Actual Sunlight - Interactive Story

A short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation.
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  • $10CAD
    The Game!

    Upon completion, you will receive a digital download version of the full game. Is this what it will actually cost? Hopefully!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    60 angefordert

  • $25CAD
    The Game! And Acknowledgement!

    In addition to the game, you will be thanked in the game credits for supporting this project.

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    48 von 50 angefordert

  • $100CAD
    Play Art Director!

    There are about ten spots in the game where I think a full-screen illustration will go nicely, but there probably won't be enough money to pay for all of them. With this perk, though, I guarantee that one of your choices from that final list will be one of the ones that gets done. You'll also get the first two perks!

    Geschätztes Lieferdatum: Mai 2013

    2 von 5 angefordert

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