazil, USA or England – among others.

This mission that is, in fact, much more than a regular project or a cool adventure. This project is about a lifestyle, solutions, heroes, contributing for a better world and understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset all over the world. On this tour I will also act as volunteer in India ( SAPANA NGO) and I will also write a book – a percentage of this book will be donate to Acredita Portugal entrepreneurship and innovation non-profit association.


My name is André Leonardo and I am a 24 year old entrepreneur from Portugal.

I have been developing social projects over the years. Among others, I have organized and promoted two non-profit international entrepreneurship events in Azores for 600 people each (both sold out for the first - and second - time in Azores), brought together 24 recognized speakers including Luis Filipe Vieira (S.L.Benfica president), Garrett Mcnamarra (World Class Surfer), Michael Grove (CEO Collabworks), Luis Marques (CEO SIC) or Mário Ferreira (CEO Douro Azul), manage more than 30 people and generate thousands of Euros for social purposes. It was awesome!

Last year I have done a small entrepreneurship tour. I have done more than 30.000km, went to 12 cities in two continents and interviewed more than 70 top CEO´s, entrepreneurs and politicians. My goal was to find out how, when and why can an entrepreneur be successful in Azores and after a much extended research I went to best regions in the world in the categories that Azores were good to learn and bring some of that knowledge to Azores – I visited Silicon Valley (technology), Vaxjo (greenest city in Europe), Asturias (one of the most advanced regions in rural tourism), among others. It just went great!

I define myself as an optimist, an entrepreneur, a traveler, a Portuguese and a dreamer. I love living a bold life and talking about entrepreneurship and implementing ideas.

What you fund and what you get

I have gathered recognized endorsers and sponsors. I also have developed several small projects to help fund this project, I am taking care of all of the logistic details alone to save money, I have learned to program, basic Photoshop and web design and I actually create the project website by myself - almost no cost. I´m doing everything I can to finance this project.

I´m doing everything I can but I still need help. It is hard to depend on corporate sponsors and although I already have some, I still need your help. Money will be use to cover expenses. I would also be very happy if you can follow me on my website and social media. Maybe we can meet during me tour! I would love to have a coffee!

This is such an exciting project and I hope you can help me :)

What You Get

I believe that the greatest perk I can offer you is be part of this mission that aims to inspire the world. Be part of this positive flow and join me!
Some little things I can send you:

·  5€ I will post your photo and/or name in the mission Mosaic Photo that will be on the website and social network;

·  20€ Official supporter certificate personally sign by me!

·  60€ Official supporter certificate personally sign by me and an Official supporter T-shirt!

·  100€ Official supporter certificate personally sign by me + Official supporter T-shirt + your name will appear on a thank you video!

·  250€ Official supporter certificate personally sign by me + Official supporter T-shirt + your name will appear on a thank you video + Your name will be on the “thank you” part of the book!

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn't mean they can’t help :) Please:

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Select a Perk

    Two exclusive Tour photos!

    I will send you 2 exclusive tour photos by email!

    2 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • €5EUR
    Join Mission MOSAIC PHOTO

    I will post on mission´s website and social network a mosaic photo with all the people that help make this happen! This is your expedition too!

    5 out of 1500 claimed
  • €20EUR
    Official certificate!

    Official supporter certificate that is going to be sign by me! Plus, you will join the mission Mosaic Photo Be part of this mission!

    4 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • €60EUR
    AndréLeonardoTour T-shirt!

    André Leonardo Tour official t-shirt and Official supporter certificate signed by André.

    1 out of 350 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2015
  • €100EUR
    Video with your name on it!

    Official supporter certificate personally sign by me + Official supporter T-shirt + photo on mission mosaic photo + your name will appear on a thank you video! I will make a video thanking to everyone and your name will be on it. I will share this video all over my social media.

    0 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • €250EUR
    Your name will be on the book!

    Official supporter certificate personally sign by me + Official supporter T-shirt + mission mosaic photo + your name will appear on a thank you video + Your name will be on the “thank you” part of the book!

    0 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2015
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