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Help bring the Gunner's Mate 12 gauge shotgun shell dispenser into production.
Todd Luebke
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Champlin, Minnesota
United States
1 Team Member

Faster Reloads in the Field and on the Range.

If you've ever dug through your pockets, fought with those little elastic loops or heard the ripping sound of velcro while searching for another round; you know there needs to be a better way to carry your shotgun shells.

The Gunner’s Mate’s unique patent pending design gives almost any 12 gauge shotgun user an edge when it comes to quickly reloading their tube fed or break open gun.  The Gunner’s Mate is easy to use, portable and requires no special training or modification to your firearm. By participating in our campaign you will feel good knowing that you’ve supported one of the few firearms accessories ever offered via crowd funding and help strengthen the American economy.

Gunner's Mate's Features and Benefits

New Quick Sprint Reward!

Be one of first 150 supporters to contribute more than $1 and receive this limited edition Ammo-BOSS poker chip for courageously taking action early in the campaign! 

Contribute and get Perks

Lead the way as a Door Kicker and get special limited perks

Door Kicker - 3 Pack Special Coupon $108 

Door Kickers are those brave souls willing to lead the way. As a Door Kicker not only do you get a sweet discount on your Gunner’s Mates and limited edition “Door Kicker” version of the Ammo-BOSS logo patch; more importantly you’ll be invited to participate in a special virtual focus group to help us fine-tune the Gunner’s Mate final design. Limited to 350

Supporter Perks

Firearms enthusiast : $1 -Join with other 2nd amendment supporters and show the Crowd Funding Industry they need to support more firearms related projects. The money will be used to support the Gunner’s Mate campaign but the signal it sends will be the shot heard around the world.

Standard Perks 

Gunner 1 ; $40 - Receive a coupon from Ammo-BOSS redeemable for 1 Gunner's Mate and a logo patch sent postage paid.

Gunner 2 ; $78 - Receive a coupon from Ammo-BOSS redeemable for 2 Gunner's Mates and a logo patch sent postage paid.

Gunner 3 ; $114 - Receive a coupon from Ammo-BOSS redeemable for 3 Gunner's Mates and logo patch sent postage paid.

How you can help

We are in need of three important items; final design feedback from you, the $90,000 required to make Gunner’s Mate a reality and patience. Yes, the drawings and 3D printed prototype are a bit rough but we purposely stopped short of a final design to allow our supporters room to provide valuable input on the final product.

Door Kickers to the Front!

During the campaign, the Elite Door Kickers will be given the opportunity to participate in a special live web conference designed to help us put the finishing touches on the overall design. We can’t promise we’ll incorporate every suggestion, but Gunner’s Mate will go into production with your fingerprints all over the final design.

How Your Contributions Will be Used

As you can see from the itemized cost breakdown above, fixed costs such as the molds, spring development and other special tooling are the lion’s share of expenses. American made quality is a worthy investment and we all want a product that can be backed with a lifetime guarantee.

The other major expenses are the Variable Costs that are dependent on the response we get from the firearm's community to the Gunner's Mate offer.   Manufacturing the Gunner's Mate parts, having them assembled, and mailed out (along with the various swag) will require manpower. We also need additional funds to cover the final CAD design, packaging design, and finishing the patent. Finally, there are the fees related to running this campaign which are variable as well. It's nice to know this money will be staying in the U.S.

Production Plan and Timeline

Once the final design is settled and the funds are secured, it’s time to contract with the mold maker and have the family molds machined. We mentioned needing some patience; as this is by far the longest step in the process and could take up to 16 weeks depending upon lead times.  During this waiting period we will get the springs made, lock in a production window, have packaging designed, and tie up other loose ends.

After proving the mold and materials with a small quantity run, it's time to turn out Gunner's Mates! Depending upon the generosity of our supporters and the volume of Gunner’s Mates ordered this could take a few weeks, we'll know more after the campaign. By the time the plastic injected parts arrive at the fulfillment center the springs, packaging and logo patches should already be on site ready for final assembly and shipment to our supporters. 

As you can see, there's a lot of moving pieces and it takes time to get a new product manufactured and into the marketplace. In our case it could take up to 20 weeks so patience isn't only a virtue patience is required.  

Communications Plan

.--.-.. . .- .-.. . / -.-. --- -. - .-. .. -... ..- - .

We’ll be communicating with you throughout the campaign and production process. Minor updates and fun stuff will be posted to the Updates Tab towards the top of the page. Major updates and milestones will also be sent out via email. We’ll monitor the Comments Tab throughout the process and utilized normal social media channels as appropriate.

Stretch Goals

Stretch Goal 1: Help us put this campaign over the top and raise $120,000.  The extra money will be used to spread the word about Gunner’s Mate and help make 2015 a successful year for Ammo-BOSS. In turn, all campaign supporters will receive a limited edition Ammo-BOSS Challenge Chip.

Stretch Goal 2: Raise $200,000 or more and not only will you get the Ammo-BOSS challenge chip but we’ll set aside a budget and begin planning the next Ammo-BOSS product. Imagine peeling out rounds for your favorite revolver, bolt action or lever action caliber. We’ll survey the entire supporter base to uncover the next Ammo-BOSS “Mate”  for spring 2015.

Referral Reward: Get the word out about Gunner’s Mate and win a gift certificate from your favorite outdoor goods store!  Contributors will be presented with a special URL immediately after contributing (on the completed contribution landing page, under "Spread the word!") that you can use on Facebook, via email or your favorite forums to help tell others the Gunner’s Mate story. The indigogo software will tally your referrals for us.

If we hit the $90,000 campaign goal, we’ll reward the 3 most active referrers with a first, second and third place prize; respectively a $200, $150 and $75 gift certificate from the outdoor retail store of your choice.

So there you have it. Support us today at the level that works for you and spread the word about Gunner’s Mate to all your shooting buddies. Then go enjoy your summer while we stay behind and git ‘er done. By next fall you’ll be blasting pumpkins with a Gunner’s Mate on your hip. Thank you for your support!

As Seen Around the Net

New! - Nate from NSZ85 stopped by to checkout the Gunner's Mate

Practically Tactical with Nick Humphries:

About the Inventor of Gunner's Mate

Todd Luebke got his first "real gun", a Daisy lever action BB gun, when he was 9.  Raised on a farm in central Minnesota, Todd graduated from High School with Honors. He served 4 years of active duty in the U.S. Army, most of it on jump status at Ft. Wainwright Alaska.

Todd is an experienced project manager with degrees in Operations Management and Business Administration. Work experience includes 10 years in the manufacturing sector with another 15 years experience in IT and Business Analysis.

Todd started Strike Hard Gear 3 years ago out of frustration after trying to find decent gear for an SKS.  Not finding it, he created his own tactical gear then designed additional gear for other Combloc pattern rifles. 

When not crafting tactical gear, Todd is busy with his family and hitting the range whenever possible.


How does the coupon perk work?

Due to the indiegogo terms of service we cannot offer firearms related products themselves as perks. However we can offer coupons redeemable at a later date for products from Ammo-BOSS. Upon completion of the campaign you will receive a coupon redeemable for your Gunner's Mates when they go into production.

What happens if you don't reach your goal?

The "flexible funding" option we chose allows indiegogo to disperse contributions to us even if we don't reach the stated financial goal. Should that situation arise, we'll apply those funds toward building the molds and tooling first. 

How does the Door Kicker virtual meeting work?

During the second week of the campaign Door Kickers will receive an email notification with scheduling and connection information to our virtual conferencing software.  The session will be recorded and made available for later viewing.

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    Show of Support

    Maybe the Gunner's Mate isn't for you or the timing isn't right, Even so, please show your support for the crowd funding of firearms related gear and 2nd Amendment rights.

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  • $40USD
    1 Gunner's Mate

    Receive one coupon for a Gunner's Mate from our first production run along with an Ammo-BOSS logo patch sent postage paid.

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    Team-up with a buddy and get two coupons for Gunner's Mates and a cool Ammo-BOSS logo patch sent postage paid. A great deal even if you keep it all for yourself.

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  • $114USD
    3 Gunner's Mates

    Three's a party and shooting 24 rounds is a blast! Get 3 coupons for Gunner's Mate's sent to you postage paid along with an Ammo-BOSS logo patch.

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