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Why airfy Beacon? Because it saves energy and it's pure fun to have a smart home.

You wake up in the morning and pick up your phone. Suddenly, your apartment knows you're awake. It slowly turns on the lights. Your favorite morning music starts piping in. It starts heating the water for your shower. It turns on the coffee machine so by the time you make it to the kitchen, a big steaming mug is already waiting for you. This is just the beginning of your day with smart home automation, and for the first time this kind of customization is within reach of the normal person. You don't need a multi-million-dollar mansion with automation rigidly built in. You can do all of this in yourcurrent home - with airfy Beacon.

What you need to use airfy Beacon:

  • airfy Beacon (buy here)
  • Light automation - Philips HUE™ (buy here at $386 perk)
  • NEST™ for smart heating
  • Smartphone
  • airfy Beacon App
  • Internet connection
  • Don't have a HUE? Get our Smart Home Starter Kit for $386

You want to have smart home but don't know what you need for that? 

For you we offer a perk with everything you need to automate your lights. It contains a Philips HUE set (3 bulbs) and two airfy beacons. Thats everything you need to start home automation today. Choose our $386 perk.

Affordable, customizable and fun!

airfy Beacon allows you to make your home smart using one or more “beacons” - tiny receivers that connect to your phone through Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon). Just wirelessly hook the airfy System combined with Philips HUE™ up to your lights, your heating with NEST™ thermostate, music player, or television, then use the airfy app to easily change its behavior based on your proximity, the time of day, the number of people in the apartment - almost anything you can think of. Basic functions such as the television turning off when no one is in the room can be programmed quickly with no technical expertise - just set the proximity on the app, the beacon notices when you leave the area and reacts accordingly. More advanced, imaginative functions can be achieved with just a little know-how and the right equipment. Set custom lighting programs or get notifications sent directly to your living room light bulb by combining your airfy Beacon with a Philips Hue

Use IFTTT to set up complicated strings of processes based on whatever criteria you can think of or use airfy Beacon to control your NEST™ thermostate. The only limit really is your imagination.

An easier way to save the environment—and money

Don't worry about trying to conserve energy - let airfy Beacon do it for you. 

  • Set up your heating or air conditioning to turn off automatically when everyone has left the apartment — and turn back on when you get near.
  • Set your lights on a power-saving loop for while you're away on holidays. 
  • No need to check that everything is turned off before going to bed — just set them to power off automatically after a certain time. 
  • If you want to stay up late to watch TV, your presence in the room can override the command. 

Make your airfy Beacon even more powerful — with Philips Hue™, Nest™ and IFTTT

 By combining your airfy Beacon with other products, you can vastly increase the possibilities and create almost anything you can think of. Controll your NEST™ thermostat to automate your heating even better. With Philips Hue™ light bulbs, you can program any color, brightness, pattern - whatever you want - all responding to the criteria you set. Connect your beacon to IFTTT to access a huge collection of recipes that make your day-to-day life more automatic - or flex your creative muscles and come up with your own! Want your significant other to get a message if you're already home and there's no milk in the fridge? Then make it happen! 

airfy leadership team

The Dream Team

Christian Mehlis — Senior Software Engineer: C and Embedded C developer with more than 4 years of experience, embedded and operating systems specialist, part of the RIOT Internet of Things operating system working group, born and raised in Berlin (which is not a common thing).

Mariusz Cieśla — Lead Product Designer: previously a product, user experience and service designer as a freelancer, at several agencies and startups. Loves building products that make a difference, which made him join airfy.

Timea Konya  Designer: started poking the design field back in college. Experimented in traditional and digital art before diving professionally in the creative field. 

Leon George — Software Engineer: raised by cyborg parents (also known as: competent techies), grew up with technology since he was a kid. Developed interfaces for IT Security software (McAfee/Kaspersky). Part of the RIOT Internet of Things operating system working group.

Björn Walter — Technical assistant: Studies general religions and philosophy for a deep understanding of beyond physical matters while personally putting great value in handling of technical operation. 


We started off with a Raspberry Pi concept, through a couple of different custom-made PCBs to reach the point of production ready beacons, powered by two standard AA batteries. We chose AA batteries over coin batteries because the lifetime of a beacon on a coin-sized battery was not enough for the smart home applications. airfy Beacon with AA batteries will work up to 1.5 years. 

Ready for your own Mobile Application!

Use airfy Beacons in your own iOS™ or Android™ app to:

  • trigger actions based on your users proximity to a beacon
  • figure out their proximity in 3 zones: very close, near and far
  • uniquely identify each beacon and track the user passing them.

airfy Beacons use iBeacon compatible technology, to provide a configuration free experience.

Simply put the major and minor numbers you find on the backside of our beacon into our example code for  iOS™ or Android™, and be ready to range!

airfy Beacons are compatible with any phone supporting Bluetooth version 4.0, also called Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart™ . Examples of compatible phones are the iPhone 4S, 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 5.

Open, hackable and maker friendly

At the heart of the airfy Beacon is a tiny super low power micro-computer.  The armm-zero core has 31 gpios, of which we expose 12 on easily accessible standard headers, for the maker community with love. Attaching your own peripherals and powering them from our unregulated 3Volts rail should be easy as pie. The popular NRF51822 by Nordic Semiconductor runs 32bit open source operating systems such as FreeRTOS or RIOT, which we even supported to some extend in our development forums. We chose the bigger 256kB flash to give you plenty of room for your own IoT applications.

Project timeline

Why crowdfunding?

When we decided to create a consumer friendly product, we knew that crowd funding was the best way to determine the demand for our product and gain market research. We couldn't anticipate that our backers would become a key part in order for us to build a better product. The experience was, and still is invaluable and we believe that with your support we can make smart homes available to everyone.

Current stage of the project 

  • PCB design is finished
  • App for iPhone is working. You can turn your lights on/off through the airfy Beacon app
  • The molding form is currently in production
  • Electronic parts like the BLE chip and all other parts are in our own stock for 1.000 pcs
  • Whats need to be done: (1) finalize IFTTT integration. We already have a contract with IFTTT and a channel to test everything. (2) If we reach the Android goal, we have to build the android app. (3) Security features are already tested (stretch goal) and need ongoing development if we can reach the goal.

Thank you, and lots of love,

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    Thank you for believing in our product. You will receive the biggest personal “Thank you!” on our website as well as all updates and future offers

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    The first 100 pledgers will receive one airfy beacon with free access to the airfy App, all features included for FREE! Shipping included

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  • $79USD

    Get the ALL-INCLUSIVE AIRFY BASIC DEAL including one beacon + App. Shipping included.

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  • $249USD

    GET 3 AIRFY BEACONS without enclosure, PCB only but ASAP. You get early access to App-SourceCode through GitHub. UPS shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $386USD

    Don't have a Philips HUE light system? With this set you buy a Philips HUE light system with 3 bulbs and 2 airfy Beacon to start your smart home right now. Shipping included.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $799USD

    You will receive a Philips HUE set (3 bulbs, 1 HUE bulb) as well as 2 airfy Beacons and a Vintage industrial lamp for your smart home.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $4,900USD

    Get 100 beacons to offer a great new product to your customers. You cover the shipping costs. Please provide us with your FedEx or UPS account number.

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  • $9,137USD

    Get 200 beacons to offer a great new product to your customers. You cover the shipping costs. Please provide us with your FedEx or UPS account number.

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  • $9,999USD

    Meet the team in Berlin-Kreuzberg and have a crazy night with us in Berghain - officially the craziest and best club on the planet. Two persons only per perk -> we need to pass the hardest door-policy ever.

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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