Acid Attack Victim Shabana needs support in her fight against acid violence

Sabana Khatun, 22, was forced to drink acid by her boyfriend's family because they found out that the couple wanted to get married.

A family forced acid down twenty-two year old’s Sabana Khatun’s throat in Diamond Harbour on June 23, 2012. After she fainted from this assault, they ripped her clothes off and poured acid on the rest of her body and after all of this they left her for dead at the Diamond Harbour Hospital. Her alleged crime was accepting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of four years, Isha Mondal. With only one perpetrator briefly arrested, all of the perpetrators continue to roam freely living with impunity. They live less than two kms away from her house and they continue to serve a constant source of fear for Sabana. They continuously threaten her telling her that they let her off easily and next time they will ensure her demise and they will do a similar thing with her sister.

Sabana Khatun was dating her boyfriend Isha Mondal for four years when he proposed to her. On June 2012, when Isha Mondal brought Sabana Khatun home to his family, the Mondal's immediately disapproved of Sabana and began yelling at Sabana because she came from a poor family. The yelling continued and eventually lead to physically abusing Sabana. Saira Mondal the mother Isha Mondal and the grandfather urged her family to kill Saabana, which led to attaining the bottle of acid. The perpetrator Ilias Mondal, father of Isha Mondal who held Sabanas mouth open and poured acid down her throat. Imran Monda and Insan Monndal, brothers of Isha Mondal held Sabana's arm so that she would not move. Sabana tried to force herself to spit out the liquid only to have Ilias Mondal cover her mouth and hold onto it until she swallowed the acid properly. Sabana fainted from the attack, and they continued the torture by ripping her clothes off acid in the middle of her chest, inner thighs, and on her stomach to cause further damage to her body. Though Isha Mondal did not physically participate in abusing Sabana he did nothing to stop the attacks as he silently watched as Sabana was brutally tortured by his family. The Mondal family dumped Sabana’s body under an alias name at the Diamond Harbour hospital thinking she was dead .

Though Sabana miracously physically survived that ordeal, she continues to live her life in fear. She cannot eat properly most solid foods, it hurts for her to sit properly with her wounds, and she cannot even attend school. Ever since the attack, her perpetrators have warned her against going to school telling her that they “let her go easily” and next time they will ensure that she will suffer a worse fate. Additionally, the Mondal family has made repeated similar threats towards Sabana’s younger sister telling her that they would repeat the same fate with her sister. Sabana’s family sold a small piece of land they owned as well and managed to come up with Rs 50,000 to pay Sabana’s treatment and legal fees. Her father, Shahjahan Khatun works as a driver, farmer, and tailor, and makes a mere Rs 4000/- per month.

Sabana still needs numerous treatments including plastic surgery. Sabana has not been able to physically or emotionally recover from the ordeal because her perpetrators are freeling roaming around. Though the main trial is still pending, there has been no formal investigation by the police. This is a iconic case of police inaction and culture of impunity. It is extremely necessary for investigations to be started and justice to be delivered to Sabana as her perpetrators live less than 2 kms away from her house.  Further, it is imperative that Sabana and her sister be immediately be moved for her own personal safety.

Please sign this Change.org petition to ensure that justice is delivered to Sabana and share this story with your friends, colleagues, significant others, and others. You can make a difference. Thank you!


P.S: Read this media report (P.S: this article does have some factual inconsistences including Sabana's name and the number of her siblings, however the rest of the article is on point): http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/StopAcidAttacks/They-emptied-an-acid-bottle-in-my-throat-says-survivor-Sabina-Khatun/Article1-1098923.aspx

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