A Sound Investment

A humble fundraising campaign for launching Mantic's "Density" line of audio effect pedals.
Mantic Conceptual
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Denver, Colorado
United States
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 *New reward level added! Devi Ever Hyperion 2 by Mantic: features slightly tapered values for thicker, bassier tone, housed in a rusted out enclosure, and topped off with a sexy violet LED. Only $125, shipping included!


devi ever hyperion 2 rusted out


Help Mantic FX Launch Their First Line of Audio Effect Pedals!

Mantic Conceptual LLC is an exciting new audio effects company hailing from Denver, CO. 

Our nonconventional, intuition-based approach to electronic design is one more aliken to a composer's approach to writing a piece of music or an architect's path to designing a building than it is to the theoretical/mathmatical approach of a standard engineer. As a result, the time, effort, and passion required to overcome the trial-and-error nature of our creation process is what, in turn, yields our most inspiring work.

At the core of Mantic's vision is artist feedback. In our short existence, we've already worked with many adventurous, effect minded artists including: Simon Francis (Ellie Goulding), Ikey Owens (Jack White, Free Moral Agents, The Mars Volta), ManCub, Jonathan Hischke (Hella, Broken Bells, Dot Hacker), Juan Alderete (Mars Volta), Wire Faces, Panal S.A de C.V, and Ryan Lamb (Alpine). We are constantly seeking new, innovative sounds as well as like-minded professionals to collaborate with.

We've spent the last year developing a progressive, innovative product line and accumulating all the barebone necessities to jump start a truly unique audio effects company. Now, all we need is a little extra push- FROM YOU- to make our dream a reality and get these works of beauty into the hands of musicians worldwide! 


The "Density" Line of Audio Effect Pedals

The Flex

"Improve your Flex-life"

Fearless experimentation and steadfast resolve were the two main ingredients in this boundary pushing Synth Fuzz Envelope Follower! 

Designed to offer the widest range of sonic possibilites as possible, the Flex features an LFO with both rate and depth control plus an additional six (6) parameter control knobs that react interdependently ensuring an overwhelming amount creative experimentation available at your fingertips. 

Classic heavy fuzz, glitched growls, cerebrum piercing sqwuelches, angry-duck-funk quack, gargling stutters, are all just at the surface of the Flex's potential.

Here's a rough demo video to give you an idea of what it can do with a guitar:

Mantic fx flex guitar pedal amazing


The Density Hulk

"Obey your SUBconscious."

Pressing low end that’s almost too heavy to hold, the Mantic Density Hulk power-lifts sub tech to the next level.

The first boutique clone of the highly-sought-after DOD Meatbox bass emphasis and subharmonizer, the Density Hulk flexes improvements over the original that make this box more juiced and road-ready than the Tour de France: a heavy-duty 3pdt footswitch for clean true bypass switching, alpha potentiometers, the modern standard 9v barrel power jack (center pin negative), high grade Switchcraft input, dry and wet output jacks, premium hand etched PCB populated with top-shelf components, extra-bright LED, and a polished metal knob guard.

Each Density Hulk is completely hand soldered, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A, ensuring military-grade reliability certain to withstand the ‘roid-raged rigors of even the most hypertrophic of tours.

The Density Hulk quickly demo'd with a bass guitar:

Mantic fx indieGoGo product demo Density Hulk Bass guitar


The Density Brute

"Go from scrawny, to brawny, with just one click."

The Density Brute is a dedicated 30hz and 60hz bass boost pedal. No sub, no dry out, all business. The Density Brute can provide everything from a subtle thickness to a full on, bone crushing blast, all without taking anything away dynamically. 

Just as with the others in the Density line, the Brute boasts heavy duty construction, true bypass switching, hand-hammered lettering, high grade components, and a 9 volt DC power jack. 

Check out the "Gallery" section of this campaign page for more photos, demos, and to see what people are already saying about Mantic's products.


What We Need 

Just $10,000 will provide us with the means to cover all of the remaining expenses required for us to launch the entire "Density" line of effect pedals. Expenses for the endeavor include:

  • Stocked parts and supplies with which to build up inventory (i.e electronic, electromechanical, enclosures, wire, etc.) 
  • Necessary media required for growth as well as more timely and effective communication with our customers and artists (Professional website, A/V equipment to capture higher quality product demo videos, internet in the workshop). 
  • Tools for improving production efficiency (Digital oscilloscope, steel letter stamp sets, soldering irons & tips, etc.) 
  • Miscellaneous warehouse and office supplies such as product packaging material, shelving, a shop computer, and storage containers.

These are the neccessary elements of building the foundation for a successful audio effects company. 


The Impact

We've looked beyond just the Density Line and are filled with enthusiasm for what the future holds and what we hold for it.

With your support, we can help provide musicians and artists with new, exciting products to enhance their creative sensibilities. 

See Mantic CEO, Luis Etscheid, featured in this short GooglePlay documentary on the 2012 Moog Circuit Bending Championship!

BENT - Google Play Documentary


Other Ways You Can Help

Help us get this campaign to as many eyes and ears as possible by sharing this campaign via Facebook, email, Twitter, or, even better, spreading the good name of Mantic Conceptual by word of mouth.


Thanks again for the continued support, and remember- 

                    "Investing in Your Sound is The Most Sound Investment"





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    "The Hamilton High-Five"

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    "The Quarter-Backer"

    1 Mantic circuit board business card and 1 heavy grade guitar/bass pick handmade by artist Gosia Stacha.

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    "Double Nickel-Backer"

    1 Mantic T shirt featuring a Mantic slogan (that will be voted on via our Facebook page) commemorating your contribution + 1 Mantic circuit board business card! + $5 Domestic Shipping and Handling (United States) +$10 International Shipping and Handling

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    "The Waltz"

    Tour the Mantic shop, testing out never-before-seen prototypes, enjoy a tutorial, and talk with us about our methods and inspirations. All whilst being serenaded by choice records from our collection and enjoying a fine brew and hors d'oeuvres.

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  • $125USD
    "Believe the Hype"

    1 Devi Ever Hyperion 2 by Mantic, endorsed by the legend herself, our version features slightly tapered values for thicker, bassier tone, housed in a rusted out enclosure, and topped off with a sexy violet LED. Shipping included!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $180USD
    "SUB-conscious Desire"

    1 Limited Edition Mantic Density Hulk S! Each unit hand stamped with its production order # + $15 Domestic Shipping and Handling (United States) +$25 International Shipping and Handling

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $225USD
    "Hulk Sized Heart"

    1 Limited Edition Mantic Density Hulk Pro- featuring an expression control jack, purple LED and hand stamped with its production order #! + $15 Domestic Shipping and Handling (United States) +$25 International Shipping and Handling

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $325USD
    "Flexible Spending"

    A Preorder of 1 Limited Edition Mantic Density Flex! + $15 Domestic Shipping and Handling (United States) +$25 International Shipping and Handling

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
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