We are raising money for our next Christian Thriller Movie titled After-Life. It is based on a ghost hunter who discovers what ghosts truely are.

Short Summary

We are New Harvest Productions, a indie Christian Film Ministry.  We have been making faith based family films since 2007.  All our films and equipment has been funded 100% by donations.  We want to challenge and inspire people through film.  All our actors are volunteers.  We strive not to turn any volunteers away, no matter how much experience they may have.  We will use any talent God provides us.

We are launching this campaign to help expand our sphere of influence and spread a positive message by film making.

We will be raising funds to upgrade some of our film equipment, duplicating of the film on DVD, help to pay our actors, and possibly promote the film.

We will begin filming in the Spring/Summer 2013.

What We Need & What You Get

The entire funding amount we need is $10,000.00 to help us become stable at this point.  We are currently just asking for $5,000.00 at this time to get things started.

We will be using the money for the following:

  • A second camera ($3,000.00)
  • A second microphone ($300.00)
  • A track system ($600.00)
  • A Monitor ($200.00-$300.00)
  • P2 Memory Card ($900.00)
  • P2 Card Reader ($400.00)
  • Props for film
  • Possibly to pay the actors
  • Promote the film
  • Duplicate the film on DVD

No matter how small the amount we will be able to use the money for the glory of God and spread a positive message.  With your help

Each perk we are offering, we are hoping to have our backers feel like they are a part of the film making experience.

The funds we do raise will go straight to the filming of the movie.  If we don't get the full amount of funds, we will still make the film and each backer will get their full perks. 

The Impact

We have over six years of film making experience behind us and we feel we know how to tell a good story with little or no budget.

Your impact will not just help us, but will help struggling actors get their names in the credits of a film.  It will help people build confidence and make them feel special that can last a lifetime.  We have a motto, "We are not just making films, we are making relationships." 

We want to thank you in advance for taking this walk of faith with us.  If you have any questions on our ministry or the film contact me directly at bruce@newharvestproductions.org

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't give, please pray for us.  Pray that the gates of heaven will be open and God will shower His blessings upon us. 

Also please spread the word for us, any help is extremely appreciated.  Don't forget about the Indiegogo share tools.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you and your families in the name of Jesus Christ.



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