AETERNOBLADE Need your help! Localization and PSVita, Wii U and PS3

Aeterno Blade is 3D sidescroll action game which we target to release on 3DS, PSVita. We also plan to release the HD edition on PS3, WiiU and PC.

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AeternoBlade is 3D side scrolling action platform game. The player follows Freyja on her epic quest for vengeance through countless dimensions. You also get to beat up bad guys along the way! Lots of bad guys! Yeah! Everyone loves to beat down bad guys!

  what make this game unique

Freyja has a special ability: she can manipulate time. Do you ever wonder how regretful it is when you make a huge mistake? Well? You can now REWIND! Yes! Rewind! Travel back to your mistake and fix it! When you master the power of time itself, you are unstoppable!





Cool, isn’t it? Not only will it be crucial in every battle, it will be an important tool needed to solve certain puzzles!


What else? This game also has an incredible battle system. It collaborates so well with our time manipulating system. Using the time reverse, the player is able to extend their combo beyond the limit. Players who have learned to maximize the use of these two skills will enjoy their gaming experience with great satisfaction.










Upgrade and Relics

On her epic adventure Freyja will encounter powerful enemies, each one stronger than the one before. In order to defeat them, Freyja too must become stronger. We will explain the how the upgrade systems work in AeternoBlade.



Toughen up! Status upgrade!


This is the most basic upgrade for Freyja. In exchange for yellow orbs, the player can enhance Freyja basic stat. They can upgrade her Health, Mana, Attack damage or increase her Mind (which increased the speed her ultimate gauge fill up).





Master your art! The Move list


A power’s hidden deep within all of us. We only have to unlock it with yellow orbs! Freyja can upgrade her basic attack into a more deadly attack. Each move can be upgrade twice until it was max out.

Each upgraded move will not only provide more damaging attack but it open an alternate option to extended combo that wasn’t available before. 


Skill maps

Over 40 moves to master!




The other way to increase Freyja’s strength is by equipping relics

As Freyja ventured and defeating evil minion of Beladim, she will acquire several relics. She can find it by either slaying enemies (who have chances of dropping the relics) or finding hidden treasure chests.

Each relic will have unique abilities. Some will only gave status upgrade, while other will give the player certain skill.


These relics can further more be upgrade with a power up relic. There are over 80 relics to be found!





Will Freyja be able to use these skills to her advantage on her quest of vengeance? It is up to you now…


More screen shots


Some of our concept Arts 



Braid, Castlevania, Prince of Persia,Oboro Muramasa Youtouden. If you like these games, you most likely will like our game too!


As a matter of fact, we are at approximately 90% on the 3DS version(for japanese market) and will soon be ready for release. What we are doing now is mostly polishing the game, fixing the language, and fining the art asset. We want this to be our best game ever, and it is not far off. 


Why do we need money?

We intend to release the game on multiple platforms (and on every market that is available!) but we don’t have enough budget for that. We are so close to the finish line! Yet, we are in need of that one final push! We have faith in our friends, yourself, of course. Help us deliver that final push!




Here is a chart explaining what most of our money would be spent on if we reaches our goal.


Our company can produce cartridge for EU by ourselves but we will need to complete the EUROPEAN WARRIOR PERKS otherwise we won't have enough fund to release them. If that is the case, then we will only release it on Nintendo E shop.

For the US Cartridge, we need a US publisher to make cartridge for us. If we couldn't find any, then it will only be release on E shop as well.

The AeternoBlade T Shirt Mock Up

About us?

Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd. We are a small team based in Bangkok, Thailand. You might not know that we have been in the gaming industry for almost 10 years. We started with ambition to make high quality games, but our dream has been delayed by the business industry. The fact is that it is hard to convince the publishers that company from Thailand like us are capable of making a highest quality video game.


We have now put all our efforts, time, and money into completing AeternoBlade. For us, this is a do or die situation, and we are grateful that Indiegogo is giving us an opportunity. Our product quality lies with your contribution. Please help us finish this game together.


AeternoBlade Art Book (Digital/ Physical)






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