A World Without Superheroes

Help fund the sequel to All Superheroes Must Die!

UPDATE: Sean Whalen and Lucas Till have joined the team as Cast and Producers!

A sequel?

All Superheroes Must Die was the little movie that could. We had $20,000 dollars and it was just a bunch of friends doing what they loved, making a superhero movie. The movie had an overwhelming response, A limited theatrical run, a massive home video release in several countries worldwide and now starting in 2014, it will become a new comic book series! 

With more experience, connections and time we want to expand on what we started with the original and bring a brand new ORIGINAL superhero franchise to the world! Who else is sick of the same superhero movies over and over again with you copy and paste Hans Zimmer score? We sure are. We want to make a new superhero movie for people who love superheroes. Remember when superheroes were about heart, consequences and morals... not just 30 minutes of cities being destroyed? 

So what do we do? Studios wouldn't dare touch anything original. So that's where you guys come in. You want something original? This is where it starts. 

I am Jason Trost and this will be my fourth feature film. I can't promise you our scope or scale can compete with the studios, but I can promise our film won't treat you like an idiot and you'll get a superhero movie you've never seen before.

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How do we make an "Original" superhero movie? 

 - Number one: We stop making The Dark Knight over and over again. The Dark Knight was great, but it's time to move on. Almost a decade of the same superhero movie is getting tiresome. 

 - No more themeless repetitive noise soundtracks. Remember when you could actually hum the them song to a superhero movie? It's time to bring that back. I want to achieve that by bringing in an indie singer songwriter who actually knows what music is. 

- Make the hard choices. Show the consequences and impact that studios would never show. And I'm not talking about more blood or F words. I'm talking about themes like having PTSD and the environmental impact actually being a superhero would have. I want to see what would actually happen if one day you found out there was a superhero in your life. 

- No more origin stories. We get it. Somebody got bit by a spider or something blah blah blah there went an hour of the movie. I think we get it by now. There's no problem with expanding the mythology, which we will. But let's keep pushing the story forward.

- We made a movie, love it or hate it, with the first film that hadn't been seen yet in superhero films for $20,000. Imagine what we could do with three times that? 

Things we did with our $20,000 budget:

Went to Australian Comic Conventions

Went to film festivals

Got a Comic Produced

So now what can we with nearly three times that amount? 


Probably the monthly budget for the helicopter that flies Christopher Nolan to and from set. 

We want to actually spend that money on the movie and give you guys something new, fresh and exciting. We want breathing room. The time to make the right choices. The ability to not have to rip half of the script pages out on set. 

We need to pay actors, we need to get locations, we need to pay the crew... oh yeah and we need to feed people. Everyone always forgets that food costs money on movies. And what about going to film festivals to sell the movie? Flying to them isn't free. 

If we can get more than $50,000, great! The more money we get, the better movie you will get. All of the money is going into the film. 

You may look at $50,000 and think that's a lot of money. But it's basically what Robert Downey Jr. makes an hour to be Iron Man. 

The Perks

You want to be part of the team? You want to work on set and get your first film credit? You just want a T-shirt? Here's your chance! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Share this with everyone. Get the word out. Any little bit helps. 

If you have any questions come find me on my facebook fanpage https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jason-Trost/215997528448105 and I'll be more than happy to chat! 

- Jason 

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