Alien Arena

Raising funds for the next major release of Alien Arena, a free to play, open sourced online first person shooter.

Alien Arena is a free, open sourced deathmatch game that has been developed for 8 years by COR Entertainment, LLC.  For those 8 years, the game has continually grown and evolved with only minimal financial gain by COR, which has made it at times difficult to improve the game at the rate, or by the amount that we would like.  Despite this, we at COR have forged on, working on the game in our spare time. 


Our goal is to raise enough funds via donation so that we can spend considerably more time and effort on the next major release, which is due out in the Spring of 2013.  With this release we hope to have completed the full revamping of the game's assets and engine code that was begun in 2008.  Along with this, we hope to modularize the game's engine(CRX) to the point that we can more easily use it for other products, and so that others may use it as well as a starting point for their own gaming projects. 


COR Entertainment is highly dedicated to our projects, and our track record is quite proven.  We hope that with additional funding that we can dedicated more of our professional time to these efforts.

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