A Tool For the Chronically Ill That Puts Emotion First

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  • $10USD
    You Do a Micro Mitzvah

    Because you know me, appreciate my effort, or feel like shifting the energy of your day, you donate with no official return, thereby performing a mitz·vah (a worthy deed). Thank you!

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  • $25USD
    A 2GB Flash Drive+Thank You

    2 GB of greatness, to help start to build your dream. In a bright color to remind you that the possibilities are endless, accompanied by a thank you note. Wouldn't it be amazing if you kept my note, My Counterpane became the norm and you could say that you were there when....?

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  • $50USD
    A 4GB Flash Drive+Thank You

    Double your pleasure with double your funds. Accompanied by a thank you note. Chances are you haven't seen my handwriting and it's distinctive.

    16 claimed

  • $75USD
    Two Counterpane Koozies

    I married a Southerner who can't own enough koozies, and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. It turns out they come in handy for beers on the porch, festive picnics with family, Sunday afternoon football, and overall quality time away from electronics.

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  • $100USD
    A Credit in My Thank You Film

    Because I am a video producer, I will be producing a thank you film titled "My Counterpane Took a Village" and it will live on the site. Your participation will be forever recognized.

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  • $200USD
    Photo + Slate, Thank You Video

    You will send me a photo of yourself to include in my thank you video titled "My Counterpane Took a Village" and I will additionally add a slate with your name. Viewers need at least 2 seconds to read a title, which means you will get extra screen time for your altruism. If you're too busy to send a photo, we'll just give you a slate.

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  • $300USD
    A Gripzila Kickstand

    http://www.gripzila.com/. This device will be a integral accessory to Counterpane users when they add a Moodifier entry using video. It is simple and effective and the founder raised his funds to start his company on a crowdfunding site!

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  • $500USD
    Ambassador, Awesome, Patient

    This is an opportunity to talk directly with one of our Ambassadors of Awesome who each deal with a chronic issue- Meet Kevin Swan, ALS: alifestoryfoundation.org, Ashley Jansen, bipolar disorder: http://souldivers.net/story/, Chris Waddell, paralysis: one-revolution.com, Meri Hamilton, osteosarcoma: http://merisleg.blogspot.com, Kristen Powers, Huntington's disease: http://twitchdocumentary.com/ and Terry Lazin, ovarian cancer: http://yousend.it/XB9rpJ

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  • $500USD
    Ambassador, Awesome, Caregiver

    Meet these incredible ambassadors who are caregivers: Clau Bonnetti, Mother, Hurler's Syndrome: http://caterinamarcusfoundation.org, Bonnie Danowski, wife, MS: http://yousend.it/16k9ZU1 and Vicki Aime, Mother, Anorexia/Bulima: http://yousend.it/15KaAwR

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  • $1,000USD
    Founder's Circle

    Mega-mitzvah coming through! You will receive a flash drive, Koozies and a Gripzila, as well as your name in the "Founders Circle" list on Mycounterpane.com. Additionally, you will own the knowledge that you've been instrumental in bringing the site to life.

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  • $5,000USD
    Lunch Is On Me With Me

    I will fly to you and take you to lunch at your favorite local restaurant, wine included. I pledge to be on my conversational A game and can't wait to share the details of what’s planned for this site as well as hear your story. Domestic travel only.

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  • $10,000USD
    Going On A Roller Coaster Ride

    I will fly you and a friend to the amusement park of your choice and meet you there, willing and terrified to ride any roller coaster you choose. This perk is the ultimate metaphor for coping with chronic illness, and starting a business. I will fight one of my greatest fears and persevere. Domestic travel only.

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