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How can we better collaborate on social and environmental challenges? With Amp!

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"A good cause, which should become a business." -Pradeep Jotwani, SVP Web Serives, HP

"AMP would've improved our past sustainability efforts dramatically." -Brian Lamb, Swivl

"So desperately needed!" -Kevin Tate, CMO, ShopIgniter

"Oh, the hours AMP would have saved me!" -Ryan Kushner, MBA, Presidio 

Help us build a website to accelerate social and environmental progress - donate today!  

Making the world a better place—socially and environmentally—is important to us all. But for the people doing this work, it’s tough to find the right information and resources. Imagine, instead, if they had the means to be more productive, by leveraging a learning community devoted to sharing the information they really need. We call our solution “Amp.”

As students at Presidio Graduate School – one of the top MBA programs in sustainable management--we have lived the frustration that Amp will address, and we share the passion to bring this solution to life! In addition to our MBAs, each of us brings a decade of professional experience: Sarah McKinney in market research for the technology sector, and John Lehnert in IT project management. 

So what's the problem?

Today, there is no starting point for those working on issues that relate to sustainability. Without an open-access, central destination for information sharing, questions are repeated, effort is duplicated, time is wasted, and social and environmental progress is stalled. 

Can you tell me more about Amp?

Of course. Amp is the starting point for sustainability champions, helping you cut through the clutter, quickly find what you're looking for, and move forward with the confidence you need to drive change. The core functionality is inspired by the link sharing of Delicious, the ratings/reviews of Yelp and the file exchange of DocStoc. We’ve done extensive research into available offerings, and we believe Amp is unique in being:

  • Open/free access – no fees or sign-in necessary to browse
  • Action-oriented  – categories based on what you’re trying to DO
  • Crowdsourced – our users provide the content and rate its quality
  • Not another social network – but a community that fosters quick, informed decisions! 
Our mission is to increase engagement and amplify impact for sustainability professionals. 

Check out our mock-up pages in the gallery section, created to illustrate core functionality.

Is Amp for you?

If you're interested in the sustainability movement, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and ever-growing number of resources, then Amp is for you! Our primary target audience comprises professionals working on social and environmental challenges—from within corporations, academia, government, and other organizations, along with social entrepreneurs.

Our rationale: although making changes as individuals is important, the impact that organizations can have on reducing environmental and social problems is far more powerful. Sustainable business practices offer cost savings, efficiency, risk mitigation, competitive advantage, and better branding and employee satisfaction. Business spending on sustainability reached $28 billion in 2010, and it’s projected to hit $60 billion by 2014 in the US alone!

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We’ve been also mentioned on SFGate.com, Crowdfunding News, World News, Green Career Central, Virtual Strategy, VentureBeatProfiles, and FindLaw.

How can you help?

Your donations will allow us to build and launch the beta version of our website (i.e., the prototype). We will pre-load the site with an extensive library of categorized information and resources that we've been collecting over the past year, so you can experience the benefits of Amp immediately! Pay by PayPal, or by credit card via the PayPal system -- follow the instructions on the donation page.

If we exceed our fundraising goal, we will incorporate the file exchange, add features focused on personalization, develop apps to showcase your contribution on Amp within existing social networks, and expand our marketing efforts to ensure continued growth. 

We want your input along the way, to make sure Amp is addressing exactly what you need, and we have created innovative perks to enable that input.

To maintain itself as a viable enterprise, Amp will generate revenue from sponsored (and clearly labeled) search results, income sharing on select user-provided content, and content channels delivered by partnering organizations.

Help us spread the word! Copy and paste for....

Social Media: Help support my friends in building a website to accelerate social and environmental progress! indiegogo.com/ampyourimpact

Email: Just a quick note to let you know about a great opportunity to help accelerate environmental and social progress…by helping create Amp - the new website at the center of it all. Hoping you can offer support!

Amp's mission is to increase engagement and amplify the impact sustainability champions can have when pushing for progress from within organizations. Amp will get the right information and resources to professionals in sustainability -- all crowdsourced and reviewed by their peers. Check out their campaign and be part of the solution at: indiegogo.com/ampyourimpact

Who has helped prepare Amp for success?

We have an AMAZING list of individuals that have been providing us with support, advice and introductions along the way. We are beyond grateful to: Webb McKinney, Bob Frankenberg, Peter Sullivan, Richard Walker, Dick Watts, Rich Braugh, Neal Dempsey, Brian Lamb, John Henry, Ross Mayfield, Christina Page, Paul Tasner, William Shutkin, Andy Goodman, Edward West, Phil Sakakihara, Kim Walesh, Curt Riffle, Marsha Willard, Ed Quevedo, David Bennett, Ruth Wooden, Debra Dunn, Sanjay Vaswami, Suzanne Keel-Eckmann, Mary Peicewicz, Chetan Mangat, Teri Treille, Gabriel Eichler, Henry Wong, John Katovich, Michael Braverman, Esther Park, Kevin Tate, Martha Amram, Micki Krimmel, Jed Mitchell, Matt Sonefeldt, Hunter Heaney, Bobby Bailey, David Levy, Kabira Stokes, Jessey White-Cinis, Chris Macho, Kerry Case, Jenny Kassan, Susan Morgan, Richard Feller, Josh Russell, Evan Steiner, AJ Vernet, Jill Stoneberg, Carol McClelland, Debby Meredith, Matt Richter-Sand, Jeff Solomon, Joe Tortorelli, Jory Tremblay, Velveth Schmitz, Janet Kramer, Sean Dempsey, Rachel Fus, and Annika & Brian Lamka. 

A special shout-out to the Presidio team that kick-started Amp as part of our Capstone project! It was wonderful working with Katie Schou, Susan Donaldson and Ariel Raymon. And lastly, thanks to our family and friends on Facebook that helped us select the logo! 

Team on This Campaign: