Actually Fly the M400X Skycar Into History!

Become part of the team for the historic first flight of a manned, untethered, Moller M400X Skycar...and even fly aboard as part of the on-board test crew.
Moller Skycar
Davis, California
United States
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"Simply put: we are going to make aviation history together - right here, right now. Together we can fly the first un-tethered and manned verical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flying car, and with your help, we can usher in a new era of personal transportation" -- Dr. Paul Moller


The Wright Flyer. The Spirit of St. Louis. The Bell X-1. The Mercury Friendship 7 capsule. The Voyager 'Round-the-World aircraft. The first civilian spacecraft to fly into space...Space Ship 1. All these planes have one thing in common - they share space in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. What would it have been like to have flown in one of these historic aircraft? What would it be like to tell people that you flew in any of the aircraft in the National Air and Space Museum - before it was part of the museum - and that you were actually at the controls of that aircraft?

Now is your chance to fly something that is making history - before it ends up in the museum - and write your name into the history books next to those legendary aviators.



“VTOL aircraft will travel at four times the speed of highways to 25% of the nation’s suburban, rural and remote communities in 10 years and 90% within 25 years.” -- Dr. Daniel Golden, Former NASA Director and Administrator

“This is extremely significant. It’s really a breakthrough for the type and concept and it has merits from a cost standpoint that show promise to be a future personal transportation system. It’s a true first.”-- Dr. John Zuk, Chief - Advanced Plans and Programs, NASA Ames

"The (Skycar) will do for car-based society what the car did for horse-based society. It is the right solution at the right time." --  Dr. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center
"Helicopters are VTOL’s and so are the British Harrier jets. What Moller has done is invent VTOL’s that are cheap and easy to operate." -- Dr. Michael Guillen, Science Editor, ABC’s "Good Morning America"
"With the developing airspace infrastructure in place, the Skycar will become a widely used ...air-taxi.This is the only known commuter vehicle that can move large numbers of people very quickly and safely and still let them conveniently choose their departure point, departure time and destination." -- Henry LaHore, Boeing Aeronautical Systems
"After 50 years...Davis inventor Paul Moller believes his dream of creating the world’s first flying car is right around the corner. Meet the man who believes he—and you—can fly." -- “Meet George Jetson,” Sactown Magazine, June/July 2013 issue




The Moller M400 Skycar is the world’s first “roadable” vertical take-off/vertical-landing (VTOL) vehicle capable of being parked in your garage, driving to the store, and taking off from there and flying to a destination 50 miles away. No airports, no helicopter pads, no runways. Cruise at 25,000 feet in any weather...and enjoy the ride. Considering the fact that the average driver in the United States spends 28,000 hours (about 14 years) driving in an automobile. With a Skycar, the average driver would shave almost 12 years off that driving average - saving time and money, but boosting productivity.

Under the “Advanced Air Transport Technology” program, the FAA and NASA are developing the new “Highway In The Sky” technology for aircraft. The Skycar is designed to interface with this new technology to fly quickly, autonomously and safely with a minimum of effort on the Skycar pilot’s part.

The Skycar is truly a revolutionary aircraft that will fundamentally and forever change the way the world travels.


The Skycar uses a total of 8 rotary engines, two in each of the four engine pods (nacelles). These "Rotapower" engines are built specifically for our aircraft and provide the necessary power for vertical take-off and landing as well as high-speed (300+ mph) flight. The advanced-technology Wankel-style rotary engine used in the Skycar is light weight, fuel efficient and has very low emissions. It runs on clean-burning, renewable ethanol...but can just as easily use gasoline or biofuel.


The Skycar’s Flight Control Computer (FCC) is designed to give a driver or pilot the ability to fly and control the aircraft with a simple stick controller. If you've ever played a video game, you’ll be a master at the controls of the Skycar. The FCC is integrated with the Engine Control Computer (ECC), to make the Skycar as easy to fly as driving a luxury automobile. Highly-accurate GPS sensors, navigation computers and advanced autopilot systems will make cruising to your destination a relaxing, enjoyable flight.


The Skycar can get you to a destination 300 miles away in less time that it takes you to fly there in an airliner. Imagine pulling your Skycar out of your garage, lifting up into the air, and flying directly to your destination. The Skycar is designed to get you anywhere, in all types of weather and with maximum comfort. Your daily commute becomes less about the driving and more about the enjoyment and relaxation.


The Skycar gets better gas mileage in efficiency cruise than most cars on the highway today. It uses fuel so efficiently that in tests with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), it met or did better than current emissions standards for highway vehicles. The Skycar is designed to fly using ethanol, gasoline or biofuels.



The Skycar M400X has flown -- successfully -- several times and always without incident, but only without a pilot and always on a tether. This was a safety requirement by the FAA, but it also allowed us to prove that the Skycar was capable of flying under full control of the flight computers on-board the aircraft, and to test the capability of the autopilot system to fly the Skycar. After each test, refinements were made until we were ready for a manned flight (flight with a pilot on-board). In 2011, we retained the services of a consultant to obtain FAA clearance to fly the piloted/untethered flights. The consultant recommended several changes be made to the Skycar in order to be comply with new FAA requirements, which must be completed prior to the first untethered and manned  flight. We are now ready to fly. We are often asked, “Why is it taking you so long to fly?”, or even more often, “Where is my flying car?”, to which we can only tell people that we are a safety-first company, and that we would rather focus on being safe and meticulous in our testing than to rush to get in the air simply for the sake of flying. While others take chances, we feel that your safety is more important than rushing our design.

The Test Program

We've spent the last 26 months in preparation and upgrades, we are ready to implement those changes so that we can fly with a pilot on-board and without a tether. Over the last 3 months our flight test consultant has finalized the requirements for the Skycar to comply with FAA standards, and we are now preparing for our first flight.

The Official First Flight will take place at Moller International’s Official lakeside test facility (Lake Minden Resort) - just north of Sacramento, California - where the public will see the Skycar make history as the first civilian, powered-lift, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) General Aviation flying car ever to fly.

Our goal is to fly the first official untethered, manned flight in front of our loyal supporters, team members, media and fans. To do this, we must prepare the Skycar by re-installing the updated engines, install cameras and recording equipment, make some safety additions for the first flight (to the air vehicle), and perform several ground and hover-taxi tests to assure that the Official First Flight goes without an incident.

Based on the work left to prepare the Skycar for the Official First Flight and the amount of engineering left to be accomplished for final FAA approval, we need a total of $1,890,000. Of that amount, we’ve received pledge commitments from three companies totalling $932,000 - which puts us a little more than halfway to our goal, and with your help we can raise the remaining amount that we need to conduct the Official First Flight, so we are looking to raise an additional $958,000.

Total Funds Required: $1,890,000.00

Funds Pledged To Date: ($932,000.00) (Includes "In-Kind")

Funds We Need To Raise: $958,000.00

We will be installing new motors with higher horsepower and lighter weight, so we will be modifying the M400’s engine pods. We will also need to make some changes to the software for the increase in power as well as some flight safety modifications. We also have an FAA-designated inspector to inspect the M400 as we perform the modifications to make sure that the vehicle complies with regulations. For safety, we will train the pilot in a simulator and prepare for the first flight. We need to secure a test location - as well as security and life-saving crews (fire/paramedics) not just to comply with regulations, but for those that will be attending the First Flight as well. Finally, we will have to purchase fuel - enough to perform the ground runs, engine and computer calibrations and tethered test flights. We are planning on two flights for the First Flight Event, and with fuel prices as high as they are and varying by as much as $0.50 per gallon, fuel is one of the biggest expenses in any aviation test program.

Following the completion of our crowdfunding campaign, we will immediately prepare the Skycar for its inspection by the FAA to obtain its Experimental Airworthiness Certificate. Once inspected and certificated, we’ll perform several ground, tethered and manned/tethered flights - along with other safety tests - to make certain that we are prepared for our first official untethered, manned flight test.

● December 16: Last day to donate for gifts to arrive before Christmas.

● Crowdfunding Closes January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014 to March 28, 2014:

● Install upgraded engines and fans and vanes, modify cowlings, upgrade fuel lines, install safety gear, install first flight data system (video, audio, telemetry), install updated avionics.

● Change flight software for higher power motors; test and certify software for flight

● Flight test crew training starts

● FAA On-going inspection

April 4, 2012 to June 6, 2014:

● FAA final certification inspection; safety equipment check, engine ground tests. Repair/replace any items necessary. Conduct communications and telemetry checks; manned/tethered flight. Reduction of test data for FAA; first flight/pre-flight inspection. Final FAA permission to fly.

● Submit final Test Plan to FAA for approval

● Incremental gift shipments leading up to first flight

June 9, 2014:

● Official First Flight Readiness Review

June 10, 2014:

● Official First Flight Ground Manned Hover Test, “Plugs Out”, Final Ground Tests

June 11, 2014:

● Official First Flight, Manned and Un-Tethered

June 12, 2014:

● Dated Commemorative gifts - such as video download, model, poster, etc. (with date and Official First Flight data) begins shipping.

June 30, 2014:

● Shipping on all items complete.



We have business partners that are helping us achieve our historic First Flight goal, and they’ve agreed to donate time, engineering and/or materials as their contribution to the flight test of the M400 Skycar:


Nitro-Turbodyne, Inc.

Flight Test Engineering/Specialty Test Engineering

Pledge: For Every $1 we raise, Nitro-Turbodyne will match it with $1 (up to $438,000) in flight test engineering, data reduction and analysis, FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative, Experimental Aircraft Certificate coordination, FAA liaison engineering, flight test conduct, test pilot, airworthiness compliance and airspace coordination.


Freedom Motors, Inc.

Rotapower Motors for the Skycar

Pledge: For every $1 that we raise, Freedom Motors match it with $1 (up to $480,000) in motors for preliminary flight testing, motor installation engineering, and motors for the Official First Flight event.


CliC Goggles, Inc.

Official M400 Flight Test Team Sunglasses/Sungoggles

Donation: CliC is contributing 100 pairs of CliCs as gifts for the "Test Mission Commander" donation level and above.

Total Contribution Value: $14,000



Any extra funds will be used to cover the expenses associated with continuing the flight test program for the Skycar and to gather data in preparation for applying for an FAA Type Inspection - the pre-cursor to going into production. We’ll use the extra funds to fly at least 40 hours of flight test time required by the FAA so that we can fly it at public events and exhibitions.

One-hundred percent of the funds will be used to continue to fly the Skycar.



There are several benefits:

● The Skycar is ultra-low emissions, and is well below even the most stringent of environmental regulations

● The Skycar will relieve traffic congestion on the ground - cutting emissions by billions of tons each year

● Transportation by Skycar can shave years of commuting time for each user

● The Skycar can be used to provide emergency services where cars, boats or even helicopters can’t go. For example, an M400 can provide fast emergency services to flood victims or those trapped in high-rise buildings on fire.

● The Skycar’s automation - for controlling engines, flight maneuvers and navigation - will allow pilots of the future to navigate safely, quickly and with minimal impact to the environment.

● The Skycar is designed to fly today and to take advantage of future “Highway In The Sky” technologies currently being developed by NASA and the FAA

● The Skycar can provide valuable data to aircraft design engineers building the next generation of air transportation systems.



Laptop Sticker


Digital Video Download


M400 Special Edition Poster

(Example only; actual poster may be different but will include detail) _______________________________________________________________________

M400 Official Flight Test Mug


Signed Collector’s Edition First Flight Photo


Official Flight Test Team Flightsuit Patch


M400 Flight Test Team Cap


M400 Flight Test Team T-Shirt


M400 Flight Test Team Polo


Two Tickets To The First Flight Event - Live


Official M400 Flight Test Team Flight Jacket


Limited Edition First Flight M400 Desk Model


CliCs "Skycar" Sunglasses & Goggles


Catered Luncheon - First Flight Event


VIP Pavilion - First Flight Event


Neuera Ride*


Mission Control All Access Pass - First Flight Event


Ride In The M400*


Production Line Position Deposit

At this level, you’ll receive a place in either the Neuera, the M200 or M400 production lines. We currently have 65 deposits for production positions, but your donation at this level automatically places you in the production delivery line for your choice of models mentioned above. Once the new Neueras, M200s or M400s start coming off the production line, you’ll be one of the first to receive your volantor, too!


* All flights will be conducted following approval by the FAA for such activity and in accordance with the FAA’s regulations for the carriage of passengers aboard experimental aircraft. Moller reserves the right to substitute a ride in the Neuera with a ride in the Skycar (and vice-versa) if necessary to fulfill the requirements of this level of participation. Flights will take place in the Moller designated flight test facility (known as “Moller Flight Operations” or “Moller Flight Ops”). Transportation to Moller Flight Ops, accommodations, meals and other expenses are the responsibility of the donor.

** "Pilot Number": Starting with the very first pilot that flies the first untethered/manned flight (Skycar Pilot #1), you'll be registered with a Skycar pilot number that will be included on an official certificate bearing this number. Why is this important? There are currently only a hand-full of pilots that have "Powered Lift" category experience. You'll be one of the first to log "powered lift" time in your logbook. If you don't have a logbook, Moller will provide you with an official Moller Flight Test Operations log book - and your powered-lift log entry will be signed by the chief test pilot.



Free shipping anywhere on donations levels above $250.

For international shipments on donations Levels $25 to $250: Please add $15 shipping & handling for International orders. Orders outside of US and Canada will be shipped all-at-once.


Cool Videos About The Skycar:

Volantor Movie - Documentary about Dr. Moller & the Skycar by Scott Hardie - was the videographer and editor of the our "pitch" video. He does incredible work!

CNS News Story

CARJAM News Story

Velo Interactive Web Story

Ted Talk - Dr. Moller

30-Second Clip - First Skycar (Tethered/Unmanned) Flight:


Perks Matrix:


Moller International, Inc. is a publicly traded company whose stock is traded on the Over-The-Counter (OTC) stock exchange, stock symbol OTCQB:MLER. This crowd funding campaign is not in any way an offer to sell stock or securities, or to provide equity in, or share in the profits or losses, of Moller International, Inc.

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  • $25USD
    Preflight Operations Crew

    It takes many people that get an airplane in the air - many of the flight test crewmembers are unsung heroes. At this level, you'll be officially recognized by a certificate and on our website as flight test crew, and you'll also receive a Laptop Sticker, a Poster of the Skycar, and a mug with the Official Flight Test Team logo. (See shipping charges note)

    49 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $100USD
    Flight Test Engineer

    Without a doubt, the Skycar couldn't fly without the "FTEs". You'll receive all the gear that the two previous flight test crew get, but you'll also get a Moller M400X Flight Test Cap and T-shirt. (Please specify T-Shirt size; see shipping charges note)

    49 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $250USD
    Flight Test Conductor

    The Flight Test Conductor is the person that "paces" the flight test; no flight testing is done without him. At this level, you'll receive everything that the first three levels received...and you'll also get two (2) tickets to attend the Official First Flight, in person (with parking for 1 vehicle). You'll also receive a team Polo shirt with the Flight Test Team patch on it to show the world that you were there. (Please specify sizes for T-shirt, polo and t-shirt)

    18 out of 1500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $500USD
    Flight Test Director

    You're on the test management side at this level. Your participation is key to a successful flight. Of course, you'll receive everything that the previous 4 levels receive, but you'll also receive a limited-edition, commemorative Official First Flight Desk Model, as well as a Moller Flight Test team flight jacket (Please specify clothing sizes; see shipping charges note)

    12 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $1,500USD
    Test Mission Commander

    You're the the guy that every test program needs to make the test flow smoothly. At this level, you'll receive everything the other 5 levels got, but you'll be given access for two (2) to the VIP Pavilion at the Official First Flight Event and in addition, a catered lunch for two to enjoy while you're there. (Please specify clothing sizes; see shipping charges note)

    3 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Mission Co-Pilot

    On the test pilot's wing, front-and-center for the test mission. Receive everything from the previous 6 levels, as well as a ride on the Neuera volantor, a slot for you on the Skycar Production Line.* Finally, you'll also receive a pair of Moller Skycar CliC sunglasses or flight goggles (your choice). (Please specify clothing sizes; see shipping charges and production line note)

    1 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $15,000USD
    Test Pilot

    Test Pilot - the top of the pyramid. You'll actually get to fly the Skycar. You'll also receive everything that a every other donor received...and you'll officially be able to hang a certificate on your wall. You'll be one of the first people in the world to log "Powered Lift" time in your logbook (or we can give you one). Your time will be countersigned by our chief test pilot as proof. On the day of the official first flight, you'll receive Mission Control passes for two (2) as well.

    0 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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