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An inspirational documentary about a few very special women who stand up for what they believe in and make their voice heard through the art of graffiti.
Idalina Leandro
Toronto, Ontario
1 Team Member

Thank you to everyone who supported this project! We are still looking for funding and if you would like to contribute please visit www.idalinaleandro.com.





My name is Idalina Leandro and I am the producer and director of All She Wrote.  In life, I believe everyone has a voice. We all have the power to speak out and express ourselves. Our voice can be used to debate, make a point or even to heal. Some choose to keep their voice quiet and unheard; others choose to spray their voice on walls, loud and clear! “All She Wrote” is an inspirational story of a group of talented, passionate, brave women, who stand up for what they believe in and make their voices heard though the art of graffiti. Thriving in what’s long been a male-dominated subculture of the art world, these exceptional women are strong, spirited and proud - and they refuse to be silent! Contrasting the stark differences between life in western and eastern societies, we follow these women in their native environment as they continue to make their mark — on walls, in alleyways, on trains, and wherever their message can be seen. Whether political or social, all of them contribute to the ongoing fight for women’s rights, while trying to affect change in their communities through a shared passion and medium: graffiti.Some graffiti films have touched on the inspiring work of female artists, but none have delved into the lives of the women who make the art. The objective of this documentary is to tell the story of these artists and reveal just how powerful, ambitious and dedicated each of them is. Together, they represent every woman who has ever struggled to achieve their goals and dreams, regardless if they enjoy the basic freedoms that every woman should have, but, unfortunately, many do not.



The Women:

La Bomba, (Canada), Toofly, (USA), Shiro, (Japan), Malina Suliman and Shamsia Hassani (Afghnistan) Rush (India), Nardstar (South Africa), Tikky (Holland), Rafi (Portugal) Shalak(Canada/Brazil), Ting (China), Oko (Croatia), Wuna (France, Canada), and Avdotya Kablukova (Russia)

A memorandum for ACB- A well known and respected graffiti artist from Chile; Andrea AKA ACB died of Cancer at the young age of twenty five a few years ago. In her segment, Bomba and Toofly tell the story of such a skilled artist who traveled the world to do her art and who lived for Graffiti.

* We will be flying Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistans first graffiti artist, to Toronto to collaborate on an installation with Paula Gonzalez, aka ‘La Bomba’, and New York City’s ‘TooFly.’ Flying Shamsia to Toronto to work on this collaboration will benefit Toronto’s arts and culture community, create media buzz, and deliver a powerful message about the importance of having your voice heard. It will set an example for young women, no matter where they are from, to use their voices and speak out against injustice in society.


Why we need your help:

 50% of the film has been shot in the past year and a half by very talented and dedicated staff. We need your help to complete the film and travel overseas to capture each woman in their own environment. Your contribution will help us with:

-Travel to China, Afghanistan, India, South Africa, Holland, Croatia, Portugal, South America and Japan

-Insurance/visas for crew

-Meals and travel for crew in each country

-Music rights

-Remuneration for staff

-Post production



Who we are:

Here are the key crew members:  Paula Gonzalez AKA Bomba (co-producer, consultant), Crude Experiments (Editor) Aharon Rothstein (DOP), Francesco Giannini (DOP), Sara Cabrera-Aragon (Editor assistant), Julia Kostik (PA to Director)

A special shout out to some amazing people and companies who have been consulting me and continue to give their support.

Ivanski and the Dedicated crew, Pariz, Nomen, Pedro Soares Neves, Zion, Osti one, Esko, Toofly, Bomba,  Ninfa, Jaguar, Glam, Vik, Juliana Borge, Bombing Science, Graffiti South Africa.com, EDGE China, Writer’s Delight, Sub V, Nostril Records, Sabotaz, Homebase, Heratics and On The Run.



We are already getting lots of attention worldwide please check out the following links:












Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook on the links below. You can find more information about each of the featured women on afilmcompany.wordpress.com. I can also be reached on our facebook page if you have any other questions about the film you would like answered.


Thank you for your support!


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