Amrita Therapeutics' First-Ever Breast Cancer Therapeutic Device

Advance Amrita's Breast Cancer Device (ABCD) thru pre-clinical studies to provide safer breast cancer therapy via drug-eluting technology directly to the tumor.
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Support the Amrita Breast Cancer Device (ABCD)

When it comes to cancer therapy, our mothers, sisters, and daughters face unacceptably limited options: major surgery which can mutilate the body, radiation that kills healthy tissues alongside the cancer cells, and chemotherapies originally derived from chemical weapsons of mass destruction. 

Breast cancer patients in particular face the prospect of disfiguring surgery followed by radiation and/or chemo therapies that may be as devastating as the cancer itself.

Looking at totally revolutionary approach to provide localized cancer therapy for breast cancer and other tumors, the Amrita Breast Cancer Device (ABCD) could provide safer, less invasive cancer therapy as an alternative or adjunct to surgery, radiation or chemo- therapies.

Amrita Therapeutics is a bio-discovery company co-founded by biotechnology pioneer Ananda M. Chakrabarty, Ph.D. who received the first biotech patent in 1980 through the Supreme Court (Diamond v. Chakrabarty), and industry veteran Susan K. Finston, J.D./M.P.P.

With this campaign, Amrita Therapeutics seeks support to provide the first meaningful alternative to cancer management in nearly 100 years, to complete key pre-clinical tests for the Amrita Breat Cancer Device needed for FDA approval for human clinical trials in breast cancer and/or other patients who are waiting for new therapies and cures.

The Amrita Breast Cancer Device (ABCD) builds on well-understood technologies used to combat heart disease, but unknown as breast cancer therapy. There is currently no medical device like the Amrita Breast Cancer Device to treat breast cancner. The absolute novelty of using the stent for breast cancer therapy has created enormous hurdles for fundraising.

Your support is critical to bring new hope to breast cancer and other cancer patients around the globe.

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) "Buzz of BIO" (Health) in 2011

This is Amrita Therapeutics' second social media campaign.  In 2011, Amrita was named "Buzz of BIO" (Health), based on an online campaign where Amrita received support from the United State, India and many other countries around the world. 

As Winner of the "Buzz of BIO" (Heatlh), we were able to raise awareness about the company both online and with biotechnology companies and investors attending the  the BIO 2011 Annual Convention. 

It was an amazing experience – for me it felt like Cinderalla going to the ball! – and a great introduction to the importance of social media campaigns for small companies.

Moving from the Lab to the Clinic – Pre-Clinical Studies for the Amrita Breast Cancer Device (ABCD)  

The FDA provides marketing approval for most medical devices on the basis of ‘substantial similarity’ to existing devices on the market.  As the first-ever drug-eluting device for breast cancer therapy, the Amrita Breas Cancer Device (ABCD) requires pre-clinical data to demonstrate safety and effectiveness before we may apply for an investigational device exemption (IDA) needed for initiation of clinical trials.

We estimate the approximate total cost of pre-clinical testing at $250,000.00; with this campaign we hope to raise the first $100,000 so that we can develop early pre-cinical data and identify partners for continued co-development.

All funds raised will go to advance pre-clinical testing for the Amrita Breast Cancer Device; should we fall short of the full funds needed, we will husband our resources to develop as much useful pre-clinical data as possible.

We truly value all contributions and will show our appreciation through personal acknowledgement of contributions as well as exclusive updates for contributors as the research moves from lab to clinic.  (Limited edition, bespoke Amrita Therapeutics t-shirts are available at higher levels of support.)

A great deal has been written in recent months about the need for revolutionary new approaches to cancer therapy and breast cancer in particular.  Your support for the Amrita Breast Cancer Device will help spur the much needed science revolution in cancer R&D and bring new hope to breast cancer and other cancer patients around the globe.

If you are not able to contribute financially, we still appreciate your efforts to spread the word about the Amrita Breast Cancer Device  or ABCD. 

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    Breast Cancer Bread Boot Camp

    Bread is the Staff of Life; the aroma of freshly baked bread nourishes the soul and brings family and friends closer. For your contribution of $75.00, receive a private lesson in Washington DC with recognized bread-making teacher Susan Finston, recipe included. Remote teaching via video chat (Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook, etc.) also available.

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    Breast Cancer Visionary

    Contributions of up to $10,000 / 540,000.00 INR will receive the public and personal acknowledgement, exclusive research updates, opportunities for private research briefings with Ananda M. Chakrabarty, and limited edition, bespoke Amrita Therapeutics t-shirts.

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