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Each day women receive messages from the media that they are not young enough; not sexy enough; not good enough.  In the documentary Ageless, explore what it looks and feels like to be an aging woman in America.  See revealing personal and expert interviews integrated with thought-provoking images, and inspiring commentary and music.  Pictures of anti-aging advertisements and women in the media will be shown to humorously yet accurately depict the country’s absurd obsession with youth and beauty. Gain greater insight into these issues through the mosaic of stories, including those from people in the plastic surgery industry, and a view of a growing movement to support women as they age.

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    Heather Gwaltney


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    Doyle Saylor

    Work-in-Progress Co-Producer/2nd DP/Assistant Editor

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    erin palmquist

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    Tom Borden

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    Danielle Mensh, Production Assistant for Ageless, is a Broadcast Media and Video professional with several years of experience in television and documentary production and editing. Most recently, Danielle worked as a Program Assistant and Video Editor at the American Academy of Nursing and Print Traffic & Technical Coordinating Assistant for the D.C. International Film Festival. Danielle is originally from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and holds a BA in Television Production and Directing.