Hey friends, Well our transmission is busted, we lost our trailer, and our merch situation is dire. WE LOVE YOU LONG TIME

Hey friends!

The story:

So after our incredible last tour this past December, our transmission basically checked out of existence. We limped home at an incredible 30 MPH after returning our borrowed trailer a week after the tour ended. While the time and place were fortunate for this occurance, our bank account wasn't so lucky. We simply just don't have enough funds to repair the Allegaeonmobile.  We have this incredible tour coming up and literally no way of going out and rocking for you guys.  While the repairs are estimated in the quad digits, and as if this wasn't going to be hard enough, our lovely trailer we were borrowing was sold. Add "need a trailer" to our problems and here we are coming to you, our friends, to help us out. Normally we'd just push our merch store really hard to try and raise the funds, however, we simply do not have enough merch left to help us out with this high a bill. So it really comes down to this: if you don't like these fundraising things (and believe me, it was a highly debated topic within the band), then please go with your conscience and rock on! If you wanna see us come to your town, (and even if that is not this tour then stay tuned) it'd be unbelievably humbling if you can help us out.

We've had a really hard time trying to get tours and this is a great opportunity that we simply don't want to miss. We want to grow and be around to bring you Allegaeon music for years to come, so thanks for taking the time to read this and check out our page. Hopefully we'll see your beautiful face in the near future so we can melt it off!


E.P. reprint:

If we do surpass our goal, we will reprint hard copies of the E.P. (recorded in 2008). We know a lot of you have mentioned this and we hope this comes to pass. If it does, we will be sending these to those who donate at the 20 dollar level and above. You guys rock!



the Allegaeon boys

Team on This Campaign: