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A short documentary about Adam The Woo, a popular YouTuber who lives in his van and travels around the nation making videos about his adventures
Kenny Johnson
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
1 Team Member

The What?

I'm a documentary filmmaker from Baltimore, Maryland. I plan on driving down to Florida to interview and make a short documentary about Adam the Woo -- a popular YouTuber who drives around North America in his van making videos about exploration and adventures. This piece will attempt to explore his background further and get to know the man behind the lens. 

The short documentary will be posted on my YouTube channel and sent to various film festivals. 

I need to raise funds for simple things like Gas, Film Festival Fees, and Equipment Rentals

The Woo? 

Adam The Woo has 2 YouTube channels with a combined 50,000+ subscribers and a combined 7 million+ views. He makes a daily video blog (or vlog to some) and goes on various adventures all over North America (and even a little into Canada).  

From Adam’s Site: 

"I choose to film things that are of interest to me…the abandoned, decayed and forgotten places of my youth, as well as places I never knew about. Never stop learning!

Some people try to put a label on what I do, but I just do my own thing and march to my own drummer. I do not take myself or my videos too seriously. I never claimed to be a pro photographer or entertainer." 

Adam makes videos about:

  • Abandoned Amusement Parks
  • Operational Theme Parks
  • Filming locations of classic movies
  • Landmarks
  • Haunted Houses
  • Abandoned Resorts and Hotels
  • Castles
  • Road Side Attractions
  • Giant Tree Houses
  • Burt Reynolds' Ranch
  • And Many Other Unusual Destinations! 

Here's the first video of Adam's I saw. He spent 24 hours straight in Disney World. It blew my mind. 

Some Backstory. Adam sold all of his things. Paid off all of his debts. Bought a van. And moved into it. He was free to travel around and make videos about things he found interesting.  

                Check out Adam The Woo on these various social networks!      


                  The YouTube                  The Twitter                     The FaceBook

The Why?

Everyone loves a good adventure and every good adventure needs a travel guide. 

Adam The Woo is that perfect travel guide

Adam's curious nature, sense of wonder and amazement in his videos appealed to me. His videos tend to be pretty addicting. I usually spend countless hours going through his enormous collection. He always looks like he is having so much fun making his videos and exploring new places.

Not everyone has the luxury of traveling to new places, like Adam. Luckily, we can live vicariously through Adam in each of his videos. 

Sometimes certain places are best left un-explored, sadly. Adam's love for the wonderfully detailed and vast Disney World led him to making some of his best videos. However, Disney didn't agree with his tactics of filmmaking and they banned him for life from their property. 

This is the perfect opportunity for any and all Adam the Woo fans to get a look behind his lens and really see why he makes videos. 

Why does he make these types of videos? How does he feel about posting a good portion of his life online for the whole world to see? What's his ultimate goal with his videos? 

The Bigger Goal? 

My bigger goal (or bigger picture) is to eventually make a feature length documentary about a collection of YouTubers. Having Adam involved will be a big step in the right direction. 

Above is a perfect example of the type of video I want to make about Adam. I actually made a short documentary about my friend Brandon Hardesty -- another popular YouTuber who is out in Hollywood pursuing an acting career thanks to his YouTube Videos. 

The Travel?

I will be driving from my home state of Maryland to Adam's home state of Florida around the end of January/beginning of February to conduct the interview. Along the way I will film my hijincks and post them to My YouTube Channel so everyone can stay updated with the project. 

After all, this is documentary about a guy who loves to explore. So it seems perfectly fitting that I go on a road trip to find him. 

Along the drive down, I will be filming and uploading updates to the YouTube. You can also send me Tweets along the way.  I'll fill you in on what's happen on our adventure! 

How Can You Help? 

Any contribution to this project will help me a lot. I am a struggling independent filmmaker who values any help I can get. This is also a passion project. I am not looking to make any kind of money off of this documentary, I just want to tell a great story. I think Adam has an incredibly unique story that other audiences outside of YouTube should experience.

I really see this project helping everyone involved. Not only will it help spread the word about Adam, but it will also be an amazing documentary to showcase my talent as a filmmaker. 

A quick rundown of what the money will go toward: 

  • Gas and a cheap Hotel
  • Camera and Equipment Rental
  • Film Festival Fees
Most of the money will go towards Film Festival Fees. Any independent filmmaker out there knows how annoying and expensive the film festival circuit can be. The average submission fee for the types of film festivals I'm looking at is around $40. I would like to submit to at least 10 to 15 different ones. 

The Perks?

The Director

Kenny Johnson is an aspiring filmmaker from Baltimore, MD. He has been a producer, director, editor and Director of Photography for several documentaries over the years. 

He produced, directed and edited his first feature length documentary about the untold story of Independent Professional Wrestling called (appropriately) Pro Wrestler. Kenny spent over a year traveling with 5 unique performers capturing their life inside and outside of the ring. 

Indie Film Artists: The DMV Truth, his second documentary which he produced and edited, was a collection of 20 interviews from 20 different local film directors, producers, writers, sound designers, and actors about their struggles and triumphs in the film industry. 

Kenny is currently working on a documentary web series centered around comic books, called My Comic Book Adventure. He interviews comic book fans, collectors, experts, and cosplayers as he explores local stores, museums, and conventions. 

                       Check out Kenny on these various social networks!      


                   The YouTube                  The Twitter                        The FaceBook

Thank You


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  • $5USD
    The Nice Perk

    Post Card from Florida from the whole gang. Special Shout out Thank You on Facebook and Twitter. And Email Updates about the Project

    0 claimed
  • $15USD
    The Really Nice Perk

    All the Above. Plus a Special Thanks in the Closing Credits of the Documentary

    4 claimed
  • $20USD
    The Question Perk

    All the above. Plus you get to ask Adam a question. Whatever you want (keep it PG). Send it to me on Twitter and I'll ask him your question when I interview him. I'll record the question and then upload it to YouTube for you!

    2 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $25USD
    The Amazing Perk

    Post Card. Special Thanks in Credits. Email Updates. Plus DVD of the finished piece with Bonus Scenes and Videos. DVD will also have other short documentaries by Kenny Johnson.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $35USD
    The Spectacular Perk

    Post Card. Special Thanks in Credits. Email Updates. DVD. Plus a sweet chance to see the documentary before everyone else with an advanced screener via the YouTube!

    0 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $50USD
    The Limited Edition Perk

    Post Card. Special Thanks in Credits. Email Updates. Advanced Screener on YouTube. Plus a signed copy of the DVD from Adam and the Director.

    2 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $75USD
    The Executive Producer Perk

    Post Card. Email Updates. DVD. Advanced Screener on YouTube. Plus an Executive Producer Credit for the Film!

    7 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $500USD
    The Once in a Lifetime Perk

    Pack your bags. Meet us in Baltimore and get ready for a ride along adventure with us as we go down to Florida to interview the Woo!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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