And So It Is Feature Film

The perception of happiness is tested by the prospect of love and the re-figuring of thoughts on high school relationships and friendships.

Welcome! We are CORE, an independent cinema company based out of the
Northwest. Outside of our film work, we have produced videos for the Montana State University Spirit of the West marching band. These videos are seen by thousands on the jumbo-tron screen at MSU football games, a great achievement on it’s own.

But now, we are setting our sights to a higher goal.

This summer, we will be filming a feature length motion picture entitled “And So It Is”.  This film is the stepping stone towards our eventual goal of making more feature films, and getting our name and message out to audiences all over the world. It also integrates teaching high school aged students in the craft of filmmaking, as a majority of our cast and crew are all in high school. The idea is that this project will hopefully inspire these talented individuals to pursue a career in filmmaking, just as we once were.

It is your contribution that will help us educate these kids and help us make an amazing film.

We cannot do this without you. All money donated will go towards the film. Lights, cinema camera, and an editing workstation will all be needed to produce the film, as well as food, costumes, insurance and permits, distribution of the final production, and promotional materials.

If you choose to donate, there are a plethora of wonderful perks to receive. From copies of film, to posters, to being in the film, all the way to have our professional film crew produce a video for promotion of your small business or private enjoyment, there is something for everyone. Every contribution counts, and we have several options to reward your generosity.

$15,000 seems like a lot.  But with your help, we will get there.

This film is emmensely important to us as artists and storytellers. We wanted to tell the story of our high school experiences without banking on over used cliches and stock characters. It’s a realistic mix of comedy and drama of the struggles teenagers go through in that important turning point of their lives, told through of the eyes of those who lived it in recent years.

The true representation of high school, made for high schoolers, by high schoolers.

We understand money is tight for most people. If you find yourself not being able to make a contribution, don’t worry! There are many other ways to help. Spread this campaign with your family and friends, and join the cause to bring this film to life! Use the share tool to share us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. Whatever social media you use, be sure to spread the noise and share the word!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider CORE and “And So It Is”.

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