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Media Teams from India & Kenya will produce 4 powerful short films on local leaders implementing climate solutions.
Shadia Wood
Berkeley, California
United States
2 Team Members

So Far...

We have raised $14,063 including on and offline donations. For the next eight days we have a match from the Chorus Foundation for up to $5,000. If we meet this match we'll raise $25,000! We have a few asks out to other major donors and are working with our community meet our goal! 

Donate now and your donation will double! 

Thanks to all who donated during our first match with the Ettinger Family Foundation. 


Global Warming is irreparably changing our planet-- and altering life as we know it. Instead of preparing our communities to adapt to these changes, many powerful governments are hiding behind never-ending negotiations about how little they can be accountable to. 

Project Survival Media currently works with young media makers in India and Kenya that are passionate about story telling through visual media. We produce media pieces that bring more people into the climate movement and provide communities with tools they may need in order to survive what is ahead. 

I know it sounds all doomsday and bleak. But we must look head-on at the different paths that we might take and make a decision about the kind of world we want to create. The kind of future we want to give to our children. 

What We Need 

Our program, Solutions for Survival, has a big vision and we are looking to fund part of that vision with indiegogo. 

Our main goal is to help communities share skills and technologies that they have developed across national or regional boundaries. Solutions for Survival, is designed to provide access to replicable solutions so that folks in water stressed regions can implement traditional water harvesting technologies, or over-populated urban communities can grow their own food, or help communities utilize energy sources that don't harm their family's well being.

We are working with some savvy young photographers and videographers that ground the stories from their region into a more holistic context. 

Over the last two years, we have received small grants throughout the year to experiment with this program and the model we've developed. We believe that this model is ready to be bolstered and taken to a new level.

We are raising $40,000 to begin 2014 with the funds Team India & Team Kenya will need throughout the year. The AMAZING news is we've already received $5,000 from the Tides Foundation to help us reach our goal. 

Your Impact

So here is what your money will do: 

1) Each team will create 2 films and 1 photo documentary

2) Team Leaders will be supported to coordinate this work (this covers all living expenses and often school fees). 

3) Each Team member receives a stipend that helps support their involvement. 

4) You are helping build a robust network of teams around the world. By supporting first India and Kenya, we can show our funders what teams are capable of when fully supported. So first India and Kenya and then the rest of the world-- we have our sights set on Burundi, Chile, Egypt, Ireland, and Mongolia.

5) You are helping build a catalogue of climate solutions that will help equip communities around the world with tools that will help them thrive.

6) You're helping change a few powerful dominant narratives: a) climate change is real and happening now b) people that had little to do with the problem are being most impacted c) poor folks aren't only victims they are leaders -- helping the rest of the world prepare for what is ahead 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute or even if you can, please share our link. You never know who in your network may be inspired by our work and have some abundance to share.

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This campaign ended on January 28, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    A Thank You Card

    We have customized thank you cards with photos that our photographers have taken. They are beautiful!

    25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $25USD
    A recipe from India & Kenya

    Let's be real, we all have to eat to sustain ourselves and our life's passion. And, hopefully what we eat is delicious. If you donate at $25 or more we will gladly pass along our team leaders' favorite recipes.

    45 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $100USD
    Consult with a Media Maven

    With a donation of $100 or more we will provide you with a 1 hour consultation on visual media and campaigning with someone from our team. If you anticipate in the next year that you'll be organizing an event or action -- be sure to consider this reward.

    8 claimed
  • $500USD
    A Consultation and a Tee-Shirt

    Ok so this gets you 2 hours of consultation and a PSM tee-shirt.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Early Release of the film

    You get all the rewards. 3 hours of consultation, a tee shirt, 2 recipes, a thank you card, OUR UNDYING LOVE, printed photos from our teams, and early viewing of our films. $1000 supports a Team Leader to coordinate her team full time for a month.

    1 claimed
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