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An adaptive way to health and wellness.
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What is alima?

alima is the first smart device to monitor indoor air quality, sending you messages about pollution levels and predictions of upcoming events.

By learning our indoor environment and habits, alima helps to change the behaviors that contribute to pollution.

Why air quality? 

The Worldwide Health Organization declared Air Pollution a Group 1 Carcinogenic, in the same dangerous ranks as asbestos and cigarette smoke. With over 6M premature deaths a year, a resulting decrease in life expectancy and 1 out of 3 children living with respiratory or allergy issues, air pollution is an invisible hazard.

Given the amount of time we spend inside and the control we have over our offices and homes, we have full ability to change our behaviors for better living. With indoor air measured to be 5 to 8 times more polluted than our outdoor environments, this is a large problem, but an invisible one.

We saw the need to give people the tools and knowledge to take action.

How does it work? 

alima has responsive sensors embedded in a unique, airflow designed cylinder. Made for indoor use, it forwards data to the cloud and pushes results and advice to your connected devices.

The sensors detect an array of matter (pollutants):

  • VOC: total Volatile Organic Compounds measurement, (including gases such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ethylene glycol and Acetone)

  • PM: Particulate Matter (fine particles)

  • CO2: Carbon dioxide

  • CO: Carbon monoxide

  • T: Temperature

  • RH: Relative Humidity

These sensors track the sources and levels of indoor air pollution.

Cross measurements determine global pollution results, while predictive analytics forecasts pollution trends.

Air quality information and advice on your smartphone or tablet

alima works for you by:

  • optimizing air renewal

  • locating sources of pollution

  • recommending behavioral changes

Forecasting your indoor air pollution

How is alima different from other existing devices?

While other connected devices include air quality monitoring as a feature, air pollution is an afterthought, measuring just one element: Carbon dioxide (CO2). 

CO2 is a good indicator of air confinement, but doesn’t tell you what’s polluting.

To get a holistic view of air quality, Volatile Organic Compounds and Particulate Matter must also be taken into account.

CO2 alone is just not a valid indicator of indoor air quality

We also made measurement accuracy our highest priority, sourcing the best sensors.

We take wellness and environmental consciousness seriously.

Our goals are much greater than detection: we want to facilitate action!

Prediction, the most difficult knowledge to put to use, is a key factor in decreasing pollution exposure. Alerts of peak pollution levels alone won’t achieve long lasting effects.

With predictive analytics, alima is able to notify you before a peak is reached, to interrupt undesirable behaviors as they happen.

How far are we in alima’s development ? 

We’ve got the job done so that the device is already functional with:

  • ready-to-go electrical design

  • complete hardware design for our upcoming small batches

  • iOS and Android app store availability

  • successful predictive tests with intelligent algorithms

Our ongoing beta-test will help us improve the user experience and interface, and start collecting data to fine tune the algorithms on predictive pollution measurements.

Our next steps are:

  • optimizing the product for large scale production

  • getting mass market industrial tooling

  • applying for product certifications

  • designing packaging

  • optimizing supply chain processes

Why do we need your support?

We’ve put a tremendous amount of work since early 2013 on designing and prototyping, and have gone through 4 iterations. We launched our first set of 150 devices as a beta-test and mobilized an active user community. This first batch will contribute to increase accuracy through cross measurements and help us fine tune our algorithms.

Our next steps are industrialization and certification to deliver the final product to you, ready to be used right out of the box.

Immediate and visual "reading" of your air quality through color LEDs on the device

Who is alima for? 

    • Any tinkerers curious about what goes on in their living space

    • You, friends or family that may be suffering from asthma, respiratory or allergy issues

    • Families expecting new additions

    • Health conscious individuals looking for an informed view on environment and wellness

    • You’re an early adopter of the Internet of Things technology

What will you get? 

alima retails for $299, but as one of our earliest adopters, we’re giving you a rebate of up to $100 to build a community and contribute to an improved environment. Full access to our iOS or Android App is also included.

Crowsourcing information on indoor air quality

What’s Data got to do with it?

We believe that innovation is stronger when we share results.

Pollution is largely due to our activities; everyone has a part to play in the broad scheme of health improvement.

Crowdsourcing indoor air pollution knowledge to effect change

By building a library of pollutants and related activities, and sharing the results among the alima community, we can make informed choices to improve our air quality.

Inspiring to add to the networked benefits of the Internet of Things, alima’s smart technology will work with your appliances, such as air conditioners, ventilation and air purifiers. Beyond tracking and analyzing indoor air pollution, alima can optimize the use of your air treatment appliances by controlling timing, duration and filter maintenance.


Tech specifications


  • Size: height: 173mm (~6.8") diameter 63mm (~2.5")  
  • Air Quality Sensors:  
  • Total VOC: Formaldehydes, benzene, ethylene glycol, acetone, etc. 
  • CO: Carbon dioxide . CO: Carbon monoxide . PM: Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)
  • T: Temperature 
  • RH: Relative Humidity 
  • Wifi: IEEE 802.11b/g Solution Module EEE 802.11 b/g WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security 
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer 
  • Colored LEDs (pollution level & user interactions) 
  • Micro USB cable (2m / 6') 
  • USB AC adapter  


  • iOS and Android App 
  • Real-time monitoring with data visualization maps 
  • Instant readings, charts and monthly reports 
  • Alert Settings 
  • Knowledge base 
  • Notification center 
  • Social networks Sharing
  • Open API

Q & A

1/ Product Usage

> Is one alima enough?

Unless you live in a castle with 3 kitchens and 5 dining rooms, one alima is fine! (Also, please invite us over for dinner :) ) There are 2 main areas in a home: the first being the main living space with the kitchen, dining and living room, and the second area with bedrooms. The air pollution in the first area is the most complex, so we recommend using your alima here.

Bedroom air pollution is, in most cases, easier to control and improve, so you can use alima for a shorter duration (2-4 weeks) to keep your air at its best possible level.

Thanks to the accelerometer sensor, by flipping alima upside down and back up, you will start a new monitoring session and keep tracking.

If you wish to have several devices tracking at the same time, whether for multiple rooms, or one for home and another for office use, we have some indiegogo-exclusive offers going on to the right!   

> Is there a set up procedure on how to connect alima?

It's as easy as taking alima out of the box and syncing with your wifi. So all you need is a wifi connection.

> Can I mount alima on a wall or ceiling?

Alima was designed to be placed on flat surfaces. To get readings that correlate with what you breath, it should be placed at approximately face level. For example, in a room where you usually stand, alima needs to be set higher than in a room where you typically sit. Suggested locations include but are not limited to: countertops, tables, bookshelves, end-tables, credenzas, etc. You should also make sure that alima is in a place where there is sufficient airflow.

> Which phone or tablet is your app compatible with?

Our mobile application is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) as well as for Android. All functionalities are also be accessible from all modern web browser.

2/ Product Quality

> How reliable is alima?

We’ve made the choice of using only high quality sensors and are utilizing the best sensors from trusted vendors, whose reliability and consistency we can strongly vouch for.

This is a real disruption in air pollution monitoring, since other devices on the market were those from labs, unaffordable for private households and based on high selectivity of few pollutants. For example, a monitor would only have a Formaldehyde sensor for detecting Volatile Organic Compounds. Instead, we’ve chosen a total VOC sensor able to detect over 30 various sources of gas.

Detecting a larger spectrum of pollutants with a lower range of selectivity is more valuable than the detection of one gas with a deeper scale of measurement.  If something is polluting your living spaces, we want to have it on the radar.

3/ Shipping and Delivery

> Why can’t we get the product earlier ?

Our estimated shipping date is in October 2014, but we would love to deliver before summer.  This is possible if our next round of production and certifications match our timing from our previous prototype. 

However, hardware is a complex process with multiple partners or suppliers involved, so every step is a new challenge.

Like most hardware startup founders, we are enthusiastic makers who can’t wait to deliver. But we don’t want to overpromise or bargain on quality.

With this indiegogo, we hope to bring you onboard with our project by following the product stages and taking part in this venture together.

> What are the shipping costs?

Shipping within the US will be free of charge. Outside the US, there will be additional fees. We want you to pay the actual cost of the shipment, either uninsured/untracked or insured/tracked. The choice is yours and we’ll let you know the exact shipping cost once we’ll get close to the delivery.

Shipment costs will not include extra fees for customs, or additional costs associated with your country.

> Which countries will you ship to?

We can ship alima all over the world but will first pursue certifications for the US and the European Union markets.

If you plan to get alima shipped to a country outside of these two zones it is your responsibility to make sure you are able to import it. Depending on the certification procedure, climate and/or connectivity issues in some world areas or countries, we might not be able to deliver. In this event, your perk will be reimbursed and we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

4/ Privacy

Your privacy and data are of utmost importance to us. You can withdraw or delete your data at any time.

Please note that by pledging on this campaign and using alima, you agree that your data will be used anonymously to improve our algorithms. 



This is our second indiegogo for this product, the first being under the name AirBoxLab. With your help during this campaign for our beta-test, we were able to continue prototyping, analyze data and start laying the technical groundwork for future users.

Recently, we won a spot as one out of 15 startups at Tech Crunch's Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas, NV, part of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. As part of the battlefield, startups had to either own a ready to ship, mass market product or have a live crowdfunding campaign.

We are so grateful for your continued help, and are taking this huge opportunity to perfect our product and go into large scale production.

Merci beaucoup from the bottom of our hearts,

Jacques, Inouk, Olivier, Julia

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