Allee Willis' 'The D': A Citywide Sing-Along Multimedia Mega-Tribute to Detroit!

A song, video and film of a month-long sing-along performed by thousands of Detroiters with Grammy/Emmy/Tony Award winning and nominated artist Allee Willis!

"The D" - the official unofficial theme song of Detroit - a record, video, and documentary of a joyous citywide singalong tribute to the Motor City and its people. Written by Detroit-born Grammy winner Allee Willis with Andrae Alexander in the same uplifting spirit as Willis' first hit, "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, "The D" will be recorded and filmed this September, performed by thousands of Detroiters singing, playing, dancing, clapping, whistling, breathing fire, juggling hubcaps, and showing their spirit any way they can all over the city. Everyone in Detroit is invited to participate, so this is truly a "Made in Detroit" effort, creating a musical theme for the Motor City's renaissance. (Hear a demo of the song by hitting the “gallery” tab above the video on this page.)
Allee Willis - Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Webby award-winning and nominated songwriter, artist, director, producer, collector, party thrower.
Being born in Detroit influences everything I do. I never learned how to play an instrument, but Motown guided me to write songs that have sold over 50,000,000 records - like Earth Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland," the musical The Color Purple, The Pointer Sisters "Neutron Dance," and "I'll Be There For You" (the Friends theme), all known for their upbeat positivity. Spending every Saturday at my dad's scrapyard, just miles from the Big Three automakers, influenced my art, sets and graphic design. I also have a reputation as one of the best party throwers in the world, and for decades have prided myself on throwing kick-ass, large scale, musically-pumped social events.
Because I LOVE Detroit. One person's spirit can energize thousands. Music and creativity can transform a city. And the energy and success of a city can transform the world. Some hear nightmare stories about this town and may shake their heads in dismay. But time has shown that as Detroit goes, so goes the nation. Detroit is bubbling from the bottom up and "The D" celebrates the spirit that fuels the population as they pull together to build a bright future.
As we film and record we will also generate revenue for the local economy, working with Detroit-based artists and local businesses. In addition, all profits go to two local crown artistic jewels, The Heidleberg Project and the Mosaic Youth Theatre. 
Pre-production expenses, travel, preliminary technical costs, location scouting, and research. I've already spent a lot my own money producing a demo and YouTube video of "The D" (which you can see on the “gallery” page here) so everyone can learn the song, as well as built a website and funded four trips to Detroit with my team laying groundwork.
I've never asked for money before. People think I'm loaded, given that I've written so many hit songs, but I've been a self-funded artist for the past 20+ years, rarely funded by others. I've always used every dime I've made to constantly reinvent myself, much like Detroit is faced with doing now. I'm not asking this for myself, I'm asking it for Detroit. So please, pretty please, help me help the city that has kept the world rolling and bouncing to the beat all these years.
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