A timer for EVERYTHING that gets old

Ever wonder how old is this thing? Timer Toppy is a timer for everything that gets old!
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Timer Toppy began it's journey nearly 5 years ago when the inventors, Katie and Daniel, had their first child. Dealing with so many new tasks, emotions, and experiences Katie and Daniel found something that needed to be improved. Feeding your new born is a very vital part of life and it seems that the task is constant. Between pumping milk, labeling bottles, storing milk, mixing formula, warming milk, and feeding your little angel it seems there's no time for anything else. Timer Toppy is the story of a family working together to solve a problem by bringing a safe, easy to use, quality product to your home.

     Katie found that using sticky notes was aggravating when labeling the bottles. The notes almost always fell off and having to do math at 3am just wasn't cutting it anymore. Timer Toppy was originally built directly into the bottle top of the breast milk storage bottles. You press the button and the timer starts counting up. When you need to use the milk it's easy to see which is the oldest, but still good for consumption. We quickly realized that the timer could be used for many more things and so we reached out to the good people at Hoegger Supply. We sat with them and discussed the idea and how the timer could be useful for their customers. They thought the idea was GREAT! They were constantly losing track of how long their goat milk was in the fridge. 

     Timer Toppy went through a few more modifications and now we're finally ready to get them on the market. We have a manufacture ready and Hoegger has signed on as a distributor and will handle fulfillment to ensure quick and accurate shipping once we reach our funding goal. Now we need YOU!! Tell us what you think of the idea. Do you LOVE it? Share with your friends on social media and if you think this is product that can make your life just a little bit easier we'd love to have your support at any level. If you just want to help out, that's cool too we'll love you just the same!

What We Need & What You Get

Here's the Deal

  • We need to raise $18,000 to get our first production run out the door.  With your help we can get the factory molds and first run of real Timers out and on the market.
  • Select a perk from the options and you'll receive the items in the description along with your timers in May 2015!

The Impact

  • This has been a long road for us to get to where we are today and with your Support whether monetary or just a good luck we know we can get TimerToppy into the hands of people that will truly love the product.  It's a simple design and it makes life easier, so what are you waiting for ~ share or contribute, you won't be disappointed!

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Get the word out and help us tell those who need this product that we're here to help
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Tell us what you think of the idea - leave us a comment here or post to our facebook page and we'll copy it over to this page for our supports to see
  • Thanks for reading through our campaign and taking at least a small interest in who we are and where we're going!

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