We have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise money for a new means of transportation for touring.

Short Summary

Hey everyone! AFFIANCE here and we're calling to our warriors for some help. We have recently run into some transportation troubles over the summer on our tour with Killswitch Engage and got taught some valuable lessons on how to tour smart! Due to breaking down multiple times, leaving the van behind to finish the tour, having horrible luck with our beat up trailer and growing so fast; we absolutely need a new Affiance-mobile to keep us on the road and safe. Please watch the video above and help out however you can, whether it's donating or spreading the word about our campaign. We are hitting the road this fall with Protest The Hero, Architects, and The Kindred and we want to make sure we make it to every show safe. Make sure to check out the cool perks because we wanted to make every dime donated worthwhile. 

What We Need & What You Get

With this goal, we will be buying a new Affiance vehicle that will be sturdy for touring for the next few years, customizing the vehicle to our comfort and liking, and one specifically that runs on Diesel fuel to be efficient on gas and mileage. 

Expenses for the band will mostly be time provided to the fans donating, T-shirts printed to order, A brand new Charvel guitar, Custom guitar picks, CD's, Vinyl's and Posters printed to perfection, and the tattoo costs for Pat. 

The Impact

Having a new van and a reliable source of transportation will help us grow and help us tour more efficiently. We want to make sure that we're not missing shows because we're broken down or something happened because of the fatigue of our vehicle. After touring with Killswitch Engage this past summer, we realized how important it is to make sure we're riding in something safe and consistent. Unfortunately, that's not our current van. We want to continue to tour smart and see everyone as much as possible, so any sort of contribution will help us hit the road, stay safe, and keep it metal \m/

Other Ways You Can Help

We know it's hard to help and we don't want to drain your pockets. Your support truly means the world to us even if you only listen to our music or come see us. If you can just spread the word to your friends that are Affiance fans and share our campaign, that would be awesome. Thanks again for all of your support :) 

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