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Airship Downs will set a new bar for mobile gaming. Help us bring this game to you, and it will show everyone that you want a REAL game for mobile!
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Update 2/27, Day 27

We are down to just under 3 days left in the campaign and while it looks unlikely that we will reach our goal, you can still help us finish strong.  We have decided that everyone who contributes to this campaign will automatically be bumped up a reward tier in regard to the digital content and in game credit.  There is still time to get the word out about this game and what we are trying to do for mobile games in general, so please help us in whatever ways you can!

Update 2/25, Day 25

We have uploaded a new video showing the successful testing of importing an animated character into the game engine.  With the engine being on the newer side it took some effort, but our talented team was able to sort through it.  Take a look here.

Update 2/22, Day 22

We have just over a week to go, and we are still hoping to get closer to our goal.  We have uploaded another video, showing the animation of one of our models, Barnubus no less, from the game engine.  Please check it out here.

Also, just to reiterate the fact that this will not be more of the same for mobile, here are a few highlights.

  • Airship Downs will allow up to three games to be played at the same time using our player network
  • It will be extremely replayable, and will allow players to add more of the optional features as they learn how to play
  • The amount of content and features included will easily make this game worthy of a PC title, but we want to bring it to mobile devices

This truly will not be more of the same, so if you want to see more game brought to your mobile devices, please support us today!

Update 2/15, Day 15

We are halfway through the campaign, and haven't quite reached it to the halfway mark yet, but that's OK!  We know that mobile video game players are ready for more game than what is currently out there, and we are still making headway on the project. 

We have chosen the option on our campaign, which will allow us to recieve most of the funds collected, REGARDLESS of whether or not we make the goal.  Every dollar will help us out folks, so please help us by contributing or spreading the word.

The time for a mobile video game revolution will soon be upon us, and you can be a part of that now!!

Update 2/8, Day 9

We have uploaded some footage from the city building portion of the game.  We are now working on the UI, so should have something cleaner within a week or so.  Also, don't be discouraged by the goal amoun, every little bit will help us get to the next stage of funding. 

Update 2/6, Day 7

Don't give up on us yet folks, because we haven't given up on you!  We are working on getting some gameplay footage up within the next day, so stay tuned.  And don't forget that we have a forum on our site that you can use to ask questions. 

Update 2/2, Day 3

Added "What we need, and where we are" section during the closing.

Update 2/1, Day 2

Added gameplay section to clarify gameplay and differences compared to current mobile city builders.

A BIG SHOUT OUT!! to those of you who have already contributed.  We greatly appreciate it!!

Here is a compilation from our audio team to listen to while you read.

Also, please check the quick links section at the bottom of the page for more information.


Welcome to our campaign! We are EVV Games, a group of indie developers with a passion for games that want to expand the frontier of mobile gaming. This campaign started with our disappointment with the quality of Free-to-Play titles on the mobile market. To change that, we are working fervently on Airship Downs to bring you an innovative and quality-packed title that is geared around delivering gameplay. One of our goals is to bring Freedom to Free-to-Play. You will be able to enjoy an un-crippled Airship Downs experience without spending a penny.

We are committed to communicating with you and taking your input in to full account as development progresses. For this, we are integrating an extensive player network at our site Please, reach out to us with your suggestions and concerns where your opinion can and will make a difference.

By supporting our campaign, you can help us develop our unique title to the fullest of its potential and deliver it as soon as possible, which is currently set for August, '13. We are confident that Airship Downs can not only push the limits of mobile gaming, but of city-building simulators as a whole. Along with release on iOS and Android mobile devices, we are also expanding Airship Downs to other platforms including the Ouya and web browser.

 Mock up of hoodies with logo

Types of play

Single Player

The single player mode will be what you spend the majority of your time with. The main part of this will be the city building. This portion will start you with a cache of stores, and you will start off with building housing and resource collectors to begin building the city.

Each building will have its own storage. The food will essentially be stored as a whole, and will feed the city based on the demand. This will essentially be gathered and parsed out in the background automatically.

The populace will gather food after building and occupying farms, fisheries, and hunting grounds and it will sustain the population. Initially, you start with four people in the population, one Player Character (PC) and three Non-Player Characters (NPCs). These people will all need housing in order to be able to be assigned to buildings. Once the housing is built for all four characters, they will occupy the initial buildings. From here you will be able to utilize the resources and begin creating your city!

The combat that takes place in the quest line and in the main game will be determined by whether you have selected the extended combat mode to be enabled. If not, you will still have all the standard battle capabilities; however, there will be some changes. You will have no military to maintain and will only receive units on an as needed basis with the option to auto-play the combat. At the end of battles you will receive rewards of gold, xp, crafting items, and more.



You will be able to build a cooperative network with your contacts which will allow you to take advantage of several features. You will be able to interact with each others cities by assisting your contact in collecting rewards and reloading shop recipes. In addition, you will be provided with standard and premium currency that you can send to your player network contacts. Interaction with your contacts will also be streamlined and user-friendly within the network.

If the extended combat is enabled, the cooperative mode will allow two players to join one screen, with one maintaining control, and the other viewing. Once a battle is engaged, the standard battle screen will pop up, and each player will be given a turn to place their units and enjoy the tactical gameplay together.

Player vs. Player

PvP will also be available if the extended combat is enabled. The rewards from combat will be in the form of a point system, and you will be able to accrue these points in order to purchase rewards specific to the extended combat mode.

Player Network

The player network will allow you to have access to an initial three game slots (which can be expanded), which you can use to store different game saves. This data will be accessible from whichever platform you decide to play the game on at any time.

Another beneficial feature included with your network will be a purchase tracking and reward system. Any players who decide to purchase premium content will not be overlooked. We will have a tiered discount system to reward those who spend on the title.

 Clara Bust


First, Airship Downs will include some of the standard gameplay that has always existed in city builders, as well as some of the newer good features. You will gather resources from the resource collectors, and these will be used to build your buildings and fuel your shops. The shops will make items, based on timed recipes, and return rewards in the form of coins and experience. The gold will help you purchase more items, such as decorations and building upgrades, and the experience will help you gain levels. As you gain levels, you will unlock new buildings, enhancements, decorations, and more.

There will also be the “Creature Keeper” element, in the form of city Automatons. One of the special buildings will be the Automaton Workshop, which will take resources and coin to produce an Automaton. There will be at least three levels of rarity that can be produced with one recipe, and the resulting automaton will affect the city as a whole, a building that it occupies, or both.

Some of the differences will start in how you can setup your game. There will be many optional gameplay elements available to you as you learn more about the game, or for more experienced gamers. Once you join the player network, you will be given three game slots to play from and save to, so you will be able to have multiple different gameplay setups. The optional elements will be the technology web/pyramid and turn-based strategic combat. If you select the optional combat you will be able to opt for the dungeon crawling element and the “Death” mode, which will be a more difficult all or nothing style of play.

Our premium currency system will be generous in comparison to those from some developers, and more along the lines of what has traditionally been done. For example, most buildings will have a premium version which will produce rewards better than the normal version. Once a new version of this buidling, let's say a metal shop, is available, this upgraded metal shop will have rewards at least as good as the previous premium version of the metal shop. In order to make sure that you don't feel slighted by this new building, you will be able to downgrade the previous premium version of the metal shop back into the normal one. When downgrading, you will receive a percentage of your premium currency back, and then be able to upgrade to the newer and better normal metal shop, using standard currency. Of course you will also have the option to upgrade to the new premium version, at a discounted rate. The items and features available through premium currency will essentially save you some time, but will not effect the gameplay to an extensive degree.

Overhead Map

The city that you will be able to create in Airship Downs will truly be a reflection of how you want to play the game. This will be done through what you can build in your city. There will be a wealth of decorations that can be used to either enhance other buildings or just make your city look the way you want it to. There will also be a class of buildings that will allow you to create landmarks for your achievements, which will enhance large parts of your city or produce currency and/or experience. The shops themselves will be a way to define the way you want your city to work. The three main resources used to supply your shops will be metals, wood, and stone. Each of these three shop types will give rewards, which will be either balanced, currency favored, or experience favored. The shops will also be able to be modified, in order to fine tune the rewards. Along with the decorations that will be available to enhance your shops, you will truly be able to build your city exactly how you want it. In addition, all buildings will be able to be upgraded in order to keep up with your level advancement.

One of the best optional features will be the technology web or pyramid. This is going to be entirely different from the static and linear technology tree, which was awesome in it's day, but we feel it is time for something a little more dynamic. This tech web will essentially consist of four different main specialties, which will be arms, ciphering, cultivation, and mechanization. Arms will center around hand tools and items that will increase efficiency on an individual scale, and mechanization will be it's opposite, increasing efficiency in a broader sense.

Of course, they will also have effects for the military players, which will coincide with the obvious purposes. The cultivation discipline will allow you to concentrate on the cultivation of both food and xp, while the ciphering path will grant better savvy with gold from the various possible income sources and the resource market. Each of these disciplines will also be connected to each of the other three, which will provide paths for them to come together. These will become more of a combination between the first two and will then work inward toward the other two.

A good way to visualize this is to draw a square and connect the diagonals. Then picture one diagonal creating a triangular base with the two connected sides, and the remaining lines form into the apex of a triangular pyramid. Once you see this, you will see the four triangular faces of the pyramid, which will allow all four disciplines to connect to each other equally. Hopefully this helps to explain why this will be the tech "web".

The learning on this will consist of being able to spend points in each of the technologies you want for your city, with these points being earned every time your city gains a level. You will be able to spend multiple points in the technologies, with the only limitation being that you will need a certain amount of points (starting with just one for the edge skills) in a connecting technology. As you work inward, you will need a higher level of points the further you go. Another limiting factor will be that you will never be able to learn everything in the pyramid, which will mean that you will have to decide a path. This will also allow you to start another city and explore the avenues that you think will work the best.

The optional combat will also help to further define this game as unique. While you are in your city, or traveling to other areas via the overhead map, you will find “hotspots” that have enemies ready to be engaged. Once you engage them, you will place your units on the grid, and then engage the enemy. You will be able to use each of your units as they are available, so will conceivable be able to use more than one unit per turn. The grid will be a square “star” grid, so it will allow for 8 directions of aiming and movement, but will also allow for some units to be larger than just one square.

If you do not choose the optional combat, you will still be able to engage enemies, you will just have your units provided on an as needed basis. You will also have the option to “auto-battle” so you can just watch the AI determine the outcome while you watch.

What we need, and where we are

Essentially, you will help us bring this team together, and from a group of 12 volunteers, a professional game development company will be formed.  The LLC Ex Vortex Vita has already been formed in Monroe, GA, and is the entity that will be receiving these funds.  The funds received here will allow everyone on this team to work at least full-time on this game for at least a couple of months.  We will also utilize some of the funding to enhance our team by hiring professional consults in a few areas that we are still weak in.  Another part of the funding, about $3k-$5k, will allow our founder to fly around and seek further funding from investors.  It will also allow us to purchase the software licenses that we need.  You can help EVV Games become a true force in the Indie Game Developer industry, and we will then bring this spectacular title to your mobile devices.

We are currently in the prototyping stage of development.  We have been building our asset pool (in-game items/objects), and building the framework within the game engine.  If you care to check out the engine we are using, it is Shiva 3D.  We already have the main storyline well established, a first completion of the game design document, and are now working on more models for the buildings and the UI design.  We know you will like this game, so we will make this happen.


The Impact

For whatever reason, some developers think you are content with the stagnant, unoriginal state of the industry. By contributing to our campaign, you will be doing more than helping a single game and studio.  A contribution to this game is a contribution to the revolution in the air, to break the monopoly that major publishers have and give people the games they want. Even if you can't contribute, or haven't decided to yet, please help us get the word about this project out.  Chances are you or someone you knows plays a mobile video game or two, and anyone who has played any knows how much pressure is made to spend money on those games.  Help us do away with this common practice!  Thank you so much for your time to read this and hear us out, and we look forward to seeing you on the site!


Quick Links

More Information on the Team.

Some more on the game.

The tutorial storyline.

This stage of funding.

Forum for any questions regarding this campaign, OR

E-mail us with any questions.


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