Acid fighter Laxmi needs support to continue her fight against Acid Attack

Laxmi, an acid attack fighter who has become the face of campaign against acid attacks in India.

Having fought the dreadful aftermath of an acid attack for seven years, Laxmi has now become the face of the campaign against acid attacks. The girl who brought the Supreme Court to take notice of the plight of thousands of other survivors of acid attacks braves a life full of challenges at every step. 
Owing to the attack, her health needs constant care apart from necessary treatment, and her father passed away eight months back. If that was not all, her brother is suffering with TB and undergoing treatment, which requires her mother to be with him.
She was just 15 when her arms, face and other body parts were disfigured in the acid attack. It was very easy for her attackers to purchase acid from a general store. Sadly, acid is easily available even today. Recently, such acid attacks have gone up, girls are dying and those who survive wait for death to come. But, Laxmi is determined to fight and make lives of other girls a bit less dangerous. Responding to her PIL, the Supreme Court on July 9 slammed the Centre for not being "serious" about framing policy to curb the sale of acid in order to prevent acid attacks cases.
It is because of the efforts of Laxmi that the plight and struggle of acid victim has come to the fore. Her struggle forced government to rethink on this issue in totality. New clause has been added to IPC which deals with acid attacks.
She is the sole bread-earner for her family and can't afford to pay for her treatment. But despite all these hurdles, she is always present in the court during the case hearing.  We are trying to help Laxmi get through these tough times by collecting financial help for her. Please contribute whatever you can so that Laxmi can get herself and he brother treated, and win her battele against the heinous crimes.This fund will directly do to Laxmi's personal bank account.
Stop Acid Attacks. 

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