AfricaHackTrip - The Movie

We went on the AfricaHackTrip to explore the vibrant East African tech scene. Now we want to share this great experience with you!
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June 13th:
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June 11th:
Please note: Even if we don't hit the $7000 the project will still get funded. 

Please keep pledging!

June 6th:
7 days to go! and we have made a new teaser video from our stay in Kigali.

June 2nd:
Have a look at our latest updates and see what Jon from The Office in Rwanda and Erik Hersman from the iHub in Nairobi are saying about our project.

AfricaHackTrip - the movie about exploring the vibrant East African Tech scene.

We  are a group of developers & designers from Europe who didn't know about the vibrant tech communities in East Africa. When we heard about  them, we instantly wanted to connect. And we believe that if you want to really connect with people, you should meet them in person. So we decided to just do it and go to Africa in September and October 2013.

Now we are back with awesome new friends, lots of stories to tell, thousands of pictures, 30 hours of video footage from our trip to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. We want to turn this footage into a great movie, so we can share our experiences with communities all over the world and motivate others to join the exchange between cultures. To do this, we need time and professional support.

And that's where YOU come in! Please help us raise $7,000 to cover our production costs, so we can introduce you to exciting places and awesome people.

Be a part of AfricaHackTrip!

It's all about: open spaces for learning and sharing; coders; tinkerers; designers; connection; discussions; creating new things together; people and their projects; user groups; women in tech; the East African tech scene; barcamps; hackathons; hugs; highfives; and a whole lot of fun.

We met incredible people, learned about crazy cool projects, found out how Africans use  technology to solve social problems, and brought together European and African hacking culture. And most importantly we kicked off continuous exchange – like with our friends over at Nairobi Dev School and EuroHackTrip.

Why does it matter?

It was more or less by chance that we read about the growing tech hubs in Africa. Before that and before planning our trip to East Africa we did not know about the tech scene in Africa - even though we consider ourselves well connected and working in a global environment. When thinking about Africa, we did not think about vibrant tech communities similar to the ones we know from Europe or the USA. - Do you?! And that is the case for many of the people we know. The goal of the AfricaHackTrip and our movie is to change this perception.

Meet programmers, designers, and hackers from Africa!
Meet a young generation using the same technology as developers in the West to shape the continent's future!
Visit the tech/coworking spaces of East Africa!
Get insights that you probably have not had before!

What are we doing besides the movie?

We want to let the world experience the vibrant African tech communities and support a continuous exchange between the continents. Creating this movie about the AfricaHackTrip is only part of that.

  • Global Innovation Gathering
    We were invited to be a part of the Global Innovation Gathering at re:publica, the biggest digital society conference in Europe. The Global Innovation Gathering brings together innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from across the world. (Over 40 people from 18 countries met) It was great to meet a lot of friends again that we got to know during our trip. Read more about it on our blog
  • EuroHackTrip
    We believe facetime is essential to build strong partnerships. That's why we are excited to see the plans of the EuroHackTrip coming together. The EuroHackTrip is a trip inspired by the AfricaHackTrip from East African Hackers to visit tech spaces in Europe.
  • African WebMuses
    Portraits of African women from the IT industry. Emi who is part of the WebMuses community has created a movie telling about African women in tech.
  • Connecting User Groups
    After visiting some JavaScript meetups in Kampala and Nairobi we could connect them with the members of the Berlin meetup.
Follow our blog for more information.

Where can I find more?

HighFives, Hugs and lots of <3 from
Gregor, Alex, Emi, Bumi, Basti, Martin, Vicy, Jan and Tobi

Oh, as a little preview have a look at the trailer from our meetup in Nairobi:

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