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for when you want to lead a smart life not just have a smart home
Luca Gaetano Capula
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A smart home should not only listen to, but anticipate your needs.

ALYT stands for Affordably Link Your Things. It is a unique do-it-yourself (DIY), open source, Smart Home Manager that runs on the Android environment.

Easy to set up, Quick to learn your habits, Ready to be implemented in your home and improve your life.


Talk to your home and have it listen, get intelligent feedback

Part of the smart-home dream has always been being able to talk with a home or office and trust it to control climate, security and sense problems. 

You Talk, ALYT Listens.

It's like SIRI for your home, but for the Internet Of Things. 

ALYT allows you to interact with a wide variety of connected devices by using voice commands, all in one easy to use app.

Science Fiction And Reality Meet.

A truly connected home is closer than ever. With ALYT everything around us, from our appliances and television sets to our locks, lamps, windows and walls, will be able to work together for our benefit.

ALYT allows for voice and video recognition to control virtually any aspect of a home and get real-time feedback… REALLY.

Get your ALYT for FREE!

We know you are an influencer! Through our Influencer Thank You Program, we want to give you your ALYT for free, for a few minutes of helping spread the word... For each person you refer to pledge for a ALYT, we will give you a $25 refund at the end of the Indiegogo Campaign. 

For example: Pledge for the starter kit ($149), then refer 6 people to pledge and we will credit you for $25 for each of them, making your ALYT FREE. Upon pledging, we will email you details on how to track your progress.

How it works: Simply pledge for a ALYTto get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or copy your unique URL below the main video at the top of the page. Spread the word about ALYT with your friends and around the web and you will get the credit! Get creative... Reddit, Stumble Upon, BuzzFeed and blogs can help greatly! 

ALYT is a hub that provides you with:

Controlled through a smartphone or tablet.

In short, ALYT is a hub for home security, energy management, AV, control, and whatever else you want to throw at it—literally. That’s because it has Android inside, so it works with a slew of third-party apps and products.


Understand when and how you use electricity, ALYT allows you to make decisions on how you can reduce your energy consumption and energy bills.


What sets the ALYT apart from other entry-level security systems is its ability to learn about you, your family and your household over time. You can set some initial parameters about when and where your family is active, but ALYT will learn the rest for itself.

ALYT's app will learn from your habits. It can be customized to make each aspect of everyday life easier. ALYT learns your habits in just a few weeks and will be able to fine-tune itself to your needs and preferences to save you money and make life easier.

For the first few weeks you have the device, it will notify you about almost any unusual event it captures —  motion, temperature changes, noises or even lights turning on and off. ALYT will notify you of these events via a smartphone app.

The more you tell the ALYT that an action is OK, such as the family dog wandering around late at night or a nightly fire in the fireplace increasing the temperature, the less the ALYT will bug you about it.

This means that when you get a notification a few months down the line, an anomalous reading will really be worth the time to check out.


There seems to be nothing the ALYT can’t handle or make easier. From protecting homes from floods to keeping an eye on the family pet while at the office, the flexibility of the ALYT is on display. 

Live a day in the life to see what your future could be:

  • 6:00am – Alarm going off. Once I wake up, alarm goes off. Begins playing my favorite music playlist!
  • 6:15am - Go to kitchen, ALYT ask me to turn on the coffee maker. Makes my favorite cup of coffee!
  • 6:30am – Closet, ask ALYT what to wear? Bring jacket, it’s going to get cold! PS- don’t wear nice shoes, it is going to rain in the afternoon.
  • 6:35am - ALYT alerts me: By the way, bummer it’s a Tuesday… The wind is picking up in the through the morning. Perhaps you might want to go into work late to go sailing before it rains?

  • 6:45am – Heading out the door. Set’s the alarm.
  • 6:50am – I forgot to turn off the bathroom light and left the A/C on in house. ALYT tells me to turn it off, then suggest we save money on heating/ cooling as it will be colder when I get home.
  • 9:30am – UPS shows up to deliver package – Rings the doorbell, ALYT alerts me some one is at door. I see it is UPS, call my neighbor to ask to sign for my package.

  • 11:00am – Kids were out of town for the weekend. Grandma brings them back to house. Grandma request ALYT to open the door through voice and face recognition to let the kids in.
  • 11:15am Grandma opens the medicine cabinet. ALYT alerts me, text grandma to make sure it is her.
  • 12:00pm – The babysitter comes over to watch kids for the rest of the day. Dad logs on to the ALYT app to see what is going on.
  • 1:00pm – Little Johnny just drank the last of the milk. ALYT reminds me to put milk on the list and that Joe’s Supermarket is having a sale on milk today and send me a coupon.
  • 3:00pm – The door was left open, dad got an alert. The dog is off the property. Call neighbor to find him

  • 4:30pm – Clouds start to roll in, weather getting colder. ALYT dims the lights to save energy, turn of the scheduled lawn watering. Alerts me that the window is left open and that we should begin to heat the house up to my favorite temperature.
  • 5:15pm – Cigar/ Wine Room Alert – We need to adjust the humidity in the cigar/ wine room due to approaching storm. 
  • 6:30pm - Energy Bill comes in mail – I check the energy bill and it seems high. I pull up the ALYT app to get suggestions on how to lower it. I look and notice I should be switching light intensity as it is getting darker earlier.
  • 7:25pm - Reminder: Plants need watering. ALYT can connect to indoor plants sensors advising on when to water or fertilize them
  • 8:15pm - Energy Alert – To reduce energy usage, let’s put the light in the bathroom on a motion setting. It tends to be left on. You can save $22 per month by doing so.



  • Manage all the lights in your home or Office, wherever you are.
  • Turn any light in your home into a smart light, simply screw in the ALYT actuator.
  • Reduce lighting cost with the ALYT motion sensor and have lights turn off when area is not occupied.
  • Lower the brightness of your lighting based on natural light with the dimmer actuators, in turn reducing energy consumption.
  • ALYT real-time alerts you of high energy consumption times on your current lighting usage, suggesting way to reduce waste.
  • Provide real-time information on the energy usage of any appliance in your home, then aggregate the total energy consumption at any time.


  • Reduce the air-conditioning, in parts of your home where they are not occupied.
  • Adjust the temperature of the home while not there, bringing the temperature up in advance of arriving.
  • Integrates with NEST home thermostat.
  • Maintain optimal temperature/ humidity levels for climate control rooms such as a wine cellar or cigar room.
  • Control the temperature while you are away or even while at work based on weather conditions and hour of the day.
  • Suggest optimal temperature based on weather, time of day, household occupancy and future weather forecast to keep the temperature just right or save on your energy bill.


  • Manage a medications schedule reminding to take medicines at given times (good for elderly people living alone)
  • Connect to indoor plants sensors advising on when to water or fertilize them
  • Connect to health wearable sensors to monitor elderly people temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc
  • Locate pets, toddlers, phones, persons using Bluetooth beacons or phones.
  • Use voice commands to play your music, change the track or increase the volume.
  • Discover new music based on your most played songs. ALYT will suggest new artist based on your most played songs or iTunes/ Spotify music library. Then, ask if you like, suggest to buy it.
  • ALYT will notify you when your laundry is done, keeping your fresh laundry still warm, to ensure no wrinkles.


  • Receive alerts of activity at your home while you are away. Door open, door bell rang, etc.
  • Features a backup battery so that in case of emergency power outages, your home will be unaffected.
  • While nobody is at home, to discourage intruders, ALYT randomly turns lights and TV on and off  to make it look like someone is in
  • Protect the perimeter of your property with the PIR Sensors, alerting of a breach by sending an alert, sounding an alarm on property, turning on a light or contacting authorities.
  • Monitor in real-time video activities around the home, at your office or your boat/ RV by accessing the live video feed via smartphone or tablet.
  • Allow access to the home remotely via voice or facial recognition.
  • The smoke detector warns you promptly in case of harmful emissions, automatically closes the gas valve or remove power to the affected environment


The "brain" of the ALYT platform, the Smart Learning Hub connects all of the sensors and other smart devices around your home or office. 

The Smart Hub enables:

  • Voice Recognition: Speak out loud directly to you smart devices
  • Remote Control: Access your home through your smartphone or tablet
  • Home Optimization: Analyze your security, energy use lighting and more.
  • Smart Recommendations: Will alert you to change habits, save money.
  • Upgrade The Non-Smart: Turn nearly any device into a smart device

It is compatible with hundreds of smart devices today and even more in the future.


No need to spend money on costly upgrades to your old appliances and electronics to make the more efficient. 

Through simple add-ons, ALYT turns old electronics and appliances into Smart Devices, controlled/ optimized through ALYT Smart Hub.

Upgrade you non-smart appliances to smart appliance in a few easy steps! 

Security Add-Ons

Triple Tech Door Sensor – ALYT takes security serious. Compared to Smarthings, Canary or Scout, the door sensor is far more comprehensive. While competitors only use magnetic sensors, ALYT is 3 times as secure using:

  • Magnetic Sensor - Designed to be compact and discreet the detectors work by communicating via 2-way RF to the main hub.
  • Vibration Sensor - The wireless shock detector provides perimeter protection for residential and commercial premises. It provides early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property.
  • Rolling Shutter Sensor – Designed for garage doors or roller shutter doors. When the door is closed, the two parts of this Door Alarm is attached and the circuit is running.

With additional sensors, you can cover every access point! 

Alarm System Remote Control - The remote control unit easily arms and disarms the system, features a security panic button and doubles as a handy keychain. You can also disarm from your smartphone or tablet. 

Indoor/ Outdoor Siren - The siren sounds for alarms, door chimes, entry/exit delay and troubles and distinguishes between burglar and fire alarm by emitting different sounds for each and indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps and uses multiple door chimes.

Door NFC Transmitter - NFC tags are smart little chips that'll allow you to snag digital information with your smartphone at short range. With your mobile you can arm or disarm the system without using the mobile application, just passing the mobile in front of the NFC transmitter

Door Lock - Know who's coming and going in your home. Assign entry codes to help you control traffic and improve your sense of security when you're not there without having to copy a key.  You can remotely unlock doors from other areas of your property using a remote, smartphone or tablet.

Indoor/ Outdoor Wireless IP Camera - Allows you to watch over your home or business in real-time, from anywhere in the world from your smartphone or tablet. In the event of an emergency alarm derived from sensors, the camera starts recording to capture pre and post alarm, then delivers directly to you.

PIR Quad Motion Sensor - Detects motion by measuring changes in the infrared (heat) levels emitted by surrounding objects. Compared to Smarthings, Canary or Scout, the ALYT quad motion detector is far more powerful. ALYT use a 4 ray IR sensor that covers over 150° wide and 15m distance. We take security serious.

Volumetric Outdoor Sensor - Volumetric Alarm protects your home, business, vehicle, boat or RV and instantly sounds an alarm at the first sign of an intruder. Unlike other sensors that notify once the intruder breaches, ALYT detects changes in air pressure and can sound an alarm in advance of an intruder entering.

Smart Home Add-Ons

Lamp Holder Actuator - This allows you to switch a light bulb on and off according to the energy-saving home automation system settings.

Temperature Sensor – Ideal for monitoring/ energy optimizing temperatures in pools, spas, aquariums, cellars, attics and more.

Smoke CO2 Detector - Monitor the state of your home and be alerted to smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Create email and text message alerts that can be sent to you no matter where you are.

Water Flood Detector - Protect from water damage by keeping a Water Flood Detection Alarm near potential danger: refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, aquariums or in the basement. When the unit detects water, it sounds a loud alarm so you'll know instantly when and where.

Valve Actuator - Designed to detect leaks in your plumbing system at predetermined locations, and automatically shut off the water supply to help effectively reduce the chances of major water damage associated with a leak. 

Wall Plug - Offers a built-in dimmer that can be remotely controlled from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  You can control, program and manage settings for any devices plug into the ALYT Wall Plug

Philips Hue Lights - It allows you to create and control the light using your smartphone or tablet. Bringing endless possibilities to help you get creative and help you personalize your lighting to suit yours and your family’s lifestyle. Philips' Hue Connected Bulb lets you change the color of your light bulbs and control them from your phones.

Z-Wave Extender/ Repeater -It receives Z-Wave communication, and repeats it on to other Z-Wave devices in your network increasing your network’s accuracy. Range Extender accurately redistribute Z-Wave signals, it amplifies them too and helps improve the reliability and accuracy of your Z-Wave network.

Energy Saving

Digital Thermostatic Head – Allows for optimized control of your radiator, HVAC systems and more, giving increased comfort levels and energy savings.

Light Switch Actuator - Achieves simple lighting and heating/ cooling control using natural light and room occupancy. It saves energy by controlling lighting heating/ cooling scenarios for different areas of your home or office based on time of day, occupancy, weather forecast and more.

Automatic Blind Actuator – Offset heating/ cooling and lighting cost by automatically opending/ closing blinds based on angle of sun, cloud cover and time of day. Controlling your shading and lighting can lead to energy savings of up to 30%.

Dimmer Actuator – Controlled by your personalized optimization recommendations from ALYT hub. Dimmer actuators can save simply by dimming the lights in daytime. It can save 30%.

Socket Switching Actuator - Reduces the energy waste from phantom loads that run through appliances while they are turned off. This can save 11%.

Z-Wave Clamp Power Meter - Enables you to measure the power consumption of your home or office. It can report actual consumption (in W) and the accumulated power used (in kWh), enabling you to understand when and how you use electricity, which allows you to make decisions on how you can reduce your energy consumption and energy bills.

We didn't want ALYT to be "just another app."

Mobile App

ALYT will allow you to control and monitor your world in real-time with a single dedicated APP for smartphones and tablets, from anywhere in the world. 

ALYT App will learn from the user’s habits. It can be customized on the basis of little and specific needs in order to make each aspect of everyday life easier. It is an open app which allows anybody to develop new additional features, sharing them with all the ALYT community of users.

Android Operating System

ALYT is the first system of its kind that runs internally on the Android platform with completely open software.

ALYT is not just a hub since ANDROID runs inside ALY, powering its engine. So, much like any ANDROID smartphone or tablet, ALYT is immediately ready for expansion from third party apps and devices.

Open Source

Thanks to the ALYT open architecture, the features are likely to be expanded upon by a global ecosystem of ALYT "gurus" for the benefit of the world user community.

“We believe in an open, boundless world, and that’s why our product is the first Smart Home Manager powered by Android,” Luca Gaetano Capula, founder and CEO of Link Your Things.

“Since Android is open and runs inside the unit, thousands of developers will be able to help us improve consumers’ lives at home. We decided to make even our hardware design open so that developers and manufacturers can innovate using ALYT as a solid base.”


The home security and smart home marketplace is one of the fastest growing markets and developers will be readily able to take advantage of this new, smart way of living. Kind of just like the app store…

Developers can create and sell apps that can be purchased and downloaded much the same way you do from the Google Play Store or Apple Store today.

ALYT Integration With Others

There are several ways to integrate ALYT with other apps, devices and systems. The user, maker or developer can extend ALYT functionalities using the Java Classloader technology. This way, ALYT will know how to interact with new devices of any type. 

Other systems can interact with ALYT using standard http call to get or set the status of the devices or trigger some actions. Finally users can installer Android App directly on ALYT using the well-known tool (Eclipse). If you want, you can flash ALYT and do whatever you want!


A scene is a sequence of actions defined by your preferences. We’ll paint a picture of how your life could look like using scenes.

  • Do you leave the house every day around 8:30 AM? ALYT can turn the thermostat down to save up energy; it can also start warming up the house by turning up the temperature for when you come back, let’s say 6:30 PM? Done. 
  • The sprinklers work harder during summer months. One of your rules can be that during winter, the sprinklers only turn on every other day. 
  • What if you’re working late and you’re worried about an empty house? You can set the lights to turn on, from wherever you are, at a certain time in random patterns so it looks like someone is home.


The lights in your bedroom can gradually turn on, while the TV, with a slowly increasing volume goes to your favorite music channel, and your morning coffee is ready for you to enjoy. 

“Going to bed”, “Arriving home”, “Vacation” can be the type of customized scenes that you can setup to make your daily life more comfortable and enjoyable.


ALYT is riducoulsely easy to set up! It takes 3 steps...

  1. Plug in the ALYT Smart Learning Hub
  2. Install the ALYT APP
  3. Control your appliances and electronics from anywhere


Serious About Security

ALYT was designed in the first place as a rock-solid security system with the further possibility to manage your Smart Home. The deep experience in security of the founding team has lead to such a fundamental choice: security and safety are everyone's first concern. This is why ALYT has on-board battery, cellular communication and a proprietary and extremely robust wireless protocol to manage its dedicated sensors.

Specific RF communications protocol ensures high security standards and allows the use of magnetic and infrared sensors and IP video surveillance cameras. ALYT is not a gadget or a toy, ALYT is a professional alarm system which can even REPLACE your current one - made affordable and easy to install.


Opertating System: Android

CPU: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7@1.2GHz


  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1/3/4.0 LE
  • Z-Wave
  • ZigBee
  • Security Wireless Protocol (868MHz)
  • Infrared
  • Micro USB
  • NFC

Communication protocols

  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 3.5G Cellular
  • IR
  • NFC
  • DLNA
  • WiFi
  • Z-Wave
  • ZigBee


Along with ALYT, a new online store dedicated to the world of internet of things will arise. People will be able to share their new ideas, makers will add their devices and developers will create dedicated applications which can be directly installed into ALYT to improve current features and provide new solutions. Developers will be able to sell the next killer apps for homes and offices on the ALYT Store.

This way, developers and makers will have the chance to sell their creations and exchange views in a virtual and global marketplace dedicated to the Internet of things.


We Are Nearly Complete!!!

Our prototype is essentially complete and we just need your support to make ALYT available early Summer 2014. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of a smart home - it's genius.

We currently have a working prototype and we're now focused on:

  • Finalizing the engineering schematics for the final product
  • Developing and iterating on the user experience for the mobile app
  • Developing the data visualization tools

We will soon begin the process of:

  • Designing packaging
  • Getting product certifications
  • Designing the supply chain process
  • Tooling
  • Materials procurement
  • Production

The Brains Behind ALYT

The team behind ALYT is founded on the principle of security and compose some of the top experts in the secuirty industry.

ALYT integrates the highest levels of professional security, the latest functionality in home automation and the endless opportunity for the Internet Of Things. We have built a team of high skilled engineers from all around the world, selected the best -performing components and chose the most reliable suppliers.


General Questions

How difficult is it to install ALYT?

It is very easy and intuitive, anyone can learn to use it in a matter of minutes, just plug ALYT in and follow a few setup steps to get up and running.

Will ALYT be available worldwide?

Yes, we are going to sell products worldwide!

What’s the difference of the GURU offer? Does it come with the board only? Or also the box/cover?

The Guru edition comes complete like the product in mass production with all the sensors in the kit and accessories. But there is a big difference: ALYT GURU is a onetime special edition with a PCB branded ALYT GURU and in a translucent case!

Is there any difference in the hardware between the GURU edition and the final edition? Does the final edition include any additional features?

No, there will be no differences between the GURU edition and the final one. However, the GURU Limited Edition will offer something extra: an engraving stating "ALYT GURU", to recognize and reward our early supporters.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping in the US will be $15 and $30 everywhere else. Shipment does not include extra fees from customs, or additional costs associated with your country. As we investigate the specifics of product availability in each country, we will refund your order if ALYT is not compatible with your country's requirements  

Will ALYT work with other security products on the market?

Yes, the communication channels use standard and widespread protocols: 

- ZWave: all the certified devices sold in the market will be integrated in ALYT

- ZigBee and Bluetooth: not only the standard stacks and protocols can be used, but also proprietary if needed by the user.

Third-party system can interact with ALYT using standard web services communication.

How long do the batteries last?

ALYT will only need to rely on the battery in the event of a power outage. Our goal is to operate in battery mode as long as possible, but this is definitely related to user actions. For example, if the user is using the mobile phone and requires a lot of live or recorded video streams then the battery life will be unfortunately be shorter. However, the system in normal operation mode can work for several days.

What if I lose my smartphone?

If you lose your phone, you can still arm and disarm your system with the buttons on the hub itself or using RFID remote control. The lost phone can be disabled via web interface.

Does ALYT have to be connected to the internet to work?

No, it is possible to use the system in local WiFi mode which does not require an internet connection.

Technical Questions

ALYT is safe? What happens if my power or internet goes out?

Yes, data communications uses 128-bit AES encryption. The ALYT system integrates a back-up battery in order to keep your system running when the power goes out. In these scenarios, two external data communication channels are used:  3G cellular and a WiFi, then the internet connectivity is assured via WiFi, through the home router, or via cellular network. If internet is not available, it is always possible to directly call the user (voice call) or send an SMS text message using the GSM network. Plus, if WiFi local mode is available, then without internet (cellular or WiFi) the system can always be activated or deactivated.

What phones work with ALYT?

iOS and Android smartphones, using our mobile app, can control the system. Future development will include control via SMS, direct call voice recognition, DTMF signaling and responsive design web pages, and also GSM mobile phone,

Does ALYT work with 230V 50 Hz?

Of course, ALYT works perfectly also with 230V 50Hz.

Is it possible to use ALYT with European Z-Wave (868.42 MHz) and Zigbee (868 MHz) devices?

The EU version work on the European frequency, Z-Wave (868.42 MHz) and Zigbee (868 MHz).

Will the ALYT GURU limited edition ship with EU frequencies in June 2014 with all required CE certifications ?

Absolutely, yes. We have years of experience dealing with certifications, including EN50131, IMQ and TUV. We are already testing them inside our labs. 

We will get all the necessary certifications after the preproduction.

Is 512mb enough RAM to power Alyt as expansions are added?

Yes, 512Mb is plenty to manage all of the expansions! This is because the user interface is not onboard ALYT, so all the resources are dedicated to the ALYT core process.

Since ALYT is a wireless system, what is the reliable distance for a consistent signal?

1) Security Protocol: up to 2000Ft (600m) in open field, up to 350Ft (100m) indoors. If you have reinforced concrete the radio signal can pass through three to four inches of reinforced concrete. 

2)Z-Wave and Zigbee: these are mash protocols, so each device can exchange the signal to the next.

3)Bluetooth 4.0: up to 200Ft.

Since Alyt works with cellular service, does it require a SIM card? If so, what type?

ALYT has built-in 3.5G cellular connectivity, so YES you will need a SIM card to use it! However, we will provide (in some regions) a SIM card, but you can also choose to use your own favorite SIM card, too! ALYT uses the GSM Standard and is able to operate worldwide. You can use a standard SIM card from any carrier (no Verizon or any CDMA only carriers at the moment).

For your wireless security protocol that operates over 868MHz, are you able to change this frequency to operate between 915MHz to 928MHz?

YES we can use different frequencies for different countries (for example in China we will use 433Mhz). We use Texas Instrument chips to manage our protocol, in particular the model series CC11XX (cc1101 cc1110 cc1121). Everything can be set to communicate on different frequencies including 433Mhz, 868Mhz, 908Mhz, 915Mhz 928Mhz. We just need to use a different antenna and change some passive components.

ALYT - Tutorial #1 - how can I add a z-wave device 

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    Reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your energy bill. ALYT will pay for itself! Get started with: • (1) ALYT Smart Learning Hub • (1) Thermostatic Head • (1) Light Switch Acuator • (1) Dimmer Actuator • (1) Socket Actuator What it does: • Enables Smart Learning • Optimize heating/ cooling • Create lighting scenarios • Optimize light intensity • Reduce phantom loads • Control with Voice Recognition • Turn any device into Smart Device • Optimize current Smart Devices

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    Secure your home to protect family property; get notifications when people come and go. Get started with: • (1) ALYT Smart Learning Hub • (1) Wireless PIR Motion Detector • (1) Alarm System Remote • (3) Window/ Door Sensors What it does: • Enables Smart Learning • Monitor occupancy • Secure most entry points • Control with Voice Recognition • Remote Access • Turn any device into Smart Device • Optimize current Smart Devices

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    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $599USD

    Be the king of your own world... ALYT + 2 socket + wireless PIR detector + 3 wireless door sensor + 2 wireless IP cameras Shipping: add $15 for USA and $30 for other destinations

    50 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $10,000USD

    Hi Mate! We are glad to invite you in all our official events, you will receive the first shipped ALYT kit with Serial Number A0000001 to A0000005!

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
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