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A year long journey across Canada to create an underwater photo essay. That will increase public appreciation for Canadian marine life
Amanda Lovell
Victoria, British Columbia
3 Team Members

In 2013 I will be traveling across the country, diving and photographing many of the best and most interesting dive sites in canada. The aim of this project is to help bring attention to the incredible beauty, and bountiful marine life that our country’s waterways have to offer, and to encourage people to take an active interest in their conservation and protection. Over the course of the year I hope to draw as much focus as possible towards these often overlooked underwater ecosystems. It will be a long, hard and exciting journey, and I plan to bring you all along by sharing this experience every step of the way, through Twitter FacebookTumblr,and my blog page. These sites will be updated on a regular basis to keep you informed of the progress. 

At the end of this year I will be publishing and displaying some the best images from this project in galleries, cafes, and different venues around the country to help bring attention to these fragile and diverse ecosystems. 

I am a proud Canadian PADI certified dive instructor and underwater photographer, currently living and diving in Victoria, BC. I have spent years studying photography and scuba diving, before combining the two with the ultimate goal of ocean conservation. Every dollar raised will go towards education, promoting habitat protection, and a national interest in the conservation and protection of marine life.

I'm asking for a goal amount of $20,000, which will fund a large part of the travel costs and accommodation. Because Canada is one of the largest countries on earth, and also boasting the largest coastline of any nation on the planet. Many of the destinations we are trying to reach are extremely remote. To shoulder some of the costs we will need to find as much support as possible. So the more money we raise, the farther the project can go. This is a goal driven project, meaning that all non-essential costs have been kept to a bare minimum. The funding will also partially cover the costs of printing photos for the year end gallery display pieces, The sale of which will be re-invested in the project. Other important costs that will be covered will chiefly be digital storage (hard drive/memory cards/and burned digital images) I have learned from experience that you can't be to careful with digital copies, and all images and reference materials will be backed up. Last, but definitely not least, at the completion of the project the remainder of the money will go towards promoting Canadian Marine Conservation and biodiversity studies across Canada.
I'm confident that this project will surpass its goal, but if we don't reach our goal I want to ensure investors that this year will still be A Year Under Canadian Waters. The more funding we receive the more remote and spectacular destinations we will be able to capture. The crowning achievement of the project would be to bring home at least one perfect photo of a Narwhal in Canadian waters ( Baffin Island) Although, since these more remote destinations are also more expensive, the project is still heavily relying on funding. I feel a narwhal photographed in the Canadian wild would definitely be the most captivating, unique, and impressive spokes-mammal for this project.

We hope to increase awareness, protection, and appreciation for the diversity of Canada's underwater ecosystems. 
Develop a national interest in Canadian cold water diving, and help to develop this branch of Canadian eco-tourism. 

In order to make this project a success I am asking for as much exposure and support as I can get, so if you also feel it's time to put a spotlight on the beautifully diverse and stunning marine life that exists right on our doorstep. There are many different ways to help... 

If you have a magazine, newspaper or blog you could help by sharing my project through articles, interviews, or a small plug. 

If you own, work, or even just love a cafe, venue or gallery that would be interested in displaying my work please contact me for more information. 

If you are a dive operation, work-sharing, donating charter space, or even just sharing information, every little bit helps. 

It can be something as small as LIKING MY PAGE ON FACEBOOK or sharing links to this campaign. Anything that will help to spread interest in this project will help out greatly. 

Don't forget to make my campaign a favorite and share it on all your social networks!
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$20,000 CAD goal
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This campaign ended on April 5, 2013
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  • $2CAD
    A tweet to the power of 10,000

    If you donate just $2 to my campaign I will send you or your website a thank you Tweet & my gratitude. $2 might not seem like much to you but if all my Twitter followers donated $2 I would more then reach my goal. All I need is a little help from a lot of people. Can you spare $2

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  • $10CAD
    Thank you to the power of 2000

    For a $10 donation I will send you a thank you on Facebook and Twitter. If you can spare $10 I will be forever grateful.

    0 claimed
  • $25CAD
    Photo Post Card 5'' X 7"

    5" x 7" photo post card of one of the best images from the project, that can be mailed to a friend or framed. You will also get a personal thank you from me.

    9 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Name on web page

    An 8'' X 10" photo of one of the best images from the project with a personal thank you from me. Also your name will appear on my web site on the sponsors page.

    5 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    Logo with link & calendar

    Your company logo or photo will appear on the sponsors page of my web site with link to your business. You will also receive a photo calendar of A YEAR UNDER CANADIAN WATER and a personal thank you from me.

    0 claimed
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