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The compact Smoking Steel turns most 2-liter or smaller bottles into smoking devices.
Charles Merritt
943 Facebook Friends
Richmond, Virginia
United States
4 Team Members

Years ago machinist Andrew Crowder created the perfect gravity smoking piece. The portable, durable, efficient bowl is easily cleaned, drops neatly in your pocket, and can be used in nearly any smoking context.

Now we’re ready to share this classic design so you can make the most of wherever you are with a quick smoke break. We’re raising funds to expand AC’s design into a modular smoking system, all based around his first piece, the AC Greebs Smoking Steel.

Machined from 304 stainless, the Smoking Steel turns bottles into efficient smoking devices. It travels easily, without the fear of broken glass. Its jetted airways create incredibly milky hits, while using a minimal amount of your precious herbs. 

The tapered shape seals airtight in most standard 2-liter and smaller bottles, yet it's easily removed. And because it's stainless, cleaning is a breeze. Just toss the Smoking Steel in a small container (we like film canisters, if you can find one) with some alcohol and salt, shake vigorously, and you're set to go. 

What We Need

When we started this project, our goal was to make something more effective than a socket melted through a bottle cap and more portable and durable than glass. We think the Smoking Steel is exactly that. 

Now, with your help, we can bring our larger vision to life. Your contributions will help us do two things.

First, you can help us fill an order at a scale that becomes cost-efficient. Turning these out by hand is great for friends and family, but we want to share with everyone. 

Second, you can help us prototype a line of accessories to expand on the functionality of the Smoking Steel. Our first planned accessory is a pipe base to allow for bottle and water-free use of the bowl.

What You Get

When you contribute, you can choose from our list of perks, including receiving one of the first Smoking Steels produced. We also have perks to beef up your wardrobe with an AC Greebs shirt and to share the joy of the Smoking Steel with friends. Most importantly, we can get your Smoking Steel to you in time to go under your Christmas trees. 

Donations can be made anonymously and perks will be shipped in a discreet box or envelope.

Everyone who contributes will also receive a coupon for 15% off a purchase from the AC Greebs online store when we launch in 2014. 

Early supporters can get our Early Bird perks, which are limited in number and will ship in time for the holidays. Bring smiles to your loved ones' faces by donating early. 

With the go-anywhere, indestructible, quick-cleaning AC Greebs Smoking Steel we can turn corner stores to head shops. And it will happen with your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use it?

The Smoking Steel bowl is made to be versatile and modular, and as such your imagination is really the only limitation. However, the most common approaches are the Gravity method and the Waterfall method. Here is some more insight into the Waterfall:

Why steel?

We use the same, high quality food grade stainless steel used every day by food and pharmaceutical makers. Stainless steel was developed not to leach any chemicals or corrode in even the harshest environments. It’s what hypodermic needles and most surgical tools are made of. Best of all, it is suited for high temperatures well beyond what a lighter flame can reach. The other main reasons we chose steel are these:

  • Steel will not shatter. Throw it in your backpack, drop it on the ground. Back over it with your car. Besides being food-safe and sanitary, you will not need to replace it.

  • The weight of the Steel creates an airtight seal when dropped into a standard sized bottle without needing to thread anything. Thread sizes can vary widely. The Smoking Steel skips that inconvenience with an exacted shape, diameter, and weight.

How hot does the piece get while in use?

In our experience and from feedback through our beta testers, you need to take about 6 or 7 Gravities back to back (and we mean rapid-fire back to back) in order to get the piece even warm enough to notice. If that is something you are repeatedly doing, we should hang out sometime.

Isn’t smoking out of a plastic bottle unhealthy?

PET is very stable at the temperatures the Smoking Steel is meant to operate at. The thermal mass of the bowl keeps heat from the direct flame and cherry from reaching temperatures high enough to cause PET to give off gas or melt. Any smoke that's cool enough to put in your lungs is not going to be anywhere close to the temperatures that would affect PET. There is no difference between inhaling air or smoke (at room temp) out of a bottle and inhaling water or some other beverage out of a PET bottle.

Some people have probably had experiences with PET where it smelled like chemicals- this is because they got the PET hot enough to melt or burn. Don't burn PET and there isn't a problem. The Greeb is specially engineered to keep the heat away from the PET as opposed to old school methods that make it easy to melt the bottle with your lighter.

That said, smoking anything isn't exactly healthy. If you have concerns about some trace amount of nanites or some other chemical goblins getting into your smoke you may want to think about another form of consumption.

Where are AC Greebs Products Manufactured?

The AC Greebs Smoking Steel is an American product manufactured in Richmond, Virginia. As compared to many “high tech” smoking devices that are marketed as healthier or higher quality but are often made from questionable parts or materials overseas, our factory floor is about five minutes away from our front door and for us, quality control is job one. 


Real feedback from real people. Some names have been changed for privacy.

"In Oregon we call them 'liters' 'waterfalls' and 'aqua lungs' for the most part. I've taken more of them than any other form of smoking since I learned about it in 1997. I absolutely love your product."  

- Johnny Green, TheWeedBlog.com

"The piece is clutch. This has to be the most effective, easy, simple, and cleanly designed head piece. No melted plastic, knife cutting, unnecessary tools. Literally drops in, air tight, easy to pull back out. I doubted this thing as a smoking gimmick but AC Greebs is the real deal."  - RZY

"The fact that this thing can be thrown in a pocket, and used virtually everywhere rivals only the 'bat' one-hitters or the classic J as a small smoking device. I throw it in my pocket with a bag, and off I go to a friend's place." - FZ

"The purists smoking with glass on glass connectors and all sorts of vaporizer gadgetry...may snicker at using a metal bowl, but this tool is effective and charming in a back-to-basic, retro-future sort of way." - Animal New York

"It's the main piece I use. It's great." - Everyday Smoker

Who We Are

We're a bunch of guys who went to graduate advertising school together. We were also in the same high school at the same time. Some of us even grew up on the same street. We're... Well, it's easier to read these than to prattle on:

Andrew Crowder is the hardest working man in machine business. His tolerances are high, his finishes smooth, and his Gcode poetry. When not designing or inventing new devices like the AC Greebs, you can find him atop his motorcycle or tending goal on the soccer field.

The most chilled out person in any room is undoubtedly Jamie Young. Always quick with an encouraging word and an easy smile, he’s the glue that keeps the AC Greebs apparatus alive. Jamie’s always thinking about the culture of Greebs and it’s his dreams that keep us moving forward.

Tyler Campbell Wriston, or Summer Pretty, is responsible for Art Direction and Branding at AC Greebs. He is the most tattooed member of the team, has instigated the most fights, and gives excellent hugs. He currently works at Mother in New York.

Always the man with the plan, Charles Merritt comes fully prepared to whip the team into shape and take action. With a resume steeped in media production, marketing and something called creative technology, he can arm wrestle almost any problem into submission with entrepreneurial spirit alone. And though his hair has migrated from pate to face over the years, he’s still the most ruggedly handsome guy in the room.

Sometimes teacher, sometimes student, Thomas Scott, now just plain Scott, originally joined the team as Jamie, Charles, and Tyler’s high school English teacher. Now he’s the driving force behind creating AC Greebs content, when he can get a break from collecting classic cars and mid-century modern furniture.

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    If you like what we're doing and want to support us, consider a $5 contribution. We'll send a little something as a thank you, and give you a shout-out on your preferred social network.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $19USD
    The Teetotaler

    Don't smoke but still want to support the campaign? Show your love with a hand-printed AC Greebs t-shirt. Made from pre-shrunk 4.5oz 100% combed ringspun cotton, these tees are softer than the morning sun.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $35USD
    The Classic

    Support at the $35 level earns you a beautiful, efficient AC Greebs Smoking Steel.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $89USD
    The Buddy System

    Support at the $89 level or higher earns you two screen-printed AC Greebs T-shirts and two Smoking Steels. After all, it's better with friends.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
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