After us

What if you are the last human on the Earth? First Person explorative adventure.
Martin Souček
Czech Republic
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About Me

Hello there. My name is Martin and I am developer of indie games. I am 22 years old, I graduated from the secondary technical school and work as a CNC machine operator. One day I would like to dedicate game development professionally, but in the Czech Republic, where I live, it is not easy to apply in this field. Large number of very talented people works in game industry here and I would like to join their closed comunnity. I hope that this particular project will help me do that, and I hope you can help me complete this project in exchange for one of the great perks that I am offering you.

Do you want to know what am I working on? Do you want to know what you can get involved into? Then feel free to read on!


About The Game

What is the story about?

Adam, an elementary school teacher who awakens after a severe car accident left on a bed in a hospital room. At the hospital, everything is as it should be. However, it is abandoned. People like evaporated at a time. Adam hurts injured leg. Needs a painkiller. But how to obtain it when there are no doctors around? Adam must try to find it himself. In his search for a cure he gets out of the hospital. Suddenly he opens a view of the ruined city. He recognizes the city in which he used to live. However, it is now in ruins. The streets are as empty as corridors throughout the hospital. However, what is not destroyed, it looks like suddenly abandoned. Left in a hurry. To make matters worse, there are inexplicable events which Adam not only scares, but also threaten his life. Adam is issued for adventure in search of the origin of all these strange events, but also the fate of people. The fate of people who suddenly disappeared.

What is the gameplay?

After Us is explorative adventure game played from a first person perspective. The player passes through various environments from the streets of European city and ending with deep forests and meadows in the country. To advance in the game, the player must solve a number of puzzles whose solution is based both based on logical reasoning, and the use of physics. The story is told through dialogue among Ghosts. But they are not ghosts in the true sense of the word. These Ghosts are supernatural record of the actual events of the recent past. Ghosts do not help players only understand the story. Their dialogues sometimes also help in solving puzzles. If you hear two Ghosts of electricians speaking about danger of touching live wires, it means that neither player would not touch these wires. To become familiar with the plot serves players also found newspaper, watching still working television and listening to radio. The player goes through the game on his own feet, but in various parts of the game he can also travel using a vehicle.

he aim of the game is not just moving from point A to point B and solving puzzles. The player can enjoy views of the surrounding environment, including extensive abandoned factory complexes, streets lined with hundreds of years old splendid houses, city landmarks,but also, for example he visit spaceport including factory where spacecraft are assembled.

There are really huge number of content waiting for player to explore it. Experienced players will complete the game in six hours of actual time. However, if the player will observe every detail of the game world, it can be twice as much. I plan to release the game on the 24th December this year for PC Windows. If, however, you will contribute to the development of at least $ 10, you will receive free digital copy of the game. Download link will be sent to your e-mail.


About The Engine

 The engine is entirely created by me. It is written in C++ using DirectX 9.0c. I call it simply "The Engine". The engine supports a variety of modern features, some of which are listed below.

  • Deferred lighting so dozens of dynamic lights are possible
  • Supports fully dynamic worlds including dynamic lighting and shadowing as well as prebaked lightmaps
  • Fully dynamic sky including sun, sun shadows and procedural clouds
  • 3D lens flares applicable on every light in scene
  • Depth Of Field with real custom sprite based Bokeh effect
  • High quality HDR post processing including glare effect
  • A variety of custom post processing effects including high quality Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, light shafts, image distortion
  • Physics powered by Newton Game Dynamics supports dynamic systems starting with basic rigid bodies and ending with vehicle physics
  • Fully customizable particle effects so you can create every effect you need

The Engine also includes a variety of tools to facilitate the creation of levels. You can for example select any object in scene and let The Engine grow selected plants on its surface. You can also edit shaders or add your own and create any effect you want. The Engine supports shaders written in standard HLSL language. If you have any questions about the features do not hesitate to ask me.

Realtime planar reflections

Realtime Reflections

Realtime Custom Sprite Based Bokeh Depth Of Field

Realtime Bokeh Depth OfField

Superb Quality Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Realtime Screen Space Ambient Occlusion


Why Donate


I want to create a great and fun game for you. I do not want to get rich on this campaign and all the money I will get, will only be used for development of the game, for buying necessary equipment and software and hiring artists. Unfortunately it is not in my power to invest the entire project from my own resources.

What the money will be used for?

Definitely I have to buy a new computer so the game development will be more comfortable and faster. On my almost five-year-old computer the development of the game is real suffering. The new notebooks can run the game without any problems, which confirms the need to buy a new work computer. First the game will only contain dubbing in the Czech language with English subtitles. However, if I reach the funding goal, the game will also be dubbed in the English language and subtitles will be translated into German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish. The rest of the money I will spend for the music, or for other content created with help of external artists.

Let me now enumerate everything, what I am going to spend your money for in the case I am successfuly funded:

  • Buying a new computer so the development will be faster and much easier for me
  • Buying a drawing tablet for authoring textures and other graphical assets
  • Hiring of musicians for authoring music for the game
  • Hiring of English speaking voice actors co you can enjoy the game dubbed in the English language
  • Hiring of people who will translate subtitles into other languages
  • Hiring 3D artists to create some 3D stuff so the game environment can be much more detailed

Of course, more money is better, but I am grateful for every single dollar. In case I will not reach the goal, I will divide raised money among the items those are the most important for the successful completion of the game in the highest possible quality.

What are the perks?

The most of the Perks are quite self explanatory. However some of them I describe in detail.

  • Graffity & Poster. By the end of November this year you can send me on my e-mail your own graffity or poster image which will appear in the game on places I will choose. The image format has to be .png, .bmp, .jpg or .tga. Size of each side of the image much be a power of two and must not exceed 512 pixels.
  • Own Billboard. Same as the above, except that width of the image is limited by 1024 pixels.
  • Engine Binaries. You will receive engine binaries including all the editors and documentation along with basic examples needed for create your own game. Simply you create assets, combine them into levels in the editors, adjust settings and you get a game which you can freely release under the freeware license. You however are not allowed to sell games created upon its basis.
  • Engine Source Code. Same as the above, except that you will also receive source code of The Engine so you can freely modify it and games created upon its basis may be sold at any price you want and you do not owe me any fees.

Thank in advance to all of you who contribute to the development of the game even one dollar. At this moment I really need everything. This means that I also appreciate other than financial contribution. For example, an idea for a new puzzle is welcome.

I hope that at this Christmas I will be able to release a great new game, which many of you will be able to enjoy for free as an expression of gratitude for your contributions, without which this game will never be as good as it deserves to be. Thank you very much.

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Select a Perk
  • $1USD

    Your name will appear in credits and I am grateful for your contribution. It helps make the game better.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $10USD

    You will receive a free digital copy of the Game and your name will appear in credits.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $30USD
    Graffity & Poster

    You will receive a free digital copy of the Game and your name will appear in credits PLUS you can design your own graffity or poster which will appear in the game. See detail in the Pinch text.

    1 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $75USD
    Own Billboard

    You will receive everything mentioned above PLUS you can desing your own billboard which will appear in the game on a highway. See details at the bottom of the pitch text.

    0 out of 20 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $300USD
    Engine Binaries

    You will receive everything mentioned above PLUS you will receive binaries of the engine powering the game including all editors needed for creation your own game. See details at the bottom of the pitch text.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $500USD
    Engine Source Code

    You will receive everything mentioned above PLUS source code of the engine powering the game. See details at the bottom of the pitch text.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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