A Viola for Crista

Be a part of the community that will help me purchase my new viola!

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The Project

Welcome to my Indiegogo campaign!  

I am a professional freelance violist living in New York City at an exciting point in my career - I am about to purchase a viola for the first time! The relationship between a string player and their instrument is key - and that relationship is anything but free.

For more than a decade, I was lucky enough to play on a beautiful 19th century French viola on loan from a foundation. I grew up with this instrument and became very emotionally connected to the sound that I produced with it. When I had to return the viola to the foundation, I felt like I was losing a part of myself and my musical voice. I had just completed my Masters at Juilliard and was left without the right instrument to turn my degree into a career.  

Playing viola

I had my heart set on finding the perfect old instrument; one that  was small enough to play on comfortably, with a “small” enough price tag to match. Old instruments cost anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand dollars, all the way up to the millions of dollars. So, I started thinking outside of the box and considered the world of contemporary instruments.  

That is when I discovered Guy Rabut, one of the most respected modern instrument makers. I was immediately enamored with his instruments and decided that I wanted Guy to make me a viola.

The simple goal of this campaign is to crowdfund the purchase of my new Guy Rabut viola.

Crista and Guy

On the most basic level, your contributions will help me purchase this world class instrument that will grow with me throughout my career. But on a more significant level, this campaign will connect me to all of you: friends, family, colleagues and even some total strangers that may choose to be a part of this musical journey.  

What You Get Out of This

For each contribution, I am offering different perks. Check out the right side of this screen to figure out what level suits you best!  

The Impact

I hope this campaign encourages other classical musicians to tap into their networks to fund instrument purchases and other creative projects. Even though classical music is an old and slowly evolving field, musicians should still actively use new technology to advance their careers.

Music is a living, breathing, constantly evolving creation and only a small percentage of the artistic process actually happens on the stage. By unlocking the creative process to family, friends and fans, there is endless potential to develop deeper relationships and break down stale business models.  

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute at this time, please spread the word to music lovers, students and friends. Post a link to this page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  Anywhere!  

Thank you very much, and let’s get funding!  

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Guy Rabut for being so generous with his time and so enthusiastic about this project. And an extra special thanks to Eric Paternot for shooting, directing and producing my campaign video.

Team on This Campaign: