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With decades of conflict and instability, Afghan illiteracy is 72%. Lack of work adds to hopelessness and vulnerability to extremists. Stop the cycle today.
Robin Eschler
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This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Give2 Asia, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.

We're Continuing our Campaign at Global Giving

Thanks to all of you who have visited this page, we completed the Indiegogo campaign with a good head-start to keep AAE schools open.  These schools are reaching Afghan women, girls and boys who otherwise would have no chance of education.  They are truly life-changing schools as the 1007 graduates can attest.

Our initial $10,000 goal funds one school of 300 students for a month.  Over a period of 10 years, we have built 13 schools and a year-around curriculum, so you can see that more fund raising is required to keep all 13 schools open.  Visit our new campaign at http://www.globalgiving.org/14518 to fund all 13 schools to assure education, rebuilding of Afghanistan and freedom from terrorism.  

We must keep all 13 schools open and make up for the lack of funding as a result of cut-backs in USAID into Afghanistan.  This requires much more than the initial $10,000 mentioned in this starting goal.  This campaign is only the beginning and a very important start for rebuilding peace and stabilizing Afghanistan. 

Please visit our new campaign and become a champion by referring others to the new campaign.  When 25 people donate to the Global Giving campaign and refer another to donate through the share button at Global Giving, we receive an additional $500 from global Giving.  Please be one of these champions.  Visit there now.

Protect the Sacrifices Made to Stop Terrorism.

Under the current education system in Afghanistan, if a boy is 10 years old and uneducated, his future is bleak and hopeless.  There are millions of such boys in Afghanistan and they struggle to survive.  They can either sell potatoes on the streets or join the militants and become suicide bombers. 

A bleak fate also awaits an uneducated girl.  She doesn’t have the option of selling potatoes, however.  She faces marriage to a much older man and a life of hardship and abuse.

The only real hope for millions of Afghan boys and girls is education.

                                     Afghan girls study hard.

Who We Are

Aid Afghanistan for Education, www.aidafghanistanforeducation.org, has developed an accelerated education program, where students who missed years of education due to wars, can go through primary and secondary education and earn their high school diploma within 8 years.  Neither the current government system nor any other non-profit organizations offer such program for this unfortunate sector of the population. 

In operation since 2003, AAE is providing high-quality education for 3000 female and 104 male students. AAE uses the government curriculum as a requirement for university exam,

My name is Hassina Sherjan. I am an Afghan woman who decided to take the education I received in the United States back to Afghanistan to help rebuild my home country. With this idea in my mind and heart, I founded Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE) in 1999, establishing five clandestine schools for young women during a time of extreme oppression.  You may learn more about me through my TedX talk, included in the media tab for this campaign, and you can hear me speak in depth at the Wilson Center on CSPAN at http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/308928-1.

Why We Need Your Help

Since March 17, 2013, AAE has not received any funding and is faces closure. More than 250 teachers have not been paid for the past three months. Worse, many students are losing hope that they can have better lives through education.

If AAE’s programs are forced to close, millions of people in Afghanistan will suffer. All of the 3000 students attending classes are connected to families and communities in nine provinces, meaning millions more will have no hope for a better life. 

If AAE is forced to close, it will mean the waste of 12 years of work that is just starting to bear fruit.  But worse, it will threaten stability and peace in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

Unless high-quality education is provided for all Afghans, with emphasis on educating mothers, Afghanistan will not survive.

This is not only a problem for Afghanistan; this is a global crisis.  World peace can only be achieved by ensuring people throughout the world are educated and can live productive lives.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference.  For only $360, you can support one student for a year and help provide hope to a family, to a community, to a nation and to our world.  By saving one life, we really can save the world.

                                         Afghan woman studies math.

We need your help now.  Our funding from USAID, since 2007, ended March 17, 2013.   We are fervently working with Ministry of Education to include this program, for the marginalized Afghans, within the Ministry, but it is time consuming and it will take, at least one or two years.

In the meantime, we have teachers who would rather keep teaching without pay than stop, but this cannot continue.  We must get support from people who see how important education is to stabilizing Afghanistan and protecting the progress that has been made at great expense in lives and money.  

Please look at the contribution levels and stretch to give and keep peace in Afghanistan.

Our Accomplishments To Date.

Today, AAE has grown to operate 13 schools for girls and women throughout Afghanistan.  We have over 3000 students, and recently started a school for boys.  The boys need education, too, to build hope and strength that prevents vulnerability to extremism. 

Through this growth, the goal of AAE remains the same; to educate young Afghan females who have no other access to education, so they can improve their lives, and the lives of their families. I need your assistance today because our 13 schools are threatened with closure.

As I write to you, Afghanistan is still one of the poorest countries on earth. Despite gains, 72% of the Afghan population is illiterate, polio still exists though it is eradicated in almost every other country, and a woman dies every two hours from a pregnancy-related issue.

Our work here is still direly needed. However, international aid to Afghanistan is declining, and USAID, who has been funding AAE since 2007, is no longer able to renew our grant.

                                 Classroom of Afghan women studying.

We Are Building Sustainability Along with Our Country.

Our organization is on its way to becoming self-sustainable, but we need more time.  We are creating a sponsorship system, an individual donor database, reaching out to local Afghans, to Ministries, and a variety of foundations.  Though we are well on the path towards being sustainable, this work does not happen quickly.

On March 17, if we do not have $486,000 to get us through the next six months, we will have to shut down our 13 schools, closing doors on our 3,104 students who are not allowed in any other school.

These students are barred from formal education for multiple reasons; they may be “overage.” (There is nothing under the Ministry of Education for a 10 year old, who have not had access to education. Due to 30 years of war, there are millions of Afghans who had not had access to education.) They may be one of Afghanistan’s 5.7 million returned refugees, many of whom have no paperwork, or they may be married females. (Ministry does not allow married women to be attending high school and there are millions of young mothers, who would love to earn their high school degree.)

                               Afghan children appreciate learning.

One of Our Students

They may be like Mastura, once a cook in our school, not educated during the time of the Taliban, too old to join government schools today. Mastura enrolled in AAE, received her diploma, and is now teaching math in the same school where she was once a cook. She now supports her family and the young women in her classroom in a way she couldn't have chosen to do without AAE.

It is essential to educate this group. These girls, mostly in their teens and early twenties, are already young mothers, or most likely soon will be. A woman with education will have less children than a woman who is uneducated, and is likely to provide those she has – Afghanistan’s next generation– with greater opportunities.

We need to go on.  For these girls and women, education is life-saving. It means a chance at income, the ability to read their rights, the ability to make reproductive choices, and the chance to choose a future different from the one society handed them-- different for themselves, and different for their children.

                     Afghan women at school

Will you work with us? Will you help us save our schools?  

...And help stabilize Afghanistan through education? 

Leave a comment if you can help spread the word in your community among friends and family.  We will email you a letter that can be forwarded.

                                               Hassina with Bird of Peace

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$10,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 2, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    A Student's Uniform

    Just $5 provides a uniform for one student. A uniform is a symbol of pride for attending school and getting an education. It's very important, and so are you for helping. You will receive a note of thanks from one of our students.

    5 out of 3000 claimed
  • $20USD
    A Uniform, Supplies + School

    This helps a student get started and stay in school for two weeks. Thank you. You will receive a note of thanks from the students and a photo.

    5 out of 1000 claimed
  • $30USD
    Keep a woman in school.

    It only takes $1 a day to keep a woman in school for a month. Thank you. You will receive a note of thanks from the women and photos via email.

    9 claimed
  • $50USD
    2 Classrooms of Students

    Two classrooms of students will be in session for a day with this contribution. Enjoy a calendar of Afghanistan and the students that you've helped. You will receive it by email to print and share with your friends.

    6 claimed
  • $65USD
    School Supplies for a Month

    School supplies are the heart of education. You can help support a month's worth of supplies for one school. You will receive a calendar as described above and a piece of artwork from the students you're helping. Print out and enjoy the art and calendar knowing the importance of your contribution.

    4 out of 156 claimed
  • $120USD
    Four Women Stay in School

    You've helped 4 women stay in school. Thank you. You will receive a Calendar and a Certificate of Thanks from Aid Afghanistan for Education that you can put on your wall with pride having helped the Afghanistan people and their country stabilize.

    3 out of 750 claimed
  • $250USD
    A Blackboard for Teaching

    Have your name engraved on one of our very important black or white boards by sponsoring one. You will get a photo of your board with your name and Thank You notes from that class of students. You will be an important part of that classroom for the life of the board.

    3 out of 120 claimed
  • $500USD
    A School for 2 Days

    Sponsor all the students of one of our smaller schools for two days. For this, our students are very grateful and will email you photos of their school and Notes of Thanks in both Farsi and English. You'll also receive our beautiful calendar.

    0 claimed
  • $750USD
    Sponsor a Classroom.

    A classroom of students has you to thank for keeping their school open for a month. To thank you, you will receive a hand-made piece of art, a drawing, from the women in Farsi, their language, with an explanation in English as to its meaning. This drawing will be emailed you for printing and enjoying on your wall. Plus, you'll get our calendar.

    0 out of 120 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Keep a School Open All Year

    Our schools are open all year to accelerate education for people who need to complete their education and find work. Heat for winter and cooling for summer are crucial. Your contribution helps a school stay climate controlled so it can stay in session. For that we will send you a beautiful, hand embroidered Boumi pillow. Make a comment on our campaign to indicate your color preference although we cannot promise an exact choice. Look in the campaign's gallery for pictures, and go to Boumi.com.

    1 out of 13 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    Uniforms for a school

    Students are proud of being in school and treasure their uniforms. You can support their pride by providing for 300 student uniforms. In gratitude, we will ship you a hand-embroidered Bird of Peace to thank you. To see a picture, look in our Gallery for the campaign. See CraftingPeace.com to see a Bird of Peace pillow. Comment on our campaign to request a color although we cannot promise your selection.

    0 out of 13 claimed
  • $3,000USD
    Bird of Peace and Pillow

    You have kept two classrooms open for 4 months while we become sustainable. To thank you, you will receive a beautiful, hand-embroidered Bird of Peace plus a pillow for it to sit on. See the pictures in our Gallery for the campaign and visit CraftingPeace.com and Boumi.com. Comment on the campaign to request a color although we cannot promise your selection.

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Bird of Peace, Pillow + Runner

    You are doing a great thing to build stability in Afghanistan. We thank you and will ship you the Bird of Peace, it's additional pillow plus a beautiful table runner, all hand embroidered by Afghan women. See our Gallery of pictures. Visit CraftingPeace.com and Boumi.com. Comment on the campaign to request a color although we cannot promise your selection.

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Education and Peace!

    As a champion of our school, we are willing to name a classroom after you. Let us know how you want it memorialized, and we will send you a beautiful photo of the classroom with its plaque. You have left your legacy for education and peace! Thank you.

    0 claimed
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