An Illuminated Novel - Advertising Support Costs

As I move forward with the release of a totally new way to experience a story, advertising expenses will incur. You will lower that $.

 Advertisement Support Cost Information

  • G.E.M. is a writer using digital technology to share his latest story. 

  • Advertising informs the world of this exciting technology.

  • Strong Roads: Blues and Greens and Blood can only be told with this technology.  


Strong Roads: Blues and Greens and Blood is edited and finished. Advertisements with the $1,600.00 budget will be published around the release date for the novel, January 11, 2013.


The radio station in Hawaii is already selected and the advertisement written.

  • This totals $600-$1,200.


The newspaper advertisements are already written.

  • This totals $300-$900.


Now, the focus is on these two outlets. These two intermediaries will raise awareness. News of the sequel will excite people just with $1,600.

However, the more money the larger the number of advertising outlets at disposal. If the campaign budget grows, which is welcomed, then these plans would be implemented.


  • Inbound for Hawaii Airline flight magazine advertisements. +$3000.

  • Theater advertisement. +$3000.

  • Facebook advertisement. +$3000.

  • Google advertisement. +$3000.

  • Aerial Banners. +$3000.

  • Advertisements on billboards in major cities that permit it. +$11,000.


With bonus money, these additional advertising outlets would be utilized.

G.E.M. is going to create not a buzz for this work, but a boom. Irregardless of the extra time needed for activating these later marketing channels, if Indiegogo provides the supplemental funds, then it will happen. If not, $1,600. will suffice. To learn about G.E.M., visit http://twitter.com/StrongRoads

Your Rewards

The perks are personal and show your support for all of time. Most are available in unlimited quantity. The best perks take a lot of effort to complete and thus, are few in number and require greater contributions. Let friends know about all the perks and how they can acquire these treasures.


The reason G.E.M. asks for advertising support costs is to bring attention to his work. G.E.M. knows everyone will take a liking to digital storytelling, as opposed to only 'sophisticated' people being readers. With added media a book's success may no longer depend on people needing a high level of reading comprehension. This potentially opens up a new 'way' of telling stories. Cool, right?

In the first novel, Strong Roads: A Spanish-Shipwreck Survivor in Ancient Hawaii, G.E.M. encouraged people to utilize the internet. One reason, of many, was the technology then did not allow for audible sounds of foreign words to be included in the story. Now, for the sequel, using the latest technology and standards in digital publishing; foreign words can be 'taught' without interrupting readers' attention. Integrating audio into this story, with the available application, has been easy. This is one example of why this novel should be read by many and invested in by YOU.

Other ways YOU can help

If clicking on the 'Contribute Now' button is physically impossible then be the first of your friends to click on 'Share this' button and inform someone that could be wowed and swayed to contribute, particularly if they are in the publishing business : ) If you'd like, leave a question about the campaign. Again, thank you all for helping. 

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