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Addicted Champions is creating a program that will make the lives of gamers much easier by bringing all of their desired information to one place.
Shane Arcuri
Huntington Beach, California
United States
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My name is Shane Arcuri and I am the founder and CEO of Addicted Champions. I have always been a gamer since I got my first console for Christmas (N64) back in 1998. I always seek to be the best at everything I do whether it is gaming, sports, academics, or anything else. For these reasons, I am developing a program geared towards gamers to help them gather information about their game without having to go on a wild goose chase around the internet looking for specific information.

The program I am developing will be compatible with multiple games across all platforms. With this simple program the user is able to select the game they wish to search and filter the search using various sub-categories depending on the game. The program will search our own database of user generated content like videos, screenshots, documents, and audio files relevant to the search.

The content is user-generated. Users will be able to log into our main website via an account they make. With this account they will have access to all of the site's content and also submit their own content to be viewed by other users. They can submit audio, video, pictures, podcasts, text documents, and other multimedia. All of this will come together to form a database for a specific game.

Let’s take World of Warcraft for an example. The player will open the program or go to our website, select WoW, then select his race, class, and role. The program will then pull all the necessary information from our database and show it in the window. Say we were searching content related to Holy Paladins. When we search for a Holy Blood Elf Paladin, content about their talent tree, rotation, gear, gemming, enchants, and whatever else necessary will appear. It may be in video, audio, text, or picture format. Users can then click on the video, picture, etc. and it will play or be viewable on their screen instantly.

Currently, if you were to search for this content, you would have to go to several sites that only have one piece of the information that you are looking for. So, by the time you've collected all of your information, you will have been to several sites and wasted a lot of your time. Addicted Champions is the solution to this problem.

I already have all of the features written up and programmers ready to go, but I can’t afford to pay the programmers on my own. I need about $7,500 to get the programmers started with a solid beta program. With the funding, we will be working hard to have a launch by Summer of 2013. If I don’t reach the $7,500 goal, then we won't reach the projected launch date.

If you are unable to contribute funds, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share this page anyway possible to help us with more exposure!

Thank you for your consideration and contributions,


Shane Arcuri

Founder and CEO of Addicted Champions

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