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The Abriculture Project advances traditional ecology by valuing and honouring traditional ecologists and instilling pride in traditional owners and the resources their land provides. The Project finds ways to develop and research bush resources for the betterment of the traditional group the resources came from. The traditional ecologists drive the project, guide the project and decide what research is appropriate. With a Traditional Ecologist Network in place we raise awareness of the role traditional land managers play on modern ecology, sustainability and global food security. Utilising practical activities of survival and bush knowhow we will find ways to engage younger generation in cultural activities. The Project rejuvenates cultural landscapes, connects up ecological networks whilst restoring strong community links.

The Team

The Abriculture Team is a gathering of intellectual minds with a shared vision and an understanding of the important role Traditional Ecologists could play in modern ecology, sustainability and global food security. The Abriculture Team’s unique skill sets bring together traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and western science in a culturally sensitive way. The Abriculture team identify projects and organisations where traditional knowledge would benefit both land and people. Co-operatively our team share their knowledge, experience and education to unite contrasting cultural pathways and customs.

The Design Philosophy

It is Abriculture’s belief that land and country provides resources, health and guidance. It is useful and dynamic and needs to be strong and healthy. The land delivers what is needed for its people to grow and be resilient. When the land is sick so are its people. Abriculture Design addresses the need for rehabilitation of both people and land and provides a great opportunity to take a more holistic approach to landscaping and design. We welcome a fresh look at integrated construction and landscape design and use natural energy transfer pathways to manage environmental conditions both in internal and external settings.

The invitation

A western scientist and traditional ecologist from the Abriculture Team have been invited to attend, present and share ideas with the global movers and shakers at the Global Summit in London (August 15-17th 2012). We will use this opportunity to identify other international traditional ecologists and work on strategies to bring together global Traditional Ecological Knowledge for the betterment of our world community. We are aware others are doing amazing work and we could really learn and teach a better way.

Help us Fundraise $8000

We are trying to fundraise $8000 towards our flights from Australia and accommodation when we get there. This is a real opportunity to connect with other Traditional Ecologists and discuss how Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) should be used to address global food security and sustainable livelihoods. All contribution towards our goal will be gratefully appreciated and we will be fundraising here locally to try to make up the funds. Where there is a will there is a way.

You Can Help

You can help by getting the word out for our campaign; tell your family and friends. Share this link on your facebook page. 


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