Bizarre-but-true tales of post-mortem adventure. Love, glory, revenge - all achieved after life.
J. Tithonus Pednaud
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Not at this moment, of course, but in the grand scheme of things we are all mortal and our time is fleeting. Death is the ultimate price of life and that is why we feel the urge to make every moment count.

But, some individuals have actually accomplished their greatest deeds and participated in their most epic adventures long after their demise.

After Life: True Tales of the Wandering Dead is a thoughtful and well-researched compilation of these very real post -mortem adventures.


Learn the complete history of mummy commerce - the trade of human remains for the production of medicine, pigments and more! Unearth the very real role Body Snatchers and Resurrectionists performed in the name of science. Read about the Portuguese concubine who was exhumed and made Queen and about the deceased Wild West outlaw who traveled America as a fun-house prop.

These are just a small sampling of the very true tales of the wandering dead that can be found in the pages of After Life.

Other post-mortem exploits chronicled include:

  • the deceased sideshow freak who continued her travels as a taxidermied attration
  • the corpse who was hung for treason
  • the successful mummification of Lenin and the upkeep involved
  • the famous dead
  • the immortal beloved
  • the bone collectors

...and more!

Also included, are the bizarre-but-true tales of the various bits and pieces – severed heads, hearts and parts - that traveled light and had extraordinary adventures.


I'm very happy to announce the chapter titles for After Life: True Tales of the Wandering Dead.

1.  Our Dearly Departed

2.  The Merchants of Mummy

3.  The Body Snatchers

4.  Dead Reckonings

5.  The Mummified Monkey Girl

6.  The Embalmed Outlaw

7.  The Dead and Famous

8.  The Incredible Incorruptibles

9.  Behold, A Grave Surprise

10. Bits and Pieces

11. Modern Mummies

Bonus Chapter: Doctor Dollmaker

I'm looking forward to supplying more details and sharing these chapters with you.


Did you know that Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, kept the heart of her husband in her desk and wrapped in silk for decades? Would you believe that isn't the strangest part of the story? 

Neatorama has posted a condensed excerpt from my book.


Everyone at and above the $10 mark receives an exclusive postcard inscribed with a personal handwritten note of thanks. I will personally put pen to paper and thank your for your support


The are several options for backers who desire a copy of the book. 

The finished book will be available as a digital download and in both softcover and limited edition hardcover! It's really up to you and your level of support.

APPAREL:For just $35 you will receive a digital copy of the book as well as an exclusive After Life t-shirt.

Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, kept the heart of her deceased husband stored in her desk for decades. This exclusive shirt design commemorates that true tale and features a passage from Shelley's Frankenstein. 

Initially, I thought artwork and illustrations would be a challenge. Acquiring printing and reproduction rights is expensive and prohibitive. To counter this I have commissioned my dear friend Rob Sacchetto to create all original artwork to accompany each chapter of After Life: True Tales of the Wandering Dead.

image set to accompany the 'mummy commerce' chapter

image set to accompany the bonus chapter

image set to accompany the 'grave robbing' chapter

Rob Sacchetto is perhaps the most prolific artist on the planet. Best known for his zombie-themed artwork Rob’s work has appeared in Stuff Magazine, Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Maxim, HorrorHound, National Geographic and on G4 TV, Discovery Channel, Space, IFC, Starz, and Reviews on the Run and numerous other video media outlets. 

Rob’s the real deal and I’m absolutely thrilled to have him onboard.

Chapter images will be posted in updates as they are received.

The vast majority of self published or vanity press books are of poor quality and are not commercially available at reasonable prices. I am intent on putting out a quality product that will be available in brick and mortar bookstores. To accomplish this, I must incur the costs usually absorbed by commercial publishers. 

Editing, proofreading, design, layout, marketing, distribution and registration - these are all costly. The funds raised here will not cover the total costs involved. I am kicking in a personal amount as well. This book will not be built completely on your contributions

We are in this together.

100% of the funds raised via this campaign will be used to create, edit and print a legitimate commercial product available in brick and mortar stores. ISBN numbers will be obtained as a Library of Congress Control Number and proper Copyright Registration.

I’ve written a great deal of material over the years but it has always been in short article form. I am aware that my grammar is far from flawless and my thorough research methods are somewhat chaotic in nature.

The main challenge of this project is in turning my mad ramblings into a legible and coherent full-length piece of non-fiction. For that, I will be relying on the talents of an excellent editor as well as a professional proofreader. Their diligent contributions will likely result in rewrites as well as prolong the overall process.

This will, however, ensure a very well polished final product.

I am a graduate of Laurentian University, where I majored in classical studies and theology. I have worked as a funeral director, sideshow performer and voice actor.

Since March of 2006, I have been the sole author of; a site dedicated to highlighting the remarkable lives of those born exceedingly different.

My work has been featured in various media outlets including CBC Radio, Rue Morgue Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Oxford Press, G4TV, TLC and more.

I also occasionally consults on projects, lecture on human genetic variety and monstrous origins and continue to perform sideshow stunts as the co-founder of the Something Strange showcase.


We’ve managed to reach our base goal in a very short amount of time! This book is now a sure thing - if you have been hesitating, hesitate no more!

To everyone who has supported the project thus far, thank you!


  • At $3500, the book will feature a special bonus chapter. A tale so strange and unsettling that its inclusion will leave your spine tingling for days! REACHED!
  • At $4500 every supporter who purchased a softcover or hardcover edition will also receive a limited edition art print featuring the custom chapter break illustrations created by world-renowned illustrator Rob Sacchetto! REACHED!
  • At $5500 every supporter who purchased a softcover or hardcover edition will also receive a super secret gift. This gift is very strange indeed and will only be revealed once the $5000 milestone is reached.

What can you do to help?

You can upgrade your contribution or simply share this project with your social network via the links above this project description. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Listen to a CBC Radio interview with the author regarding the project: RIGHT HERE!

On to the original project pitch:


This project has been fortunate enough to be featured in a number of recent blogs and news sites. Most recently:

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