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Am I Don Quixote is a visually stunning film where documented reality bleeds into fiction and fantasy
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  • $1USD
    Petition Signer

    Giving even $1 means you want this film to be made. This is like signing a petition to show your support. This donation will get you a public 'THANK YOU' on all of our social media!

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  • $10USD
    Ring Crew

    Ah, the ring crew ... the behind the scenes guys who get no credit but make the show work and give it life. Oh, and they're under paid... Donate at least $10 and we'll put your name in the "Special Thanks" section of the website.

    29 claimed

  • $25USD

    Everyone can juggle a $25 donation... Right? >Get a free digital download of the finished film. + Autographed postcard from the film. + "Special Thanks" credit on the website AND in the film!

    49 claimed

  • $50USD
    The Magic Show!

    At this magic level you become part of the act! You'll be invited to a special screening of the first cut and asked for your thoughts on the cut. ****SEE CIRCUS PERKS FOR MORE DETAILS**** + Free digital download of the finished film. + "Special Thanks" credit in the film!

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  • $100USD

    Dance on a horse without falling. > ROUS's + another ticket to the wrap party + --An original poster of the film signed by the two stars (cause they're famous) and the director (cause he feels left out). --Practice yoga or go salsa dancing with me in NYC or maybe New Orleans. (I'd secretly do this for free.) --I'll watch your film and tell you why it's no good (constructive feedback). Or send over something else for me to criticize.

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  • $200USD
    Wire Walker

    Getting closer to Quixote!... Keep your balance... > ROUS's + 4 total tickets to the wrap party + Your name on our website and the film under "Extra Special Thanks" + "Am I Don Quixote" Circus kit. What's in it? Its a surprise, because surprises, like the circus are fun. Let us know if you need the Adult or Child version.

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  • $600USD
    Lion Tamer

    Dare to get in the ring with a lion? > ROUS's + 6 total tickets to the wrap party + A limited Edition fine art photograph. Signed and numbered. And it'll be in line with the theme of the film. + I'll even send you a photograph of the huge scar on Carlos' head that he got saving his friend from a lion attack in the ring. (Seriously)

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  • $1,000USD

    You've made it to the book. Ride away and dream... > ROUS's (all but perk #7) + 8 total tickets to the wrap party + A one-of-a-kind Quixote artwork. A painting, sculpture, etc. by a professional artist. Don't worry, it'll be selected with the same fine taste of those who are making this film... + Two tickets to a VIP screening.

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  • $2,500USD

    Be a princess and get the royal treatment. > ROUS's (all but perk #8) + 10 total tickets to the wrap party + Horse riding/dancing lesson from Carlos. + Dinner at the circus. Come back-tent and we'll cook dinner for you. (Our ploy to get Princesses to have dinner with us!) + Associate Producer Credit on the film and website.

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  • $5,000USD
    Sancho Panza

    Who's Quixote without him? > ROUS's (#1-7 - not #8/9) + 12 total tickets to the wrap party + Be in the film! We'll write you into the film. You may have to get to Chicago, but you'll be treated like a movie star. + 4 total tickets to a screening near you. + Actor credit in the film and on the website.

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  • $10,000USD
    Don Quixote

    The Don himself. > ROUS's (all!) + 14 total tickets to the wrap party + Invitation to the world-premier at some fancy festival. + I will direct a music video for you for FREE in NYC! That's worth a lot of money. Sell it to your favorite band. + Play in the circus - we'll get you into something maybe on the trapeze or something similarly enthralling. Or maybe a party in the tent.

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