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All That Remains started out as an ambitious feature film project and it’s continued to grow in both scope and vision as we continually seek to do justice to this remarkable true story of faith and love amidst the horrors of war. In fact we now feel we are on course to producing a movie that will not only rival any with twenty times the budget we’ve had to work with, but will also stand as a fittingly unique and special tribute to a man once known as the Ghandi of Japan and the many victims who suffered, and continue to do so, as a result of the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The money we raised on our previous Indiegogo campaigns has all been put to good use, not only helping us to get to Japan to film interviews and locations in Nagasaki and Nara, but also enabling us to produce the all-important drama scenes, which are currently being shot, check out the stills and video clips in our gallery here and over on our production blog.

The reason we have decided to launch another campaign here on Indiegogo is because we need to raise just little more money to help cover the costs needed for filming the final few scenes of “All That Remains.”.  

Brief Synopsis:

All That Remains  is a visionary, ground-breaking feature film based on the life of Dr.Takashi Nagai - atomic bomb survivor, peace activist and author of the best-selling book, The Bells of Nagasaki.

Takashi Nagai, a descendent of a Samurai family, a patriot and a pioneering scientist embarks upon a quest for the ultimate truth - the meaning to life and death.

It is a journey of discovery that will change his life forever. An extraordinary story of persecution, courage, faith and love unfolds as he uncovers Nagasaki’s legacy and meets his own destiny. A destiny that will unfold after the second atomic bomb to be used in warfare destroys his entire world in a blinding flash, and robs him of his beloved wife, the woman who changed him from a sceptical man of intellect, into a man of the heart.

It is now, that the scientist will be forced to turn to God, as he must become a father and a teacher, not just to his two young children, but to an orphaned nation, sick and debilitated by war.

The telling:

Directed by Ian and Dominic Higgins, All That Remains (ATR) will utilize state of the art special effects and computer generated animation to take our audience on a personal journey alongside Dr. Nagai, as he embarks on his life changing quest for the ultimate truth.

For much more detailed synopsis and information please visit the movie’s official website at

To keep up to date with the most recent developments as they happen follow our blog at and like our facebook page:

What We Need & What You Get

We cannot express out gratitude and appreciation enough to everyone who has been part of the ATR process. The film is now near its final production stage and we thank everyone who has contributed to our previous campaigns.

We need to raise $8,000 to cover final production costs. This money will go towards the costs needed for filming the final few scenes of “All That Remains.”

Every penny helps as no money is wasted and even the smallest contributions are significant.

Major Oak Entertainment have been very privileged to be able to work with such a passionate cast and crew and to have had the invaluable support of so many contributors. Everyone’s enthusiasm and support is what has made it possible for us to get this far.

Your contribution will help us bring the story of a truly remarkable man, whose legacy is an incredible testament to the power of faith, to a worldwide audience, where it belongs.

If you have already purchased a perk from our previous campaign and you decide to purchase another perk of equal value or more you will be upgraded to the perk above the one you are currently on. For example if you purchased a $75 perk and you decide to purchase another $75, you will be upgraded to the $150 perk.


The Impact

With each passing year, the memory of the atomic bombings of Japan fades a little more as the number of survivors gets smaller. Dr. Nagai, once hailed as the “Ghandi of Japan” is today, virtually unknown, in spite of the volume of writings he left behind. A man who experienced so much in his short life, a man who sacrificed so much, and worked so tirelessly for world peace, deserves his place alongside the great men of the 20th Century.

It’s our intention to re-introduce the story of Dr. Nagai to the world, and to keep the memory of all those who suffered in the atomic bombings alive for generations to come.

No medium is quite as powerful as film to re-ignite interest in stories long forgotten, to make them current once more, after all a good film has the power to stay with you forever. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Beside financial help, your support in any way is always much appreciated and needed. Please help us get the word out; tell some friends or anyone who may be interested in investing. Your interest and support is what makes us as filmmakers do what we do best. Indiegogo provides great tools to help you spread the word too. You’ll find all their sharing tools under the video – use them and spread the word!


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