Acid survivor Chanchal needs funds for her further surgery

Fundraising for Chanchal and Sonam from Bihar

Chanchal Paswan was attacked with acid after being sexually harassed by a group of men for a very long time. She tried to lodge a complaint against these people but to no avail. Her efforts to resist their advances made her a victim of their brutality along with her younger sister. On 20th October 2012, the sisters were attacked by these men while they were sleeping on the terrace of their house in the Indian state of Bihar. Although Chanchal was the main target of the attackers her younger sister, Sonam also became an unfortunate victim of the attack. Sonam lost her both eyes in the attack. This happened in the Maner area of Bihar.
While their fight for justice continues, they need financial support for their treatment, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgeries.
A contribution of 20 US$ could mean a round trip to Delhi for one of the family members for their treatment. A contribution of 100 US$ could mean better legal aid. A contribution of 1000 US$ might help sustain Chanchal till the time she can move around. Although 2000 US$ is a very humble amount, it can help Chanchal and her sister a lot with their treatment.
Chanchal Sonam and their parents with team Stop Acid Attacks
Chanchal, Sonam and their parents with team Stop Acid Attacks

Stop Acid Attacks is India's first portal dedicated to documenting the stories of acid attack survivors, connecting them to potential donors, helping them with medical and legal aid and effecting policy change in their favor. Of all these things, the most important for them is financial aid because they need lifelong treatment and scores of reconstructive surgeries. Combine it with the fact that most of them happen to be from extremely poor backgrounds. Some of them are disadvantaged in ways that we cannot even imagine. These women have no institutional support- governmental or non-governmental- available to them. Many of them are not fit to work before going through scores of reconstructive surgeries!

Stop Acid Attacks urges you to contribute as per your ability and also spread the word. 10 dollars from just 200 people can help us achieve our target. Please spread the word. Please help us in helping them.

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