An Affordable Wardrobe

An Affordable Wardrobe has outgrown my house! Help me move into an so I can offer more to my clients.

Our Story

Five years ago, the phenomenon of menswear blogging exploded. There was so much to read and see, but nothing that spoke to the man of taste living on modest means. In answer to this, I began the blog An Affordable Wardrobe, focusing on just that: fine clothing and lifestyle on a thrift store budget. Focusing mainly on my finds in thrift shops, I tried to bring a different perspective to a place flooded with big money.

My writing eventually led to an online business, an internet haberdashery, where I can offer readers access to my great finds at a very fair price. I know thrift shopping is not for everyone, so I do what I can to help make great quality menswear available to a broader range of men. Great clothing is saved from the junk pile and finds new life with men who couldn't afford it at retail. It's recycling, style, and a break in the corporate chain all in one, and all at a very low price. What's not to love?

The Next Step

An Affordable Wardrobe is fast outgrowing my home. I'm looking to raise enough money to pay a years rent on an office suite and fit it out as an old fashioned upstairs haberdashery. Not a down and dirty thrift store, or another vintage shop full of extreme hip clothing, but an old fashioned men's shop with the best aspects of both of those. This will allow me to bring the website to a new level, and offer new goods with greater frequency online. Additionally, I'll be able to keep open public hours for those wishing to shop in person, and will be able to turn around shipping much faster. I may not be big enough to occupy a street level store front, but this is the next step. Another win-win, customers can now shop in a semi-secret store, the kind of place your grandfather knew about.

The Impact

So why help us out? By contibuting to An Affordable Wardrobe you'll be helping a small business that operates outside the corporate realm. We not only help men of average means realize the potential for style they all have within, but do so in a way that reduces waste and supports charity. Why buy new when the world is full of so much great old stuff? An Affordable Wardrobe brings the experience of shopping in a fine establishment offering high quality hand selected merchandise with the value of buying thrift. Its the best of two highly opposite but equally valuable worlds brought together, Please view the short film "The Receipt of Happiness" in the gallery for more on these topics.

What Else You Can Do

We can't all contribute to things like this, but that doesn't mean you can't help. Get the word out to all your friends, share this info via Facebook, Twitter and other social media, or just visit the blog or online shop to say hi. I love to hear from my readers and customers.




Thanks, and remember, as always,

Penury is not an excuse.

Giuseppe Timore, founder

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