A Soft Disease

Raising funds for an independent Canadian horror film.

Short Summary

    A Soft Disease is an independent Canadian horror film written and directed by Joshua Harold Wiebe, produced by Jonathan Glaab, with script editing (in a literary sense) by Jaclynn Pehota, cinematography by Kurt Walker and production design by Tyson Storozinski.

     The plot itself is one which is difficult to distill into its component parts, there is no “Jaws plus Reservoir Dogs” formula here. It’s the story of a self-involved twenty something moving into a new apartment in a new city (Winnipeg) and discovering his neighbors and landlord are more menacing than their abstract monologues about blood transfusions would lead you to believe. It’s a love story, but a love of the self. It’s about sacrifice, sex and the revenant. It’s about the past as albatross, blood as metaphor, molasses as agent of change.

What We Need & What You Get

     To this point we have been operating from our own resources, wit, and charm. Looking ahead this doesn't seem to be enough. We have put together a mighty capable cast and crew. We have most of the gear we need. Most. That's where we need some help. Lighting equipment, moving and feeding some key players, renting spaces to shoot in, and other incidentals that are not so incidental when you have to pay for them. We are seeking some generous film fans to help us stop the gaps and in return we would like to lavish the finest cinematic experience we can possibly produce upon them.

Other Ways You Can Help

   If you cannot offer us any financial assistance but you still feel moved by our youthful exuberance you can support us by following us elsewhere.
   In a friendly manner: http://www.facebook.com/ASoftDisease
   Possibly with pictures: http://asoftdisease.tumblr.com

Team on This Campaign: