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Pledge to support the dream of a woman looking to inspire the world with her nationally touring stage production, “Ain’t No Love Like A Mother’s Love.”
Crystal L. Bass
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
1 Team Member


I want to entertain you! In a male dominated urban theater world, my mission is to tell stories from a woman’s point of view. I don’t mind sharing the stage with Shelly Garrett, Tyler Perry or David E. Talbert—they paved the way. But, Crystal L. Bass has stories to be told through the eyes of a woman, which will allow young female playwrights to see that WE can do it! Help me to add a strong female presence to the theater world. I’d like to inspire, inform, motivate and captivate audiences all across the nation. I want to leave my mark on the world—one production at a time.


As a teenager, I went to the Lyric Opera House to see my very first touring stage production of Shelly Garrett's Beauty Shop- this night my life was forever changed. For twenty years, I've idolized Shelly's work and dreamed of when I would get my chance to turn my story into a stage production.

After the release of my self-published novel, “Dark Clouds: A Charm City Family's Struggle," I toured anywhere and everywhere that anyone would have me. I did bookstores, book clubs, boutiques and hair salons. I booked conferences and book fairs, never concerning myself with making money or breaking even from the expensive table fees. I just wanted to get my work into the hands of as many readers as possible. I even sold books out of the trunk of my car—just my passion and me. It’s been a wonderful ride. However, the true journey is just beginning towards more books, stage productions and movies. As a story teller, many stories live inside of me and I want to share them all with you. I would love you to join me in this experience—be a part of something great.

After reading reviews about Dark Clouds, I decided to look for someone to adapt the novel into a stage production. All of my emails were ignored, no one responded. Little did I know, something great was upon me.

Fast forward to October 2012, I found out that Shelly Garrett would be a panelist at A Taste of Theater in Chicago. I immediately assembled a team to attend the event with me. I was on my way to meet a legend, a Hollywood Walk of Fame Honoree, and the theatrical great that I had idolized for years.

The plan was to take as much information from the two-day event, and scrape up my savings to adapt my book into a play. The plan was on, or so I thought. Before I knew it, I was at the event engaged in conversation with Shelly and his beautiful wife Doris. Five days after meeting them at the event in Chicago, my husband and I were driving to a meeting in Atlanta to discuss "IT." You guessed it; my wildest dream was now closer to becoming a reality. My theatrical idol has helped adapt my book into a stage production!

 ....so this is why no one responded to my emails? I was being passed up! But, only because greater things were just around the corner. I felt like so many doors were closed. It seemed like no one was interested. But, it’s like the saying, “When one door closes (in my case several), go through a window!” I went through an expensive window, but it is worth every penny! This is exactly the way things were supposed to happen. I am living proof that dreams are not only at nighttime, dreams happen when we are wide awake.


I need you to be a part of my team. TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK! I have credit cards and loans but still need your pledge to maximize the presentation. I want to provide you a show that you will be proud of and talking about for years to come. I promise you that Ain’t No Love Like A Mother’s Love will not disappoint!

As with any major production, it takes funding to get off the ground. Your generous pledge will be used towards:

  • Hotel  accommodations,
  • Air travel expenses,
  • TV, radio and print ads,
  • Lighting,     
  • Sound,     
  • Venue fees,
  • and more production expenses.


What role will you play in this production? For your support, you will receive:


A heartfelt thank you on our social media outlets.


A personalized thank you to be posted on our social media outlets.


T-shirt and a phone call.


Precious Gems t-shirt or show t-shirt, CD of the show and a phone call.


Two Free tickets to a show, and an Autographed copy of the book. If you already have a book, it makes a great gift. Just tell me who to sign it to!


Backstage passes, and shout out on the acknowledgement page in the Dark Clouds Sequel.


Business Ad or YOUR name in the playbill.


Get a chance to make a on stage cameo in the nationally touring play.


Executive Producer credit.


Please help to spread the word through email, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Indiegogo share tools or anything else you can think of! Word of mouth is the free, and it’s the BEST form of advertising. Let me see how LOUD you can be! Make some noise about this!

If you can’t pledge and won’t spread the word, can you at least doggy-sit for me, pretty please?

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!






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raised by 180 people in 1 month
71% funded
No time left
$15,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on March 2, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    A heartfelt thank you on our social media outlets!

    7 claimed
  • $10USD

    A personalized thank you to be posted on our social media outlets.

    10 claimed
  • $25USD

    T-shirt and a phone call.

    42 claimed
  • $50USD

    Precious Gems t-shirt or show t-shirt, CD of the show and a phone call.

    27 claimed
  • $100USD

    Two Free tickets to a show and an Autographed copy of the book. If you already have a book, it makes a great gift. Just tell me who to sign it to!

    46 claimed
  • $250USD

    Backstage passes and a shout out on the acknowledgement page in the Dark Clouds Sequel.

    1 claimed
  • $500USD

    You'll be included in the show announcement!

    0 claimed
  • $750USD

    Get a chance to make an on stage cameo in the nationally touring play.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    Executive Producer credit in a specified market.

    0 out of 3 claimed
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