Africa on a Plate

Africa on a Plate explores the wild & real culinary world of Africa, with host Lentswe Bhengu.
Jurgens van Wyk
Cape Town
South Africa
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Short Summary

My name is Jurgens van Wyk.  My brother, Christiaan, and I have started our own small production company, Foundation Media, and our passions are combined in this amazing project with our friend & host, Lentswe Bhengu!  

I have worked in documentaries for the last four years, my brother in post produciton for the same amount of time, and Lentswe has studied and worked as a chef for a few years too.  He is one of South Africa's hottest young chefs!  We wanted to combine our loves of filming, travel and cooking in one show, so we have come up with 'Africa on a Plate'.

This show is really important for us to do because we want to highlight to the world the many strange and beautiful places, dishes and people there are to be found on our beautiful continent, and not just show the usual, stereotypical (and most times racist) portrayals of Africa and its people that you see on the big TV chanels.

We are going to show you the REAL Africa, and the really diverse and bizarre foods to be found there! And with your help, we can go to places you never see on the normal TV channels.  We can't do this without you!  Explore Africa through us!

We are trying to fundraise for our first season basically, and the funds will help us get around South Africa, Mozambique and if we stretch it, possibly Zambia and Malawi.

I already own most of the camera equipment that we need, but there are bits and bobs to buy.  Most of the money will be used to cover our costs of travel and other such bills.


Check out our youtube video and see what the first half of our first episode looks like!


What We Need & What You Get

Right everybody, here is the breakdown:

-We need to buy a 4x4 vehicle that will become our Plate on Wheels!  We are gonna go to some tough and extreme locations, and our trusty 4x4 will get us there and back!

-There are some lenses and proper sound equipment to ge too.

-We will be needing fuel to get to those locations.

-We will need to feed ourselves, and we will need to be able to buy tents and camping gear.

-INSURANCE is going to be a priority!  We are going to some crazy, crazy places and, God forbid, we could get hurt.

-There will also be an emergency fund in case things go pear-shaped.  Scary.

-If we don't reach our ultimate goal, then we will simply make our trip shorter.  We are going to do this, it just depends on how much we do coz we can't do too much if we are broke!   So join us!


We have the know how, we come from Africa, we love filming, travelling, cooking and eating!  We are perfect for this project, and so are you!  I KNOW that you would be interested in seeing a qualified, young, hip, cool South African chef exploring the townships, the villages, the cities and the wild of Africa and showing you the weird crazy things that go on there!  And then eat those crazy things!  And, then show you how to make it into an amazing, world class dish!


And you can TRUST us.  I have worked as an Assistant Producer & 2nd Unit camera on documentaries such as 'Surviving Shark Night', 'Secrets of the Dead-Slaveship Mutiny' 'Wildest Africa-Mt. Kenya', and my brother has vast exerience in post production and is an avid chef himself.  And Lentswe rocks!  He is just cool, fun, friendly and funny!  And a brilliant chef!



PLEASE help us make 'Africa on a Plate' a reality!!!  PLEASE SHARE our project with your friends and ask them to donate too!  We can all benefit from this web series!  PLEASE HELP & SHARE!!!


Peace be da journey!

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    You are an angel sent from the heavens! You will receive an African bracelet, plate, a unique piece of art, a name in the credits, you will get thanked in person at the end of each show, you can tell us what location and dish you want us to explore & try, and you can feature in the show through technological means! You will also receive a DVD and a signed cookbook by Lenstwe about our travels. And coolest of all, you get an engraved 'Africa on a Plate' knife set!

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